stuff will never make me happy

So why do I keep buying things?

I think in troubling times I often reach out in a retail sort of way to find some comfort but it never works. It is temporary at best. I always think that if I get what I want...then I'll be happy.  But the truth is that for me, getting what I think I want never makes me happy.  Reaching outside myself for comfort always leaves me empty.  It is only through accepting exactly what is at this very moment, do I find peace.

So my holiday wish to you dear readers is that you find peace and happiness right here in the present moment - no matter what that moment holds.  Things are not going to be okay.  They ARE okay right now.



100 things

Back in 2014 I came across a 100 things challenge and loved it.  It involves getting rid of 100 things per month.  I'm thinking at this time of year when society and media is convincing us to pack our homes to the hilt with more stuff, maybe we shouldn't.  I know, I know what a terrible time to do this Janet.  I myself have been adding to my Christmas and birthday wish list quite excitedly.  But maybe we can be thoughtful about this challenge.  Maybe we can look in drawers, cupboards and closets and donate the things we no longer use.  Perhaps a warm coat or boots that no longer fit.  Would they be better off in another home?  What about kitchen gadgets that sit and gather dust?   Lets be rebels and get rid of things.  This is my original post of 100 things to read.  Can you get into this right now?  I can.  xo


I wanted to pop in and not only wish you all a happy Thanksgiving but to also thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, prayers and support.  You truly have no idea what it has meant to me.  It has lifted me on days I didn't think I'd make it.  In all my years of writing this blog I never could have ever imagined how important it would become to me.  It's because of you dear friends.  I'm grateful to know you.  Our day has been quiet, just the two of us.  My heart is bursting with love and acceptance today.  Hope yours is too.  xo


Between meals have always been hard for me no matter what I'm eating.  I'm the kind that needs to eat smaller meals but more often throughout the day.  This smoothie works wonders and this is how I make it.

In my Vitamix ...

1 cup plant milk
1 frozen banana
1 Medjool date
2 cups fresh spinach, kale or greens
1 heaping Tablespoon unsweetened cacao powder
1 Tablespoon peanut butter

If I'm not really hungry, I'll leave out the PB.

I make many variations on healthy smoothies but lately this is my favorite.




This is a pretty typical lunch for me these days.  Nothing fancy.  I start with a big layer of greens such as arugula, which is a cruciferous vegetable.  Then I start layering whatever is in the refrigerator.  In this case it was leftover rice, white beans and corn.  A little salsa, avocado and a drizzle of hot sauce.  Yummy and filling.

Another tool I'm using is Dr. Gregors Daily Dozen App for my phone.  Just search in the App store for it, it's free.  It tracks how you are doing on getting the most nutritious foods each day.  Dr. Gregor has listed his Daily Dozen foods we should all be eating for optimal health along with exercise and vitamins.  If you need help staying focused and accountable, I highly suggest you give it a try.




Hi lovelies.  I've decided the best way to show you how/what I'm eating is to just snap photos of each meal I'm about to eat.  No real styling involved.  This way you'll see I'm not doing anything fancy with this food.  It's all unprocessed and EASY!  I'm eating this bowl of oatmeal in bed this morning!

Overnight Oats - My FAVORITE Breakfast

1/2 cup Oats
1/2 cup Almond Milk (your choice - mine is homemade)
1/2 cup Frozen Blueberries
1  teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Tablespoon Flaxseed Meal
1-2 Tablespoons Slivered Raw Almonds

Combine everything in a bowl except the almonds and refrigerate til morning.  Sprinkle Almonds on and Enjoy.


Sunday Lunch

This is a pretty typical lunch for me.  So far I have not tired of it at all.  Lets break down what's on this plate.

Arugula Salad with Navy Beans & Sweet Mustard Dressing
Shredded Potato with Mushrooms and Spinach

This is a perfect One Ingredient Meal.  Single ingredients come together to make a complete meal without any additives, sugar, oil or salt.

The salad is super easy.

2 c Arugula
1/2 c beans

1 T mustard of choice
1 T pure maple syrup

The Potato Dish is super easy too.

1 Russet Potato shredded
1/2 c chopped Mushrooms
1-2 c chopped Spinach

I toss the shredded potatoes with the diced veggies and season with a little garlic powder and paprika - You can use anything you want, just leave out the salt.  Once tossed, I put the mixture into a preheated cast iron skillet and let them get good and brown before I flip them.  It usually takes about 10 minutes.

I'll be honest with you, in the beginning, I missed the salt but now my taste buds have adjusted and I really love it as is.  I've listened to lots of Dr. Mcdougall talks and he says 1/2 teaspoon of salt is ok for a day.  I haven't ventured there yet but may.

Hope your Sunday is nice and relaxing and here's an inspiring recipe too. This is exactly how I'm cooking and eating these days. xo

when life gives you lemons - eat them

I've been hinting at changes I've made to my diet and today I'm finally ready to talk about them.  About 3 months ago at one of Larry's doctor appointments, the doctor decided that I needed a check up too, so right there and then he gave me one.  Blood was drawn and 2 weeks later I was back in his office to find out that my cholesterol had skyrocketed to 304!

My cholesterol has always run a little high, especially for a vegan but it has never been this high and he wanted to put me on drugs right away.  I knew I had not been taking care of myself.  My diet, while still vegan was not the healthiest.  We were spending long hours at the hospital and many times I had to eat whatever was available.  I found myself nervously munching on potato chips and candy to keep me going.  I was having 3 big cups of coffee each morning and barely getting my walks in.  I had gained 10 lbs and had round the clock indigestion.  I asked the doc to please give me 3 months to see if to give I could lower it myself and get healthier.  He agreed and last week I received my results.  I'm happy to say that my cholesterol went from 304 to 238, a full 66 points, in 10 weeks.  I also lost 10 lbs and my indigestion is completely gone.

So what did I do?  First I started researching ways to lower my cholesterol without drugs.  I also went on YouTube and found a wealth of videos (I'm linking a couple of favorites below).  I decided to keep a journal on what was working and what wasn't.  Like I said, I had terrible stomach aches and wanted them gone asap.  By recording what I was eating I could see what was causing the flare ups.

My number one task was to eliminate processed foods.  My goal was to eat food in its most natural state.  Next I knew I had to eliminate salt, oil and sugar (SOS).  Oil, especially olive oil is touted as a health food and after researching it, I realize it isn't.  The only sugar I get now is from dates and maple syrup and I eat those in very tiny amounts.  I don't add any salt to my food at all and there are some things that I buy that have trace amounts but I'm ok with that.

So here is a sample of what I'm eating these days that is healing me.

Breakfast would be overnight oats with blueberries, cinnamon, flax, almonds and homemade almond milk.

Lunch is usually a potato and a giant salad with beans and veggies.

Dinner is usually soup, salad, rice with veggies or brown rice pasta with veggies or potato tacos.

Snacks and desserts are fruits, veggies and hummus, nuts or a smoothie.

My health has improved significantly. My taste buds have adjusted to this new way of eating and food tastes so dang fresh.  I've joined a new yoga studio just around the corner from my house so that is very nice.

To simplify, I'm eating whole fresh foods that are vegan with no oil and no sugar and a tiny bit of salt.  I am not counting calories at all.  I just eat fresh foods with reckless abandon.

Here are some links if you are interested. Warning, you will fall down the rabbit hole of nutritional information.  I will begin to post recipes if you are interested.  I've come up with 2 salad dressings that I really love and are pretty versatile.


Dr. Gregor's Nutritional Facts.Org on YouTube

Well Your World YouTube

Dr. Mcdougall YouTube

There are tons of other sites too, you'll see.  xo


One Day Only

I have been planning to write a review of the Everlane denim but have just been so busy but today they are on sale, something Everlane rarely, if ever does.  Click over here and today ONLY they are $50.  That's $18 off their original price.

I've read enough reviews on these jeans to make me cross-eyed so I was pretty convinced.  Bloggers have compared them to $200 jeans.  I've never spent that much on a pair of jeans so I can't speak to that but I will say I'm impressed with the high waist fit.  They aren't too skinny or too baggy.  All my denim is 2nd hand and most of it is pretty baggy, which is so comfortable but every now and then I need a decent looking pair of jeans and these are it. My exact pair is called the Cheeky Straight Leg Ankle.  I've read all the reviews and most say to size down one size.  I didn't trust that so I ordered both my regular size and one size down and of course the size down fit.😂

Sign up and use my link and I get a $25 credit!

Working on my diet changes post - coming soon!  xo


october wrap up

Hi Loves.  Just a few images from October that never made it to the blog.  Things have been up and down here and so thinking and posting has been difficult.  We've been enjoying the beautiful October days. It's getting dark early so it's been movies on Netflix and early bedtimes.

The last of the summer peaches were delicious.

Old Gucci's on an old rug.

Everything is old here.  But I've been wearing this softer than soft cashmere cardigan with sequin fall leaves on it.  It's got a few moth holes and unexpected for daytime but I don't care.

Kimberly Crest this very AM.

Bought this Victorian silk blouse to wear for the holidays.

Two recent estate sale finds.  The top one is an old Mozart bust for $3.  The second is a painting of a dog dated 1903 for $10.  Super lucky finds.

What's been going on in your corner of the world.  Fill me in because I'm dying to know.  xo

sucker for neutrals

I am a total sucker for neutrals.  I love all things bland 😁.  I do love a good floral or plaid but I'm naturally drawn to camel, white, black and blue. 

I also love old things.  I don't feel right when I'm in a head to toe new outfit.  Something feels off to me.  Right here I'm wearing my new Everlane cashmere sweater (still lusting after this oatmeal one) with a pair of old white painters pants that I bought from a little vintage store downtown.  The old balances out the new somehow. 

I feel the same way about my home.  There has to be a mix of old and a little bit of new.  I miss this living room.  I want to bring it back!  The rug is too small but in my eyes the neutrals are perfection.  How bout you?  Neutrals or all out color?  xo

cleaning tools

I am one of those weirdos that likes to clean but you already knew that.  I also have a friend that owns her own cleaning business so when we get together we like to chat about favorite cleaning products and tools.  She told me about a a duster that she has put in all her employee's kits.  She also surprised me with one of my very own.  I actually waited a few months to even unbox it and try it but OMG, do I love it.  THIS is the exact duster on Amazon. 

I am so surprised by what a good job this duster does.  It is so delicate and effective at the same time.  Most everything in my house is very old and some things are pretty fragile.  This old portrait and frame fall into that category.  Before this duster cleaning it was slow and a little scary because I didn't want to crack the paint or damage the frame.  Now just a gentle swipe and it's dust free.   I'll also say that this isn't for super grimy or greasy surfaces.  Before I began using it, I did a pretty deep clean on all the surfaces I planned to use it on.  Now it's just a weekly maintenance type thing.  The manufacturer recommends just taking it outside and shaking it out.  I did that for awhile but then one day I just filled the sink with a little Laundress Wool & Cashmere detergent and gave it a few swishes and line dried it and it went right back to its original condition.

I no longer have to get a step stool for cleaning the light fixtures. 

It gets into deep crevices like on this ornate mirror. 

It's fabulous on really delicate fabrics like this silk chinoserie screen.  This is so old and fragile just looking at it deteriorates it. But now the gentleness of this duster is perfect for it.

Easily gets anything curved too.

I especially like it on this old wicker table because wiping it down with a cloth would continually remove the old paint. 

It also has a nice, generous size so not a lot of back and forth is needed.

It gets the picture and that tiny space between the frame and moulding all at once.

So if cleaning or not cleaning is your thang, this may be right for you or possibly a gift for the holidays?  I like getting things like this that I would never take the time or money to purchase for myself. 


friday notes

Hello lovelies.  Thank you so so much for all the beautiful thoughts, prayers and wishes you keep on sending us.  It amazes me just how kind you all are.  I'll ask you to keep up the good work:)  I've been having trouble concentrating on writing anything that is going on around here.  I have so many ideas in my head and I know when the time is right I can talk about them.  I have been making a lot of changes in my diet that I want to talk about and of course changing the house up from summer to fall is always fun for me.  Anyway, in the meantime, here are some links that have captured my attention in the last few days.

If wearing chinoserie clothing wasn't your thing, maybe the H&M William Morris collection will be. This one is in my shopping cart.  😊

Prepare yourselves for a gorgeous tour of An elegant Georgian Townhouse and how about its garden?!  gasp.

Larry has been craving waffles lately.  Problem is I didn't have a waffle maker until now.  I'm planning on making these this weekend.


Florals in Fall

I really am sorry to bore you with yet another fashion post and of the same dress.  But I wore this dress through most of the summer and am still wearing it in different ways now so I'm sharing that.  This is my preferred way to wear it now, as a light jacket/duster.   

Ok so here's the news from Larry's scan.  The cancer is not growing!  It's remaining the same and that is with him cutting out taking the oral chemo.  This is fantastic news for him!  He had his 9th chemo on Monday and is doing a lot better this morning.  So we hope this trend will continue and even improve.  You guys have reminded me here and on my Instagram that miracles do happen.  You are right.  I have no idea what our future holds (as does anyone) but today I am feeling pretty darn good.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers, emails, and encouragement.  They are priceless.  PRICELESS!  xoxo

double duty

Now that the temps are cooling off here I couldn't wait to wear this Everlane sweater over a favorite 90's style dress.  For reference I'm 5'5 and weight about 125 lbs.  I ordered a Medium because I wanted a looser fit in this.  I would say it's true to size.

I've been waiting for Everlane to restock this camel colored crew neck. I have one other Everlane cashmere sweater so I know they are soft and quite durable.  I've accidentally washed the old one in the washing machine and it came out beautifully.  So these are not super delicate sweaters.  This new one has been sitting quietly in my closet just waiting to be worn for about 2 months now.  I see that they have new styles and colors and they are all gorgeous.  The oatmeal one is calling me, seriously!

I paired it with my vintage thrift store Gucci loafers ($16) and my Gucci thrifted handbag ($40).

If you use this link I will receive a $25 credit if you make a purchase.  You have to create and account first though.  While you are on their website you can read about their radical transparency using ethical factories and the finest materials and passing that savings on to us.  So whether you use my link or not I hope you pop over and see all the lovely products they offer.

Anyway, happy October to us all.  Today is a big day here, we get the results of Larry's cat scan today which will tell us whether or not all this is working.  He also gets his 9th chemo infusion which is always hard on him.  So lots of acceptance and some anxiety sneaking in.  Have a beautiful, beautiful day.  xo



I love this basic outfit for lots of reasons.  They are pretty much classic pieces and because everything but the sunglasses were found at thrift stores the whole look was under $20.

Yesterday was hot but I still stayed cool yet covered up.

I was running errands, so in and out of the car and I was comfy.

Price breakdown...

Banana Republic blouse - $3 GW
Skirt - $1 bargain bin Sunset Vintage
Cole Hahn Sandals - $8 Assistance League
Handbag - $5 GW

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.  Thank you all for your continued prayers and love.  You are the best.  xoxo



It's that time of year "between" seasons.  Even though the calendar says Fall, the afternoons here are like summer.  So this is what I wear on days like that.  Both feet planted in between seasons. 

Today I'm wearing a vintage cotton blouse from my daughter in law's online shop, Sunset Vintage.  She deals mostly in Victorian era clothing but does venture all the way into the 1990's on occasion. 

I tied it at the waist and paired it with these vintage boys trousers.  The bag is my Gucci that I got years ago from the Ralph Lauren lookalike at a junk shop on the way to Palm Springs.  The mules are from TopShop but sold out.  But I have similar ones on my sidebar if you are interested.  Overall I think it's a great outfit for between seasons.

I want to focus on this between time for the next few posts if that's ok with you.  xo

chinoserie dress

I promise this is my last post on the GP & J Baker for H&M.  Well I can't say you won't see them in upcoming posts but for now I'm done. 😊

This is my favorite piece.  Many of you have already told me you bought it and love it too. I've worn it only with sandals so far but today styled it with booties.

Gosh I've had these Steve Madden booties forever and they are still going strong.  It seems he finally quit making them but These are almost identical.

I love the print, fabric and oversized nature of the dress.  It looks and feels much more expensive than its $35 price tag. 

Btw, I'm not sure you can tell or not but I'm using a remote clicker so I can take my own photos now!  While Larry is resting I can stay busy but close by.  The photos are somewhat blurry and I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong and will work it out soon.

Anyway this concludes my crazy talk re this collection.  Thanks for listening.  xo

Chinoserie Florals

A close up of the colors in this GP & J Baker blouse from H&M.

Every time I put it on it lifts my mood.  The colors and print are so fabulous I really would love to wallpaper my bathroom in this.

The color is off as I'm standing in shade.  The background here looks blue but it is really cream.  But I wanted to show you how voluminous the sleeves are.  The body is too.  I've only worn it tucked in or tied at the waist but with a pair of skinny jeans it would look great un-tucked. 

Anyway I don't mean to overwhelm you with all these posts on this one collection but I know it is selling out and if you like them I'd hate for you to miss out.  Only one more left and it's probably my favorite!  xo

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