cabbage soup with apples and cider cream*

1/2 head cabbage thinly sliced (approx 8 cups)
1 potato peeled and small dice
1 onion chopped

saute the above in a heavy bottomed stock pot in 1 T earth balance and 1 T olive oil until soft and browned, about 15 minutes.
Then add...

6 cups vegetable stock
8 sprigs of fresh thyme
1 T red pepper flakes (optional)

simmer for about 30 minutes, remove thyme sprigs and puree half of the mixture.

~sauteed apples~
3-4 golden delicious apples, peeled small dice
saute apples in 2 T earth balance until soft and browning, season with salt and pepper.  set aside.

~cider cream~
1/2 c apple cider
1 6 oz container plain soy yogurt
reduce apple cider to 1/4 cup and stir in plain yogurt

when soup is done, place in individual bowls and top with apples and a dollop of cider cream.
garnish with fresh thyme sprig

Notes:  while the soup is simmering, saute the apples and make the cider cream.  i like to prepare the soup a day ahead so the flavors fully develop.  This is a very economical soup to prepare but yet has amazing flavor and very pretty presentation.  enjoy.

*no animals were harmed making this soup


  1. Definitely a fall soup. Sounds really good!

  2. Janet,

    I am going to make this...thank you so much for sharing your recipe!
    I love the combination of cabbage and apples.
    I do a stir fry with cabbage and apples, Omega Naturals Apple cider vinegar and some raisins....and we eat it with such's embarrassing!

    I feel another embarrassing moment on the horizon...

  3. If it tastes half as good as you have made it look, I'll try it.

    Love your presentation.

    xo Jane

  4. I made butternut squash soup the other night with cider cream, although my recipe used sour cream. Maybe I should try soy yogurt sometime! :)


  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to say hello and leaving such a sweet message. And Amen to The White Stripes! Best. Band. Ever ; )

    This recipe looks delish and I love that it's Vegan.

  6. Oh My... That sounds amazing! I've been cooking up a storm lately & soup is my next victim. That looks yummy! Can't wait to make it... Thanks for sharing!


  7. this looks so good. Awww, you're so good. I'm going to have Kate tackle this one.



  8. Looks totally delicious. And I love your soup tureen with the pretty lid - gorgeous. X

  9. I love soup for fall and winter meals and I appreciate every new recipe I get. This looks deish! BTW - I made Green Chili Soup from your recipe this weekend and it was fabulous, as usual!

  10. Thanks so much for the recipe. It looks delicious, my friend.


  11. Dear Janet, Oh how this reminds me of Budapest. Cabbage is a Hungarian 'national treasure' and is an essential part of Hungarian cuisine. Your soup looks and I am sure tastes delicious and no greater compliment can I give to you than it looks exactly as my Hungarian housekeeper would produce it!! [She is a 'national treasure' too!!}

  12. steve - perfect for the chilly nights.

    leslie - you are too funny!

    jane - thanks, try it and report back.

    linda - i veganized the cider cream from an epicurious recipe. is that the one you use?

    marie - thanks and yes i do love jack.

    alexandra - try it would you?

    julie - kate can def handle this. it sounds harder than it is.

    sarah - thank you.

    karin - thanks and i just made that green chili pumpkin soup last week. it's so good.

    claudia - thanks.

    edith - thank you, what a compliment!

  13. Yep, it is! I forgot to say that your soup looks yummy and very healthy too! As usual, nice photos and I love your soup tureen!


  14. Looks beautiful, and like I said, I think you're the poster girl for apples. Would you please call the apple association ASAP! They need you.

    Just wondering, did you ever watch Lucy?...... :)


  15. Oh I love the idea of cider cream- it sounds like two things that wouldn't go together at all (acidic and creamy) but I bet it's delicious. Thanks for the recipe x

  16. If it tastes as gorgeous as it looks in your pretty bowl...I'm trying it. It looks heavenly.

    It's freezing cold, windy and rainy today - a fire and soup sounds perfect. :)

  17. I agree with Jane and Sarah....if tastes half as good as it looks. Your presentation is stunning...I am definitely going to try this with the cider cream.

  18. linda - i'm putting the cider cream on gingerbread too. it's freaking delicious.

    julie - i called but they put me on hold so i gave up.

    jennifer - i think you will like it. imagine sweet, spicy and creamy.

    sarah - it tastes best the next day.

    annie - i'm looking forward to trying it on your pumpkin soup.

  19. Wow! The soup looks absolutely amazing, and the best part is that it seems so simple!

    Also, I love the herringbone jacket you are wearing in the previous post.


kindness is never out of style.

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