pumpkin pie smoothie*

If you like pumpkin pie, then you are going to love this.  I found the recipe at Melinda's wonderful blog...

I had to change the recipe because i didn't have protein powder or molasses.  You can use the original recipe or use mine.  This smoothie most definitely puts the f into fall.

In a blender...

1 c almond milk
1/2 c canned pumpkin
1 heaping teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
2 T raw oatmeal (to thicken, but not necessary)
1 T maple syrup (or to taste)
4 ice cubes

blend and enjoy!

*no animals were harmed making this smoothie.


  1. YUM! I have all the ingredients but the syrup - what do you think I can substitute?

    Wanna bring the smoothies over and help me get rid of 4000 pounds of leaves in my yard? :)

  2. You share the best recipes~ this is a must try for me...I LOVE everything pumpkin.
    Thanks Janet.

  3. Might have to try this instead of my same old smoothie every a.m. :)


  4. Yay! Your comment form is back up (it wasn't earlier today when I tried). Also, just wanted to mention I love the new look (of the blog)! So simple, yet elegant.
    The pumpkin pie smoothie looks so good. I think I have most if not all ingredients, so I might have to give that a try this weekend, even though we still don't have fall weather yet.

  5. Sounds good. I think it's something we all would enjoy. Thanks! Also Love the new clean look of your blog. I always liked the little rabbit and flowers, but I get where you're going:).

    I still haven't received that package from you.....


  6. Yummy! LOVE everything pumpkin!

  7. That smoothie looks yummerlicious...

    I am curious...puts the f into fall...???
    I am in bed with a head cold and cannot think what you mean...

    when you get back from raking 4000 pounds of leaves will you let me know?

  8. Looking good Ms. Zippy.

    Blog and smoothie.

    xo Jane

  9. Hi There Jan, Iam going to try this because I love my chi latte's but they get a little expensive. Iam still doing the Vegan diet too>

    Love Ya, Teri

  10. t - if you even remotely like pumpkin then you are gonna love this.

    linda - yes, change it up a bit.

    karen - thanks re blog redo. and you can substitute away.

    julie - thanks re blog freshening. make this for drew. i know i want to get that to you but i'm lazy.

    julie - this would be so good for you now that you are out of the morning sickness stage.

    leslie - the f puts the oomph in fall. feel better soon.

    jane - thanks, you're a doll.

    teri - yeah! keep it up girl.

  11. We are slightly hopeless about cooking with pumpkins compared to you in the US, I'm not sure I have ever seen it canned here. They are just not News every autumn - we don't get excited and festoon our doorways with them much either. They are only bought to light up on Halloween night. I feel we may be missing out.

    Still, your new blog look is perfect - so stylish in a spare and unfussy way - really calm and cool!! x

  12. Hi J
    You are so healthy- so impressive! Are the escaped miners big news over there? It's on all the news stations here. I've had a spate of hate mail lately so am wondering whether it's even worth continuing the blog. I'll have a little think. Do you ever get those sort of comments. I like your new layout. Love to Larry xxxx

  13. belinda - we do go pumpkin craaaazy here. pumpkin pancakes, soup, smoothies, pie you name it. thanks for noticing the new layout.

    k - hate that people continue to attack you. do not stop blogging b/c if you do then i will too. i have to have my ff and so does everyone else.

  14. Hey Janet...I just saw your comment on Melissa's blog. (Seagrass Interiors) If you ever make it down to Solana Beach maybe we could meet for coffee??I'm about a 40 min. drive from there. I really want to go check out her store!


  15. Looks yummy, Janet. I love everything pumpkin...pie, ice cream, pumpkin bread, ravioli. Must try this. Thanks for the recipes!

  16. The new layout of your blog is wonderfully clear and uncluttered and displays your photographs beautifully makes aspen trees and pumpkin smoothies very desirable!

  17. Great, spectacular new blog design!!!! I just love it!!! The smothie seem delightful!!!

    (You can come to live here if you want...jaja!)

    hugs my dear Janet

  18. linda - would love to.

    deborah - i'm with you. pumpkin ravioli yum.

    rosemary - thank you so much.

    maria cecilia - ok i'm packing.

  19. Looks delicious Janet - very Thanksgiving-y too - you do the most wonderful and interesting recipes. And love the simplicity of your new blog design too... (oh and Mr SE is VERY pleased that you think he is going onwards and upwards still - he was worried as he thought he'd blown it with you when I reported his "it's alright" comment re: the pesto I made!!) x

  20. This sounds delish and such an good recipe for Fall!! Thrilled to find your blog -

  21. I hope that on of these days you will make this for me - but of course with zero calories. Hey a girl can always wish

    Mrs. Tenabe

  22. Janet, thanks for the recipe. I'm trying it this weekend. The last post of the picnic is really wonderful, and beautiful. I like this change, your voice is getting stronger and stronger, both verbally and visually. Keep it up!

  23. sarah - mr se is safe and sound in his #1 spot.

    my chic - i'm thrilled too. welcome.

    mrs tenabe - if i could make this w/o calories i wouldn't be here writing this blog now would i?

    kev - you are gonna like this smoothie. and thanks for the other compliments too, very thoughtful of you.

  24. Janet -

    I'm getting my first day off on Sunday, and this is first on my list to do! I love anything made with pumpkin!


    Thank you for your comment - and YES please come visit! : )

  25. melissa - i hope you have a relaxing day off. linda (above) and i are gonna come out to your store soon.

  26. This sounds absolutely delicious- thank you for sharing the recipe!

  27. sounds so yummy...i have just discovered almond milk


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