It's hard to believe that in Southern California you have to winterize but we do!  I've been filling sandbags for the last 3 days for an impending atmospheric river.  Because this house is 135 years old there is no insulation and most of the windows are the original ones.  I love the old wavy glass but it isn't v climate friendly.  So I get out lots of thick blankets, put the insulated drapes up and make do.  If you look closely in the top photo you can see where I keep my 2lb weights.  I'll lift those while watching tv to help keep me warm and strong. 

I adore how the glow from the lamp lights these walls.

It has been ages since I've done a wardrobe post.  I used to do so many I made myself and many of you sick to death of them.  But lately, probably bc I'm now 66 I need to see what looks good on me and photos work best for that.

All these clothes are so old and I still love them.

And one last note, aren't you thrilled to be on a website without ads?!  We are all deluged with them now.  It's karma for all the ads I used to do!  I'm taking a break from instagram bc every other post is an ad or 3.  So enjoy!  xo

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