I've always loved a good routine.  I've always felt they brought a sense of order and peace to my home and life.  Now more than ever they soothe me during stormy times. 

My daily routine looks a little like this...

I wake early, sometimes as early as 4am.  I have a cup of french press coffee and get back into bed.  I read, journal and meditate.

Next I will usually go for a morning walk through the park.

When I return I make us breakfast.  Lately it's been hot oatmeal with fresh blueberries.

After breakfast I go into the garden and see what needs to be done.  Summer means watering first.  We have no sprinkler system so I water by hand.  This routine is deeply soothing to me.

Next I go inside and will straighten up and depending on the day may get into chores such as cleaning the bathrooms or doing the floors.  Yesterday I cleaned out the refrigerator.

I try to run any errands before lunch because of the afternoon heat.

After lunch, which lately has been fresh salads and fruit we tend to curl up with a book and maybe take a nap.

All of this isn't much but it's the dailies that are keeping me sane.  Who knew little things like that would be so grounding? 

Do you love routines or are you more of a fly by the seat of your pants lady/gentleman?  Do tell.  xo

summer living

Good morning beauties. How are you?  Are you taking good care of yourselves?

Our weather has been glorious this past week even tho the afternoons are heating up.  I thought I'd share a little of the house today.

When the temps rise I retreat indoors and have a sit in the living room. 

I cut a branch of roses and stuck them in an old ginger jar I've had for ages.   The color of the rose blends beautifully with the old chinoserie screen.

Each day I've pulled a few books off the bookshelf to read and suddenly I have a stack big enough to put my fern on.  It loves the morning light in this window.

I'm looking forward to a quiet summer here at the cottage.  My mornings are filled with garden chores and walks and afternoons are for reading and napping.

What part of the world do you live in and what kind of summers do you have?  xo

The French Laundry

If you never read my review of The French Laundry, you can read it HERE.  I personally cringe when I read my blog, especially the old posts so you've been warned.:)

The afternoons around here are quite slow and I don't hate that at all.  I'm coming to terms with the reality of our situation but that is another conversation.  If it's too hot outside to work in the garden I come in and pull an old favorite from my bookshelf to read.  The French Laundry is an old favorite.  It makes me want to be a better cook.

It's a beautiful book full of gorgeous images and fascinating recipes.  Have you read it? x

The French Laundry



When life becomes overwhelming I often find myself focusing on simplicity.  Now more than ever I'm drawn to it.  I found the above tin at an estate sale after all the professionals had blown through.  Of course it didn't look like this, it was covered in what appeared to be motor oil and there was just a tiny glimpse of gold.  For $2 it was worth taking a chance on.  Imagine the joy when it washed clean and this beautiful peacock was revealed.

Inside the tin was a large assortment of vintage buttons.  I had been given this beautiful old Ralph Lauren summer dress but it needed a little mending and a few buttons. I'm working on that now.

I'm finding the simplest of tasks, words and moments are the ones that are the bringing me the most joy these summer days.




Last weekend there was an estate sale around the corner from my house.  I only had a few minutes to spare so I made a quick spin through the house but didn't see anything too interesting.

The next day everything at the sale was 75% off so I went back to take a closer look.  Buried in a sea of outdoor pots I found this little Greek Key cachepot.  There is something so charming about it.  Don't you agree?

If you've ever gone to an estate sale on the last day you know that this is the day when often you find gems.  I went back inside the house at a much slower pace than the previous day and found this very fragile, very old but beautiful Chinoserie screen hiding behind the drapes. 

It was love at first sight and marked down to $11.  I had no idea where I was going to put it but I could not resist.  The cachepot was $1 btw.  Both have brightened up the living room and looks as if they have always belonged here.  xo

PS - Again thank you all so much for your love, prayers and good thoughts for us both.  This is a one day at a time journey.  Some days are beyond awful and others quite joyful.  And even within that day things can change.  I'm learning to take each moment as it comes and not get too down or too up.  Trying to stay in the middle.  I often go back over your comments and re-read them.  They bring me so much comfort.  Thank you so much.  xo

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