5 a day

For those of us struggling to get started on a decluttering journey, why not try 5 a day?  The idea is that every single day you get rid of 5 items of junk in your house.  Often I'm overwhelmed if a task seems too great to get started on so breaking it down to just 5 a day is so doable.  Research shows that clutter stresses us out and our cortisol levels actually raise when we look around and see disarray.

Technically if you did this every day for a year, you'd rid yourself of 1825 items.  My advice would be to start small.  Open a drawer and quickly scan it and remove 5 useless things.  Either put them in the trash or in a box by the front door.  At the end of the week you could have 35 items to take to Goodwill or give to friends. Whatever you do, empty the box so it is ready for the next week.

If you are stuck because like me you fear that you may need the item one day, ask yourself when you last used it.  Is it something you only use at Thanksgiving or Christmas?  Then keep it because you don't want to have to replace it, just put it in a less used drawer. I bet you will find that 5 items a day isn't enough.  I only have 1 closet and a few drawers in my house and there is plenty of crap hiding in them that needs to go so let's get tidy! x


useful and beautiful

Since the first of the year I've been decluttering and organizing the house which is a real joy for me.  It makes me feel so calm.  The only obstacle that gets in the way of this task is the idea that I may need this item someday, and it's often true.  Case in point, last summer I tried several times to sell that Dash and Albert rug on eBay and it never sold.  And here it is 6 months later and I'm using it.

Here's a photo of it back in May of 2012 when I first purchased it. I got a lot of use out of it then and sure enough I put it away in the basement and now it's back in the house.  I do that a lot.  What's your biggest obstacle to getting rid of things?  Is it memories, don't know where to start, or fear that you'll need it one day?

So far so good on the no spending for the month.  I really think this will be an easy month or 2 for me because my birthday, Christmas and anniversary are all within a few weeks of each other.  Summer will be another story. How's it going for you?  x


blog inspiration

Below are some of my favorite blogs I've found.  I'm always looking for new ones to read so if you have a favorite do say so in the comments.  These all have something to do with saving money, stretching money or just living a beautiful life.

Money Boss - I love this blog because JD's theory is that you run your household and finances as if it were a business, essentially making you the CEO of your life.

Money Diaries - This is a fascinating series on Refinery 29.  It chronicles young women living all over the world and how they spend their money.  It's a real eye opener.

Stone Soup - Fabulous recipes on the cheap.  Not all are vegan but seriously easy and delicious.

One Kings Lane Style Guide - Okay so this isn't exactly the best place to spend your time if you are easily tempted but their style guide shows some of the prettiest homes you'll ever lay eyes on. I get a lot of my inspiration here because I see so many of the items they sell at my local junk stores.  Just a nice place to relax, enjoy and get sneak peeks into great homes.

The Prudent Homemaker - Brandy must have a black belt in money saving because she has 8 kids and a gorgeous garden and home and thrives on very little income.  You'll just have to read to see how beautifully and economically they live.

Enjoy...and don't forget to leave me your favorite blogs.



january 2017

Happy new year to you all.  The weather here has been cold and rainy so we've been doing what we can to warm this place up. Every year I think I may sell these Pottery Barn drapes I bought several years ago but every winter I'm so thankful that I didn't. They are heavily lined and help keep us toasty.

I didn't decorate much for Christmas but I still can't bring myself to take away the buckets of greenery in the kitchen.

This is a random seldom seen corner of the kitchen.  That doorway leads to the master bedroom (lol) and bath (lolouder) that was added in 1930.

With all the rain we've gotten, the rose garden has been blooming. Fresh roses in the bedroom in January!

What do you have planned for the new year?  This is my hands down favorite time of year because it just screams possibilities.

Things I'd love to get done this year would include my never ending quest to declutter and simplify my life. Paring down my wardrobe and household goods would be wonderful.  With Alex now operating a v cool vintage store here in town does not help that quest tho.

Also, I've seriously toyed with the idea of a no spend year but don't know if I have that discipline in me any longer.  I know I can do a no spend January. Anyone else in?  Maybe we can go month to month and see where that takes us.  What do you think?  I can post about my weaknesses and you can too in the comments.

Also, also what about our diets???  I totally ate tons of sugar this holiday season.  The temptations were crazy.  I'm so ready to treat my body like the temple it is and clean up this mess.

What's on your list?

Also, also, also...New Year post from last year with a delish soup recipe


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