alex and b's renovation

I thought I'd bring you in on A and B's renovation of a 1940's California ranch/bungalow.  It has come a long way since they started just a few weeks ago.  There are no after pictures yet.  They along with B's dad have been working tirelessly every day trying to get the house ready.

As you can see, they need to get this thing finished and moved in because they need to set up a nursery. :)

The original mailbox was probably the cutest thing about the house.

Here is the before shot of the living room.  It actually does not look that bad here, but in real life the floors were covered in a thick gummy dirt, the walls were filthy and the whole house was overrun with cockroaches.

A look into the dining room

The kitchen had to be gutted because of the sinking floor.

Same with the bathroom.  

This will be B's sewing room.

This girl does not stop!  There isn't anything she won't do. After photos will be coming...


my little black house

Well here it is.  Up until a few days ago everyone knew this house as the little red house in the park. Now it's the little black house in the park.

So far we haven't heard a negative thing about the color change.  Everyone that walks by has given a positive shout out.  The neighbors have not said a word either way so who knows what they really think?!  The important thing is that the house desperately needed painting and it's done and we love pulling into the driveway now.  It has a cape-cod feel now and the shingles really stand out.

This is the back step area. Larry added the porch railing and we painted the old light fixture red.  You never even really noticed the railing on the roof before either.  Now it stands out and looks great. Overall I think it came out well.  We spent right about $500 on paint and supplies.  A huge saving from the $3-5k estimates we received.

In other news...

I cannot ever thank you enough for your prayers and well-wishes for Melinda.  She underwent her chemotherapy last week and is emerging with flying colors!  She was warned that she would have skin lesions but has come away with none.  She is SO strong, you wouldn't believe it.  She is going for short walks and continues to be positive and serene.  She actually cheers me up!  I love her so much and can never pay you back for your love and prayers.  Really, you are the best.

And in other news...

We've been helping Alex and B renovate a 1940's house and it is coming out so nicely.  I can't wait to share photos with you about that whole adventure.

And in other, other news...

Country Living magazine is planning on shooting my house.  A big thank you to Catherine for submitting me.:)

So that's all.  Thank you again for your prayers and have an outstanding weekend.  xo

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