joni liked it

I'm sure anyone who has read my little blog also reads Joni's blog,
If not you must stop reading this instant and go see what a professional blog looks like. She is the best of the best! Her posts are like reading great magazine articles that cover all the details and have tons of pictures. That is why I am so humbled that she showed my little kitchen remodel on her blog yesterday. The other readers homes that she showcased were amazing. I'm shocked that I was even in the group of such talented people. Thank you Joni for your kind words.


it's hot

It is so hot here. Yesterday hit 111.

Wildfires are burning out of control

garden shed work is on hold

but I think these rooms are so cool.

garden rooms

I just love garden rooms. Our old house had a really cute little garden room/shed. I loved it because it was like having my own little space just for me. All the overflow junk that was too good to give away but not quite right for the house anymore had a place to go. Everything I put in that little room looked great because it was unexpected. We are in the process of building a little room/shed again. Since we don't have a garage this is going to be great because now all the garden tools will be in one place, and the tiny basement will be able to breathe again.

This is a garden room, not a shed. This would be so much fun to have!

This is so pretty. I'm not sure my tools are going to look this good.

This to me is more of a garden shed. So simple. So sweet. Just right.


country french cottage

A couple of years ago while we were renovating a small cottage that was built in 1924, I was on the internet looking for information regarding 1920's cottages and came across this adorable place. It's called Chapman Cottage. I could not find much information about it but it appears that a decorator lives here. I think it is so charming.


a morning walk

One of the things I like most about living here is that every morning which ever direction I choose to walk, is chock full of the most beautiful homes you can imagine. Most of them were built at the turn-of-the-century. Some during the 1920's. But they are all gorgeous. My camera does not do these homes justice. Click on the pictures to see the details.

This is one of my favorites. A 1920's french chateau.

The detail work on this Victorian is amazing.

I think someone who loves design lives here. The red coral lamp in the window is my clue.

This spanish beauty was for sale last year for a million dollars.

This home is so beautiful in person. That corner sunroom is to die for.



I am currently obsessing over this woman and her life. I think I'm too old for this look, but maybe not. What do you think? take a look, here.

my side yard

this is the entrance into my side yard

it is enclosed in bamboo and very private

it's a bit mysterious


my closet pt. 2

So yesterday I emptied my closet. I should mention that I share this closet with my husband. I went through the contents, item by item and decided what to keep and what to get rid of. In order for the item to stay it had to meet the following criteria.

1. I have to really like it.

2. It has to fit really well.

3. It has to be comfortable.

4. It has to fit my lifestyle.

I have always wanted my closet to be pared down but at the same time full of things that I love and that fit well. I like classic clothing. I don't like fussy things. So this year my goal is to only buy things that meet my criteria. I don't know how this will turn out, I'll keep you posted. Living in a small space is a challenge but not impossible. It's nice to have only what you use.

my closet

This is the only closet in my whole house.
Yep, you heard me right.

This morning i emptied it

and sorted through all my things.
This is what I would like to fill it back up with...

Kate Spade new fall line. See it here


In the continuing effort to simplify our lives, Mr GC and I went camping this weekend. One of our many goals in downsizing our lives, was to get back to the way we use to live, eons ago before we had children. We really loved to go camping on the weekends. While Mr. GC is an experienced hiker, I am not. I'm pretty much a wuss when it comes to the outdoors. But as I said, this was one of our goals, so this weekend we hopped in the car and went to lower Kings Canyon and hung out with some giant redwoods. It was pretty gorgeous there.


a 1000 yr old redwood requires hundreds of gallons a water each day!


the root system of a felled redwood, it was enormous

beautiful meadow of wildflowers

trees growing out of rocks!

we did a lot of this


august in my garden

This past month has been brutal in terms of heat here in Redlands. I'm so surprised that the hydrangea and coleus have been able to hang in there. Even though it is so hot out, I still love being outside in the garden. I can't tell you how much this garden gives to me. It's where I recover from all that life throws my way.

coffee & flowers

quiet in the garden

hollywood home

two weeks ago chip, melissa and little stella moved into this...

they have graciously allowed me to post pictures of this beautiful home even though they are far from settled. consider these the before pictures. the house was built in 1938 and is nestled in the hollywood hills. it has incredible views from all rooms.

deck off the master bedroom


living room

click on picture to see the incredible woodwork

charming vintage sink in powder room

breakfast nook

they have promised me more pictures once they start decorating. do you recognize the landmark at the end of their street...

i should mention, chip is my son, melissa is my daughter-in-law and stella is the light of our lives.
thanks guys.

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