keeping my cool


One of the many things I've always complained about over the years is how having no insulation in this house has been a challenge in the cold and heat.  Well hopefully I will complain no more (not likely) thanks to these drapes I stumbled upon at a flea market not long ago.  


A dear reader in the comments once suggested I tell you more about my finds so consider your suggestion taken dear.  Here's the story...

I was at a small flea market looking for things for Mary's house when off in the distance I saw a pile of what appeared to be toile fabric.  So naturally I proceeded directly to it.  As I picked up the heavy fabric I could see they were drapery panels.  The woman selling them said they were Ethan Allen and she was selling them because she had recently moved.  I counted them quickly and there were 9 in total.  I asked her what she was selling them for and she said five.  I thought $500 is not bad for 9 double lined/insulated Ethan Allen in perfect condition drapery panels.  I told her I'd have to zip to the bank to get more cash.  I looked around at the rest of her items for sale and before leaving double checked the price.  She said yes $5 per panel. Oh my goodness...she did not!  But yes that was the price, $45 for all 9 panels.  Guys these drapes are gorgeous. They block out the cold and heat in my home.  I put them in my bedroom, in the little study room and use one as a blanket.  I used a pair at Mary's house too.  Anyway that is the story of the Ethan Allen toile drapes. x


summer of love


Let's have a summer of love, shall we?

Let's love what we have right now...not when this or that is just right.  Right now.

I'm including everything in my summer of love.  Even if things are falling apart or nothing is going the way I thought it'd go...I'm gonna love it exactly as is.  Life is always easier when I accept it exactly how it is in this v. moment.  x

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