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This past weekend we had the opportunity to zip off to Las Vegas for an extended weekend.  Mostly I was there for the Las Vegas Spa and Esthetician show, which was so good btw, but once that was a wrap we were free to do as we pleased. We decided to hop over to the Grand Canyon, as neither of us had seen it since we were children. What a spectacular place. We went to Grand Canyon West, just 2 hours from Vegas, to experience Eagle Point and the Skywalk. With a background of ancient Indian music playing, you take off your shoes and step out onto a glass overhang that I'm not ashamed to admit, scared me to death!  I'm not a fan of heights at all so you can imagine what it's like to look straight down 4000 ft while walking on glass. No cameras are allowed on the skywalk but they have photographers out there that will take a pic if you want.  Take a minute to look at the website and view the short clip for yourself right here.  It is breathtaking.

I chose to wear my Emerson Fry butterfly caftan and it was a good choice.  We were there early but it was still quite hot.  The lightweight cotton caftan kept me cool as a cucumber.

Our first night out I chose to wear this vintage Tori Richard for I. Magnin maxi dress.  Some of you may remember that I bought it back in 2013  at Miss Doris' estate sale.  All night I imagined her wearing it out to dinner with her husband sometime in the 1960's.

The next night I chose this 100% silk maxi dress from the 1960's.  It was made by Gino Charles for Bloomingdale's.  Again, some may remember it from the Palm Springs estate sale in 2014.  It was perfect for dinner with friends - I felt like princess wearing it. :)

Larry snapped this on our way back upstairs to our room.  For anyone interested The Delano used to be TheHotel at Mandalay Bay.  They've updated the interiors with lots of white.  It's drop dead gorgeous and if you plan far enough ahead you can get super reasonable rates.

All good things must come to an end and I wore the caftan home.  Even though Las Vegas is over-crowded, hotter than hell with traffic to match we still had such a great time.  Just the little mini break we needed.  xo


thrifty finds and safe cell phone use

Hello and happy Friday to you all.  I thought I'd share a quick post about my incredible luck in finding some really cool thrifty things lately.  Since I've been working on that side project I've found myself at the Goodwill and yard sales quite a bit over the last couple of months.  I've shared them on Instagram but I don't want you to be left out.:)  Top picture is of a little $1 gem I found at a yardsale. The work that went into this little pillow is amazing and I feel so lucky to now own it.

Early last year Eshakti sent me this maxi skirt and I just never got around to wearing it until now. They are still doing such a great job with their semi-custom clothing.  I also still adore those Who What Wear linen tees available here at Target.  The little yellow necklace was also a $1 find.

This trunk on the porch was free as it was sitting in my neighbors trash can.  It's old and sturdy and had nothing wrong with it.  I wonder why they didn't donate it to the Goodwill instead of sending to the landfill.  No worries, I saved it.

I found this darling chow table at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for just $5.  It's so well made and just needed a fresh coat of black paint.  Perfect for my side project.

M found 8 of these Haviland dessert plates at a yard sale and gave them to me.  The Greek key border is so perfection.

The moral of this post is that you can find ANYTHING second hand if you are patient.  It astounds me every single time.

In other news, the detoxing is still going on here.  I mean I have it all sorted out as far as household and personal products but I'm signed up with the EWG consumer guides for emails and just got this one talking about the research study on cell phone use.  Here are 5 tips for safer cell phone use.  I think we've all kinda joked about cell phones and cancer but it's a real concern and what is more disconcerting is that little kids now use cell phones too.  Changes need to be made people.

Talk soon and have a most lovely weekend. xo


lovely june days

Can you believe it is June already?  This time last year I was living in Utah - time sure flies.  I'm still so happy to be back in my home. I don't even care if we take a summer vacation, I'm fine with staying put.

I thought I'd share a few photos of how the living and dining areas are looking these days.  I know you must all be sick to death of these same old shots but I also know how much I love seeing the interiors of my favorite bloggers homes too.  I got my good camera up and running and even used the tripod. It took me over an hour just to get these few photos.  I'm so rusty at this and spoiled by the ease of my iphone.  The weather has been stunningly beautiful.  Gorgeous sunshine with cool ocean breezes making their way inland to Redlands, provides the light for these photos.  

The horse print on the left was my anniversary present.  It's a very old print but the antique dealer could not make a definitive connection to Sweet William so it was very reasonable - lucky me.  I still call him Sweet William even if he isn't.

I love that my $5 thrift store stall mucking boots are at the ready and my allergies are over!  They make wading through hip-high ferns and rose thorns so easy.

Fresh cut chamomile looks lovely with the cut crystal decanters.

More cut branches from the garden here too.  I'm telling you it was the biggest take-away from the Country Living shoot.  So as you can see, nothing drastic in the way of change.  Same old thing.  A few of you have asked if I would do a detox post on each room of the house.  I am working on that. But as far as these 2 rooms goes, it's quite easy.  I always just wipe down the furniture with a slightly damp cloth and clean the mirrors with a 50-50 mix of vinegar and water.  I open the windows and doors every chance I get and always have something from the garden inside to help purify the air.
So nice chatting with you.  Have a wonderful day. xo

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