it all started with this boot.
the isabel marant dicker boot $600.
i loved it the first time i saw it but in reality the heel was a little high and so was the price.

then i moved onto this.
the petty boot by sam edelman $130.
i tried it on and fell in love.
but it was leather and some of you guys gave me shit for even thinking about it.
 the one and only fabulous florida mommy told me about a similar pair at target but it sold out so fast i was never able to get a pair.

which finally brought me to this pair.
madden girl krespo $53
get them wherever you can.   they are selling out everywhere quickly.
amazon has them for $59 right here.
they arrived in the mail yesterday and i cannot tell you how much i love them.
so comfortable, so cute.
they run true to size and the faux suede looks and feels real.
so now i have 4 pair of vegan shoes!

until i got these i was really feeling lost without a pair of boots or booties to wear.
now i'm feeling much better.  phew.

ok that's about it from here.



what is left

this is what is left of my shoes when i remove all my leather ones.

the new ballet flats from payless shoes.
the oxfords from payless shoes.
and these burberry sandals.

i also have 2 pairs of tennis shoes.
oh and lets not forget the tall rubber boots that i do my gardening in.

quite a collection.

it has only been a little over a week since i made this decision to go vegan with my wardrobe and i already feel the grip of loss lessening.
i really wondered how letting things go was going to feel.  turns out it's a lot like when i initially went vegan with my diet.  a lightness has replaced the fear.
why do i dread letting go?  every time i do let go of something the feeling has been good.

it is a sad state of affairs when one discovers that her identity is tied up in a pair of old 2nd hand boots.
but that is the truth.

the plan is to slowly and thoughtfully (your comments were not lost on me yesterday)
replace some of my beloved's.



pretty vegan shoes for spring

hey there.
i'd like to start by saying that i don't plan to turn my blog into a shopping blog but since i'm making this switch to incorporate more animal friendly choices into my wardrobe while phasing out my leather goods, i thought i'd share what i'm finding in my search in case you'd like to start too.  

first up.
i bought these adorable ballerinas the other day at payless.  you can check them out
 here.  i wore them all day running errands and they didn't hurt me feet at all.
i was really quite surprised by this.
i had gone into nordstrom and tried on just about every *comfort* flat they had in stock and none of them were as comfy as these.   
they are on sale right now for under $20.

and check out these cute sandals here at forever 21.
they also come in lots of colors.  i have not tried these on yet so i don't know how comfy they are.
but i plan to try them asap.
these are under $9.

and how cute would any these toms be with a pair of jeans, a white tshirt and straw bag?
i especially love the ikat print.
and that leopard pair could replace my leopard loafers.
they are vegan and for every pair you buy toms donates a pair to a child in need.
kinda hard to resist that.
check out all the colors here.

so as much as i'm sad about giving up my leather, i'm rather exhilarated with all the new possibilities.
and please do add in the comment section any finds you think i should know about.



transitioning to a vegan wardrobe

yes, hello and happy valentines day.

i hope you are all feeling lovey today.  if not that's ok b/c really it is just another thursday.

ok ok so this is what i'm working on.

letting go seems to be a recurring theme in my life right now so maybe this is why i woke up on monday morning and decided i want to transition my wardrobe to be vegan.  this is not as easy as it sounds.
or maybe it does sound hard.  larry says i just like to complicate my life.  and he may be onto something there.  but i really believe it is just the natural evolution of my becoming a vegan 5 years ago.
so this will be a slow change b/c i don't have the budget to just get rid of everything and start over.
and that is probably a good thing b/c it will take some adjustment emotion-wise to part with a few special things.

for instance...

both the handbag and boots were 2nd hand, which is a good thing and i know there is an issue with a lot of new vegan shoes and bags being made with harmful petrochemical products.
it's just that wearing the leather is what is bothering me.
the cruelty inflicted on these poor animals is so heartbreaking to me that i just feel it is the right thing for me to do.

so it will definitely be a challenge.
and it's not gonna happen overnight but this is something i'm going to be moving towards.

these vegan boots from lulu's are pretty cute.

and so is this handbag from matt and nat.

so like i said it will be a process and if you don't mind i'll share about it here b/c where else would i?




hello dear readers. 
can we start this new year over?

thank you all for your kind words of love and encouragement.
i never intended for this blog to ever be about anything sad but you guys are like good friends and friends share the ups and downs too.  
i'd like to start fresh today if that is ok with you.

tomorrow is valentines day and also the start of lent.
so lots of love and discipline are in the air.

miss doris passed away peacefully in her sleep last wednesday morning.
her mass is this friday.
saying i will miss this woman doesn't even come close to how i feel.
but i know she'd want me to be happy and celebrate life not to wallow in sadness.
so that is what i'll attempt to do.

also i'd like to thank you for the outpouring of love for my son.
he is on the mend.  i know he will come out of this stronger, both physically and mentally.
he is already back at work.  can you believe that?
he uses his crutches to get up and down stairs and across snowy parking lots.
he has really blown me away with his determination to get well.
i am incredibly proud of him and his attitude.

so i just wanted to check in and give you all an update.
i will be back to normal blogging real soon.

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