me, larry & stella

mo & stella

front row - chip, alexander, travis
back row - stella & larry

I'm 52 today. Shocking, I know. How did this happen? What happened to the skinny little girl that loved to run barefoot? Well, I'm all grown up now and I don't mind getting older. I actually kind of like it. I'm okay with the wrinkles and changing body type. When I was a young mom with little boys to raise, I was always worried that something bad would happen to me, then who would teach my sons that which only I could teach them. Well that worry is gone. My sons are all grown and capable young men. They are a mothers dream come true. And I also have a beautiful, smart and funny daughter-in-law who has given me all the beauty that is Stella, my 3 year old grand daughter. Don't even get me started on my husband, Larry. He deserves a medal of some sort for putting up with all my crazy ideas. He is simply the best. Way better than I deserve. So as I write this I realize that getting old is not to be feared. There are so many gifts that can only come from getting older. Love deepens. Love heals everything. Love is all there is.

christmas @ the gardeners cottage

Just some random bits of Christmas throughout the house.


living room remix

I'm calling this a living room remix because nothing is new. Everything is the same just moved around a bit. The walls got a fresh coat of BM Simply White. The pictures below are what the room looked like when I started blogging.

^the room slowly evolved to this, above

Before you see what the room looks likes now, I'd like to credit two bloggers in helping this room change. The first is Joni at Cote De Texas She showed my kitchen when she did one of her "Readers Homes" post. I asked her for advice on the living/dining room and she most graciously agreed. She is the sweetest, most thorough person. She analyzed the room and gave me great, detailed advice. I was unable to make the purchases she suggested but I got the point she was making with continuity, balance and scale. I used what I had on hand and I couldn't be happier with the results. I feel the rooms now relate to the heart of the home which is the kitchen.

Secondly I'd like to credit Daryl at Vermont Cottage for challenging me to remove 100 items from my home. I didn't think it would be possible, but it was and it was easy. I think the space looks less crowded and I'm left with what I truly love instead of just items taking up space. Thanks Daryl.

Can you see how the rooms now relate. I feel so much better about them now. Below are a few details that now stand out.

^above, 120 year old floorboards

^wood grain

^pencil etchings

I hope you like the changes because I do!

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