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Hello lovelies.  Thank you so so much for all the beautiful thoughts, prayers and wishes you keep on sending us.  It amazes me just how kind you all are.  I'll ask you to keep up the good work:)  I've been having trouble concentrating on writing anything that is going on around here.  I have so many ideas in my head and I know when the time is right I can talk about them.  I have been making a lot of changes in my diet that I want to talk about and of course changing the house up from summer to fall is always fun for me.  Anyway, in the meantime, here are some links that have captured my attention in the last few days.

If wearing chinoserie clothing wasn't your thing, maybe the H&M William Morris collection will be. This one is in my shopping cart.  😊

Prepare yourselves for a gorgeous tour of An elegant Georgian Townhouse and how about its garden?!  gasp.

Larry has been craving waffles lately.  Problem is I didn't have a waffle maker until now.  I'm planning on making these this weekend.

Florals in Fall

I really am sorry to bore you with yet another fashion post and of the same dress.  But I wore this dress through most of the summer and am still wearing it in different ways now so I'm sharing that.  This is my preferred way to wear it now, as a light jacket/duster.   

Ok so here's the news from Larry's scan.  The cancer is not growing!  It's remaining the same and that is with him cutting out taking the oral chemo.  This is fantastic news for him!  He had his 9th chemo on Monday and is doing a lot better this morning.  So we hope this trend will continue and even improve.  You guys have reminded me here and on my Instagram that miracles do happen.  You are right.  I have no idea what our future holds (as does anyone) but today I am feeling pretty darn good.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers, emails, and encouragement.  They are priceless.  PRICELESS!  xoxo

double duty

Now that the temps are cooling off here I couldn't wait to wear this Everlane sweater over a favorite 90's style dress.  For reference I'm 5'5 and weight about 125 lbs.  I ordered a Medium because I wanted a looser fit in this.  I would say it's true to size.

I've been waiting for Everlane to restock this camel colored crew neck. I have one other Everlane cashmere sweater so I know they are soft and quite durable.  I've accidentally washed the old one in the washing machine and it came out beautifully.  So these are not super delicate sweaters.  This new one has been sitting quietly in my closet just waiting to be worn for about 2 months now.  I see that they have new styles and colors and they are all gorgeous.  The oatmeal one is calling me, seriously!

I paired it with my vintage thrift store Gucci loafers ($16) and my Gucci thrifted handbag ($40).

If you use this link I will receive a $25 credit if you make a purchase.  You have to create and account first though.  While you are on their website you can read about their radical transparency using ethical factories and the finest materials and passing that savings on to us.  So whether you use my link or not I hope you pop over and see all the lovely products they offer.

Anyway, happy October to us all.  Today is a big day here, we get the results of Larry's cat scan today which will tell us whether or not all this is working.  He also gets his 9th chemo infusion which is always hard on him.  So lots of acceptance and some anxiety sneaking in.  Have a beautiful, beautiful day.  xo


I love this basic outfit for lots of reasons.  They are pretty much classic pieces and because everything but the sunglasses were found at thrift stores the whole look was under $20.

Yesterday was hot but I still stayed cool yet covered up.

I was running errands, so in and out of the car and I was comfy.

Price breakdown...

Banana Republic blouse - $3 GW
Skirt - $1 bargain bin Sunset Vintage
Cole Hahn Sandals - $8 Assistance League
Handbag - $5 GW

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.  Thank you all for your continued prayers and love.  You are the best.  xoxo


It's that time of year "between" seasons.  Even though the calendar says Fall, the afternoons here are like summer.  So this is what I wear on days like that.  Both feet planted in between seasons. 

Today I'm wearing a vintage cotton blouse from my daughter in law's online shop, Sunset Vintage.  She deals mostly in Victorian era clothing but does venture all the way into the 1990's on occasion. 

I tied it at the waist and paired it with these vintage boys trousers.  The bag is my Gucci that I got years ago from the Ralph Lauren lookalike at a junk shop on the way to Palm Springs.  The mules are from TopShop but sold out.  But I have similar ones on my sidebar if you are interested.  Overall I think it's a great outfit for between seasons.

I want to focus on this between time for the next few posts if that's ok with you.  xo
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