The kitchen was feeling a little christmassy this morning so I took a few snaps to share.

I just clipped greenery from the garden and brought it inside and voila, it's Christmas.

We've also pulled the chairs that were in the dining room into the kitchen for more comfort.  So I'm on the lookout for chairs for the dining room.  To be honest I've been searching for chairs for years and have never found exactly what I've wanted.  But I know patience is key to finding the perfect fit and I'm good with that.

Larry went all out and bought me these beautiful lilies from the .99 store.  Are any of you still shopping there?  The deals astound me every week.

Christmas is one week from today.  Take a deep breath.  xo


a kitchen refresh

Hello everyone.  This is my friend Judie's kitchen, or what it looked like just a few weeks ago.  She had turned the house into a rental several years ago and when she decided to move back in, her tenants had vandalized the house.  It's hard to see in this photo but they had stomped on the island and it destroyed the structure so the sink was actually sinking.  Many of the cabinets were ruined as were the countertops.  There was extensive damage throughout the house and Judie was pretty distraught as to how to fix it all. Luckily her insurance came through and she could make all the repairs but she was still a bit lost as to how and where to start and remain on budget.

That's when she invited me into her home to help.  We started with the kitchen.  The decision was made to save the existing cabinets and have them repaired or replaced.

We had them painted in Benjamin Moore's Simply White because I think it's the most beautiful white paint on the market.

The island was rebuilt and it begged to be painted Benjamin Moore's Old Navy.  So we did.

I took this photo yesterday and even though the cabinet pulls are not on yet, you get the gist.

Gorgeous, right?!

I'll do another post soon listing all the finishes, product details and more pictures of the rest of the house as progress is made.  It is going to be so beautiful!  What do you think? xo

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