the truth hurts

Yesterday i received an email from a loyal reader of my blog who was quite upset about me posting the picture of myself in my coat with the fur collar.  She thought by me doing so I was giving the green light, so to speak to wearing fur, and i agree with her.  The harvesting of mink is a such a cruel practice and i am very sorry for endorsing that in any way.   I apologize if i offended anyone else and the last thing i want to be doing is promoting the wearing of mink on this blog.  I am not a perfect person/vegan. I eat an occasional egg and in addition to the mink collared coat, i also own leather handbags, belts and of course the ottoman.  I purchased all of these before i became enlightened to the cruelty imparted on innocent animals for their hides.  I do not buy new animal products anymore.  In fact, i just purchased these vegan boots from Target that i love.  They are made by dolce vita and are so comfortable.  At $39 they may run out, so you better get over there quick.   Yes, i realize these are not a necessity and...

i think that as of today
 my shopping ban


  1. What kind of world would this be if we were all perfect! Do the best we can and stand up for our beliefs with our strongest voices...that's all we can do. I think your passion speaks volumes.
    Glad we're friends ~
    Have a wonderful picnic today!

  2. Hey Janet,

    I think you're wonderful!


  3. Your blog changed my life as far as enlighting me of the cruelty to animals and how I myself am not contributing to the practices of such from this point on...Now what I purchased or aquired before, I am certianly not going to discard because of my beliefs today. That in my mind, would be senseless loss of the lives of these animal that are now part of me. I will wear them proud and respectfully. I am very didicated to NOT purchasing anything now that could suport any killing of animals for the soul use of vanity. You my friend have done your job and if you want to hold the memories of these precious beast close to you do so...You are an insperation and you should be very proud!

  4. The truth may hurt but forgiveness, of oneself and others, is a virtue. You're still doing more for your cause than 99.999% of the world. Efficacy is more valuable than intent.

  5. I've been a vegetarian for 30 years. I'm not vegan - I wear leather sometimes. We have to make our own moral decisions on what's right for us. I respect the view, but some vintage fur isn't going to make me take up hunting and fishing.

    Love the vegan boots!

    Louise x

  6. Animals are cruel to other animals..they viciously attack and eat them...its natural. I wonder if people who won't wear fur coats eat at fast food restaurants, drive on leather car seats, own a leather sofa, leather dog collar and leash, leather handbag/wallet, and wear leather shoes, slippers, gloves, hats, or belts. There often seems to be an area all non-animal killing people overlook. That's why nobody should be pointing the finger at anyone else because it often ends up pointing back at us.

  7. I would have just assumed it was faux.

  8. Janet,

    I admire your efforts to enlighten us.

    I think you do a great job of mindful eating!

    I did not think that you were promoting the wearing of fur just showing us a lovely vintage coat.

    I have a vintage fur jacket which I wear when it snows...

    Hope that you are enjoying the weekend.

  9. Happy weekend darling !! great Ria.....

  10. Sometimes being honest is just as important for standing up for what you believe in. I think purging things you love, that you have had forever, would just be silly. With all do respect to your reader who was upset by the coat, you do a lot for your movement and are allowed a fabulous coat :) I enjoy your blog so much, keep up the great posts.

    PS- Im glad you didnt decide to stop blogging. 65 comments on one post is pretty validating!

  11. As the loyal reader, I think it was the glee that others posted over it, which is disturbing. I just wish more had expressed such an interest in the Earthlings video that Janet had posted. So sorry to insult the blogging community, I should be skinned no pun intended. And Janet-you know you are dear to me.

  12. Gosh - things are hotting up in Blogland! (Your last image is very Freudian, large crack in ground, feet wrong way round.)
    Let's get a grip here - that collar has been dead a long time, the boots are great and so are you.

  13. Dear Janet, I have been so inspired and motivated by you. You are a life enhancer and day maker! Hugs, Joyce

  14. It cracks me up how people wont put things into perspective..."Animal dead 40 years rears it's ugly at eleven". I mean REALLY?

    Saving the animals is wonderful but I think this audience is intelligent enough to discern between vintage and "fresh kill" fur.
    (insert eyeroll here)

    1. Wearing fur, vintage or not still glamorizes the practice. It can be argued that plastic shoes do not hold up so wearing vintage leather makes sense. Fur, unlike leather, is not functional.

  15. Oops,
    That last post was from me, Janets Desert Rat Sister.

  16. Dear Janet, Yes, your sister is right! H, J

  17. Let's put things in perspective for those who are unable to: You didn't go out and purchase a brand new coat, made in china with a mink collar made from a recently killed animal. This is a vintage coat. Vintage means old. The mink has been dead for many years. I am the first one to advocate against fur anything, But we all need to relax a little here. Keep up the good work. You're doing a great job enlightening everyone about the cruelty to animals and being vegan. BTW, you were adorable in that coat.....

  18. Janet, Awfully good person you are, you do every just right! ox, CW

  19. meant to say, you do everything just right! ox, CW

  20. nobody's perfect, so don't worry about it! we all just try to do our best! and you did look cute!

  21. Oh Honey - you know I'm vegan ..... but I also live in the real world. Last year in South Africa I cheered for the lion trying to bring down the zebra ...her cubs had to eat. Who wouldn't do that for her children? As for the fur - killed long ago..get over it.
    Hugs to you, your beliefs and your commitments.

  22. I think you are a sweet and lovely woman!!!!

  23. Janet I left a comment this morning, where is it? I actually worked on it quite a long time and now I don't see it. Honey I can not repeat myself, but I will say you are pure of spirit and intention so keep it up!!!

  24. I am vegan because of YOU! This blog is wonderful on so many levels and we all think you are great.
    I own a mink jacket my husband bought me many years ago. I haven't been able to wear it for years because it hurts me for the animals. I've decided to donate it for baby animals to sleep on when they've lost their mother. I can't help the minks killed to make it but there's no need to just dispose of it.
    Keep up the good work!

  25. Gorgeous vegan boots. Whether you eat meat or buy leather or wear fur, you have influenced me think more and harder about my choices. I am buying way less stuff and eating way less meat because of you. I even had a moment of Janet guilt when I posted about the turkey. Yes, it is Canadian Thanksgivingon Oct.11. We do it before our gardens are snowed in...

    Keep being you. Perfect as you are.
    xo Terri

  26. We have to live in the real world and focus on what we as individuals can achieve.

    Through reading this blog I have made big changes to our eating habits and that is thanks to you.

    And Janet don't stress about eating an egg.

  27. Janet, I have a lot to say on this topic.

    I think your vintage mink collar is fine but then again I eat the fish I catch, I consume meat with gusto, I love leather shoes and I am 100% at peace with raising, slaughtering and butchering my own meat.

    I think it's lovely that we have choices in life. I support your quest for veganism and I know you wish me equally well on my (very different) journey.

    re the Target shoes, as you know sweatshops and underpaid garment workers in China and India are an interest of mine and something I feel very strongly about.

    I'd urge your readers to ask themselves why the boots are so cheap-how much were the people who made these paid? In what conditions were they working? What conditions existed in the factory that made the pleather and rubber?

    I think it's wonderful to care about the plight of animals but I think it's important to consider our third world human friends whipping up these pleather boots for the instatiable western garment industry too.

    It's very hard to ensure that all our food and clothing choices are own version of ethical.

    We do our best and cannot live our lives based on another person's values.

    Please do not throw the coat away!

    Meanwhile I have just given my garden a satidfying prune. In the rain. Very therapeutic.

  28. And another thing.

    I read this blog as a committed meat eater because I like Janet's personality, her garden, her strength as a parent and her decorating style. Lots of people I know who have no interest or desire in embracing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle also read this blog for those reasons.

    So why shouldn't we express glee over an attractive fur collar? Isn't that our choice?

    Janet's video earlier this year didn't bother me as it did other people, but then again I'm comfortable with raising slaughtering butchering cooking and eating my own meat.

    I will express glee where ever and whenever I see fit on this blog and in real life. Because that's my entitlement and right as an adult consumer.

    And, it's the Australian Way.

  29. Hi Janet,

    I would love to know why you originally started the shopping ban. I did not find the posting on that topic. Could you tell me, where you announced the start?
    Thank you!

  30. The choices we make and the ethics and beliefs we live our lives by vary - you are one who stands out for making these choices with heartfelt care and thought. You have inspired me to think harder. You never for a second encouraged me to go buy fur. Whether you wear vintage fur is absolutely your choice and if it doesn't have an 'ick' factor for you, then at least it is being used.

    And btw, you have a brilliant way with words which sometimes make me laugh out loud.

  31. You do much by writing honestly.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  32. Well, you know I am a vegetarian/sometime vegan. I have been a vegetarian for 25 years, so it is not something I take lightly. That being said..I have some leather shoes, bags, etc that I purchased along the way. As my beliefs have evolved and changed, I would hope that I wouldn't make those choices again...but who knows? We just do the best we can. And I know you weren't recommending the harvesting of mink - that's a vintage collar.

    As to an earlier comment, we all have different beliefs but mine is that we are not superior to animals and that every animal life is as important and valuable as ours. I agree about boycotting items made in China, if at all possible, but sometimes we can't. And I certainly believe that slaughtering animals is just as horrendous as sweatshops in China.

    For what it's worth...


  33. I am a lacto-vegetarian and I don´t eat meat of any kind. I am not making a number of it in any way. I have leather bags and leather shoes, a fur coat and leather gloves. I am not making a number of either, life goes on. However I wish to consume less. I won´t buy artificial anything. I look closely where the things I buy are made.
    Whoever said whatever is his/her privilege, and she came out already to make peace, so, let it be.

  34. Oh why are all these blog police around. Who are they to tell people what to wear, how to live. Such boring pains!

  35. The new format is in blogger. It's one of the new templates. I think it's called, "Simple' of all things :).

    As for your fur collar, I totally agree with so many of the people who left you comments: Don't listen to such drivel. You fessed up and told us all you have a guilty pleasure. Who doesn't? I'm just relieved to know you aren't perfect. How boring that would be...not like you at all.

  36. wow - I LOVE all the comments this post has garnered.
    Hurrah for GLEE about fab fur collars.
    Hurrah for the occasional non-vegan nosh.
    Hurrah for being oneself.

  37. I have a Beaver jacket that belonged to my grandmother, my mother, and now me. It's the only really warm jacket I own. I even wear it to do my grocery shopping.

    What would the world have us do with real fur wraps that have been handed down? Would it help the animal if we destroyed a perfectly useful item? I think not.

  38. Very cute shoes. We are all trying to be more conscious.


kindness is never out of style.

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