what is left

this is what is left of my shoes when i remove all my leather ones.

the new ballet flats from payless shoes.
the oxfords from payless shoes.
and these burberry sandals.

i also have 2 pairs of tennis shoes.
oh and lets not forget the tall rubber boots that i do my gardening in.

quite a collection.

it has only been a little over a week since i made this decision to go vegan with my wardrobe and i already feel the grip of loss lessening.
i really wondered how letting things go was going to feel.  turns out it's a lot like when i initially went vegan with my diet.  a lightness has replaced the fear.
why do i dread letting go?  every time i do let go of something the feeling has been good.

it is a sad state of affairs when one discovers that her identity is tied up in a pair of old 2nd hand boots.
but that is the truth.

the plan is to slowly and thoughtfully (your comments were not lost on me yesterday)
replace some of my beloved's.



  1. slowly and thoughtful is the perfect way to go...like any life style change, it's a process. I really appreciate how much consideration you put into everything you do. I'm going to remember..."a lightness has replaced my fear"

  2. You are seriously admirable. And inspiring

  3. I agree......you are inspiring.
    I have a question for you.....do you try to also eat GMO free in your vegan

  4. Check out J-41s. They make vegan shoes.

  5. So what did you do with the leather items? I am admiring your decision and willpower!

    1. most went to family services and i plan to sell the rest on ebay.

  6. I figure you can only wear one pair at a time, eh? Goodonya for designing a life the way you'd like it to be, rather than accepting the status quo.

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  8. Janet, I think what you are doing is wonderful and you have inspired me in recent months to investigate what my clothes and shoes are actually made of. The post you did months ago about leather is still something I think about x

  9. Janet - that is a lovely collection of shoes! I am always reminded that we get what we need and your enery is going to send back many shoes (or as many as YOU need) that support your soul!

  10. The statement: why do I dread letting go when letting go has always been good in the end...talk about hitting the nail on the head! I feel the exact same way! You think you need things, but you don't. Simple as that.

    Thanks Janet! :)


  11. Change is always hard but when we are moving in the right direction, it is also freeing.

  12. Janet,
    I have been eating about 90% vegan for the last two years. I still have the occasional free range egg or a little grated Parmesan on my pasta. I cannot seem to find any vegan cheeses that I like. I just wanted to say that I'm going to try and emulate you this year. I have been fixing your recipes which are delicious. Please keep taking photos of your meals. You are such an inspiration! Your blog is now my favorite!

  13. You are fabulous, Janet.
    I have no doubt you'll find other lovelies to complete your classy look.

  14. You really are fab Janet, it's extra scary when you don't have a mega sized wardrobe, this egged me on yesterday and I got rid of all my too tight clothes even though it's left em with not a lot, better, more suitable things will come eventually.

  15. Janet, I am at a loss here. I feel you are letting go of something good for something that may be bad for you, My Mum would never let us wear plastic shoes. They draw the feet she said. Have you ever noticed that if you sweat in plastic shoes your toes have a white tinge on the edges ? I have a big aversion to plastic. It is poison to us. Surround your life with manmade chemicals and you health is at risk ? surely.
    I admire your reasoning for this. But......

  16. I love your spirit Janet! Not sure I am brave enough to do this.

  17. Janet I was in TJ Maxx yesterday and saw the cutest pair of sling back pumps in tan/nude by Bandolino, I think. 100% manmade material and $29.99. Very classic and comfortable... I would have bought them myself but I have horrible flat feet and they just roll out of shoes like that, looking awful. So there are more and more cute shoes without leather.

  18. Dear Janet: I have been lurking so far, and I have tremendous admiration for your style and thoughtful approach to life. That being said, I have another "wonderment" about vegan shoes, further to Carol's remark. Leather is a renewable resource (and we can hope that the animals are treated well, and work for their humane treatment). Petrochemicals are not a renewable resource. What is the carbon footprint of a vegan shoe?

    1. well the animals are not treated well...that is a well documented fact. and to say leather is renewable would mean that cows can replace cows. so do i want to keep the chain of despicable abuse in the leather factories going? i think not. many companies are now creating a closed circle of recycling synthetic products. patagonia and timberland both accept clothing that they produced that is no longer wearable and it is recycled into new products. synthetic fibers have come a long way and the industry is growing. hopefully one day all synthetic materials can be reclyled. there are not easy answers here. all i can do is follow my heart.

  19. Wow a vegan wardrobe, that's most impressive. I wish you the best of luck with it!

  20. I tremble to say it, but what about bags?

  21. I just see a field of cows crying over spilt milk and no chance of pleasing you. I feel a sadness. I get the no harm thing but all for vinyl and plastic. You are a better vegan than I'll ever even lie about.

  22. I hope those who haven't yet visited these sites and watched these videos will take the time to do so.

    “The human appetite for animal flesh is a driving force behind virtually every major category of environmental damage now threatening the human future —

    deforestation, erosion, fresh water scarcity, air and water pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, social injustice, the destabilization of communities, and the spread of disease.”

    The World Watch Institute

    A recent report published by the World Watch Institute shows that over 51% of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions come from "livestock."

    The main sources of GHGs from animal agriculture are:

    Deforestation of the rainforests to grow feed for livestock.
    Methane from manure waste. – Methane is 72 times more potent as a global warming gas than CO2
    Refrigeration and transport of meat around the world.
    Raising, processing and slaughtering of the animal.


    Most of the leather in the U.S. and Europe comes from India, China, and other countries that either have no animal welfare laws or have laws that go largely or completely unenforced.


    'Toxic Tanneries' report from Human Rights Watch

    Stella McCartney's video on the global leather industry shows the unimaginable misery of animals used for leather products we don't need.

    Gary Yourofsky's speech at Georgia Tech, 2010

  23. Janet, thank you for putting my heart back on track. I have been a vegan for five years and had not bought any leather, wool, silk, or feathers. I would not even buy something with the smallest leather patch on it. But, year after year, friends and family, and blogs, have all asked what is the harm of buying those items if they are used. Certainly, they claim, I would not be adding to the problem, the suffering, if I bought used. So, this year, I thought, why not try it. See how my heart feels about that. I bought, all from Goodwill, 2 wool coats, 3 pair of Bass Weejun shoes, feather pillows and a feather mattress topper. My heart was just barely treading water. How could this be right? I used you as my example. And now, you make the leap to t-totatler. How stupid I was to let others dictate where my heart should be. You have made that very clear, and I can not thank you enough. With tears, I thank you.

  24. Hi Janet! You are always on the move, brava!
    What will happen to wool? I read vegans don't wear wool. Merino wool is the only fabric that keeps my legs warm in the winter season. (icebreaker). It is tricky ...

    Tonight I am baking the first vegan birthday cake for my niece and sister. Keeping my fingers crossed it works out. A loaf of vegan banana bread will serve as a side-dish. :-D

    1. it will take some time but my plan is to have a 100% vegan wardrobe.

    2. Paula,

      The long, cold Chicago winters inspired Leanne Mai-ley Hilgart of Vaute Couture to make vegan dress coats that could keep her warm for the duration.

      During the February New York Fashion Week, designer and dedicated animal activist, Leanne, showcased her first ready-to-wear line with tops, dresses, skirts, pants and sweaters, adding to her outerwear and statement tees for which Vaute Couture is known. In addition to being vegan, the line is made entirely with fair labor practices. The materials include organic velvet, organic moleskin, organic cotton shirting, organic cotton Sherpa, organic cotton fleece, 100% recycled closed loop zero waste satin, and metallic vegan leather made of recycled fibers from Ultrasuede. Some of these fabrics have never been produced before.

      “Our raison d’être is to make it easier and more carefree to live a compassionate life full of style, comfort and warmth." Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

      Maybe there's something at Vaute Couture you can use. You can check out the new Vaute line here:

      "Vaute Couture at New York Fashion Week: An Historic Moment"

      More info here:

    3. Thank you KO! It is all happening ... NOW.

      This outfit is very cute:

  25. Cute shoes, Janet. :) For sandals, I favor Sam Edelman's Gigi ~ really comfortable and several of the colors are offered in uppers from "manmade construction" (as all the soles are).

    1. oh i love this style but i'm not finding an all vegan version!!

    2. I have them in the black patent and almond (also patent) and they both have All Manmade Materials on the inside. Hopefully you like those colors (and shiny shoes). ;-)) It would be very exciting if they were all made from manmade materials!

    3. i just checked again and all of them say leather and synthetic. i'm gonna have to find them in person i think. thanks for this info! :)

  26. I think you are fantastic. I only ever buy synthetic shoes new but wear lots of second hand leather footwear.
    This company is ethical and vegetarian, have been trading for years and will ship to the US and, more importantly, their stuff is fabulous: http://www.vegetarian-shoes.co.uk/

  27. Janet....i haven't checked in with your blog for a few weeks now as i've been distracted by my own stuff..and now i find it's all been going on for you!I am so sorry to hear about your friend and because i'm rubbish with words i'm sending you hugs <3.
    Your son now has a good story to tell and it looks like he has plenty of pals to make him laugh, which is the greatest medicine, don't you think? I hope you're enjoying your new challenge,although due to a complete lack of self-discipline i shall live vicariously through you and your example!Best wishes and serene vibes, Suzie xxx


  28. Janet, I saw this shoes sale and thought you might be interested. I really admire you living by your own lights and making changes a step at a time:-) you're an inspiring example to me of letting go and allowing something new to evolve. Thanks for sharing this process as you go..


  29. Good for you - you are such a good example to everyone of how to be vegan. I'm glad you posted the pretty vegan shoes post last too so that there is some fun :) My heart is happy for all the animals you're helping. xo

  30. The ballets flats are gorgeous Janet! And my vote would be for the Tom's shoes from your previous post.. XXX


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