Historic on Highland Avenue


I posted this dining room yesterday on my instagram and thought I'd post here too and tell you a little about the project that is just about wrapping up.  This is my friend Mary's home.  I had mentioned some months back that she had purchased this home and really never dreamed I'd be hired to decorate it.  What an honor and joy to work on this beautiful historic home just a short walk away.  Except for the kids bedrooms and the kitchen and baths which were already done, I wound up working on all the rooms. 


I started working on the house in earnest around June 1st. I'm so thrilled with the results.  I will post soon on the rest of the house and I promise you will love it.  It's such a beautiful home all on its own.  So many original details still intact, you can tell it has been in loving hands throughout its history.

So a little about this dining room.  Mary was living in a tract home here in Redlands prior to this purchase and her style was Farmhouse with a little Boho on the side.  We slowly but surely transitioned it into a fresh, chic traditional look.  

This was the room I started with.  It's directly off the entry to the right and I knew the minute I saw it what wallpaper to choose.  This is Ralph Lauren Marlowe in the Mother of Pearl colorway and it is drop dead gorgeous in person.  I mean it literally makes you gasp a little.  The chandelier was found at a local antique store.  We kept the huge table and added a couple of Louis chairs.  I believe we found the rug at Lowes of all places.  They use this dining room every single day as it is right off the kitchen.  

I can't tell you the paint color because the house was freshly painted before they moved in.  It's a soft creamy off-white.  This room set the tone for the rest of the house so stay tuned to see the rest.

Just a side note...Blogger, omg Blogger what have you done to the original layout/publishing?  I for the life of me cannot figure out why they change things so often and make things so difficult.  Removing a photo used to be a simple click and now it's a 3 part situation.  I'm trying to re-learn and that makes it even more difficult to blog.  Please forgive any errors you may see...I'm working on it!

So what do you think?  Do you like?  Tell me everything!  xo

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