I love this basic outfit for lots of reasons.  They are pretty much classic pieces and because everything but the sunglasses were found at thrift stores the whole look was under $20.

Yesterday was hot but I still stayed cool yet covered up.

I was running errands, so in and out of the car and I was comfy.

Price breakdown...

Banana Republic blouse - $3 GW
Skirt - $1 bargain bin Sunset Vintage
Cole Hahn Sandals - $8 Assistance League
Handbag - $5 GW

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.  Thank you all for your continued prayers and love.  You are the best.  xoxo



It's that time of year "between" seasons.  Even though the calendar says Fall, the afternoons here are like summer.  So this is what I wear on days like that.  Both feet planted in between seasons. 

Today I'm wearing a vintage cotton blouse from my daughter in law's online shop, Sunset Vintage.  She deals mostly in Victorian era clothing but does venture all the way into the 1990's on occasion. 

I tied it at the waist and paired it with these vintage boys trousers.  The bag is my Gucci that I got years ago from the Ralph Lauren lookalike at a junk shop on the way to Palm Springs.  The mules are from TopShop but sold out.  But I have similar ones on my sidebar if you are interested.  Overall I think it's a great outfit for between seasons.

I want to focus on this between time for the next few posts if that's ok with you.  xo

chinoserie dress

I promise this is my last post on the GP & J Baker for H&M.  Well I can't say you won't see them in upcoming posts but for now I'm done. 😊

This is my favorite piece.  Many of you have already told me you bought it and love it too. I've worn it only with sandals so far but today styled it with booties.

Gosh I've had these Steve Madden booties forever and they are still going strong.  It seems he finally quit making them but These are almost identical.

I love the print, fabric and oversized nature of the dress.  It looks and feels much more expensive than its $35 price tag. 

Btw, I'm not sure you can tell or not but I'm using a remote clicker so I can take my own photos now!  While Larry is resting I can stay busy but close by.  The photos are somewhat blurry and I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong and will work it out soon.

Anyway this concludes my crazy talk re this collection.  Thanks for listening.  xo

Chinoserie Florals

A close up of the colors in this GP & J Baker blouse from H&M.

Every time I put it on it lifts my mood.  The colors and print are so fabulous I really would love to wallpaper my bathroom in this.

The color is off as I'm standing in shade.  The background here looks blue but it is really cream.  But I wanted to show you how voluminous the sleeves are.  The body is too.  I've only worn it tucked in or tied at the waist but with a pair of skinny jeans it would look great un-tucked. 

Anyway I don't mean to overwhelm you with all these posts on this one collection but I know it is selling out and if you like them I'd hate for you to miss out.  Only one more left and it's probably my favorite!  xo


Florals - GP & J Baker

This blouse is part of the GP & J Baker H&M Collection that I told you about Here.  I absolutely love all 3 pieces I bought from the collection and honestly want a couple more.  I find them to run a little big but in a good way and also well made. The prints are from the archives of the GP & J Baker wallpapers.  They are gorgeous.  Getting dressed is a little like decorating the living room😀.

They still have most of the pieces available but they are going quick so I wouldn't hesitate.  This blouse is $24.99!


I tied it at the waist and am wearing it with a high waist black maxi skirt.  It was a $1 thrift store find that works perfectly with it.  I'm also wearing my Top Shop mules I bought last fall.  Those are sold out but I do love any and all of these mules.

Thanks for all the lovely compliments on my last post with the leopard maxi.  And mostly thank you all for the love, prayers and support you continue to send.  They mean so much to me, it's impossible to put into words.  xo


Fall Trend Leopard

Hello Loves.  The weather here in Southern California has been amazing lately with crisp mornings and warm afternoons.  Gorgeous evening breezes that cool everything down.  What more can a girl ask for?  Well a lot actually...but I'll leave that alone for the moment.

I posted this vintage leopard housecoat yesterday on my Instagram and promptly lost about 20 followers 😧.  Whatever, I think it's pretty.  It was hanging in my kids store for months and I never really "saw" it.  Then on Monday the clouds parted for a sec and there it was. 

It will be great for when the weather really cools down.  I can slip on tights if needed and that vintage Gucci belt!  Would you like more posts on the Fall Trends and how a 60 yr old would wear them?  Let me know in the comment box ok? 

PS - Larry update - He completed his 8th chemo session last week and they are def getting harder and harder.  We are still v hopeful that they are working.  He's scheduled for another cat scan in a week or so.  Saying my prayers day and night for a miracle.  xo

New Autumn Gardening

Yesterday I was walking through the garden making notes of what needed to be done this Autumn.  I was picking at this and that and looking forward to the cutting back and clearing out.

After a a DELICIOUS LUNCH was finished, I sat down for a little reading and came upon THIS article at Gardenista.  Which then led to THIS one.  Both articles seem to be radical "new" ways to garden but actually the ideas they contain are very natural and have been used for generations.  I love this approach.  I've been fighting my garden conditions since the day I set foot on the property.  I invite you to read the articles and see how you feel about them.

This is my new plan of action, or should I say inaction...

1.  Don't cut back anything til spring

2.  Don't amend my soil

3.  Let fallen leaves stay where they are

4.  Overall just stop fussing with my garden


I'm always in awe of how gardening mimics life in general.  
Acceptance is the answer to all my problems.  xo 

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