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This photo shoot was quite different from the Country Living photo shoot back in 2015.  Actually it couldn't be more different.  The first big difference is there was no stylist.  So what you see is exactly how my house looks all the time, prob not quite as clean tho.  😊 Not a single prop was brought in.  I think this photo is so beautiful.

The second difference is that it was shot in one day vs five days with Country Living.  What a relief.  The photographer Bret Gum was v kind and just went to work and got it done.  I so appreciated that.

Oh my goodness another favorite.

I never shoot my kitchen from this angle and I quite like it.  You really see the age of the table.

And I just love my pantry.  This is how it looks, simple and fresh.

Gosh I love my little porch too.

I can't express just how much you all mean to me.  I never once thought one day this little house would be shared with thousands of people throughout the world.  Thank you guys so much for each and every comment you've ever left here.  Some days I just pick an old page and read your comments and am floored by your kindness.  I cry reading them.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  xo janet

dear reader


In July, the magazine Cottages and Bungalows came to visit my home.  They took a bunch of photos and they will be published sometime next year.  I wanted to share the photos I took that very day.  I have to say this is the loveliest my home has ever looked.  I've come to learn that the greatest luxury of my home is its small size.  Dear reader, I do hope you enjoy.  xo


Hello sweet friends.  I'm writing because a few of you have reached out expressing concern for me.  I'm still here.  The word still seems to be my word these days.  This month will be 3 years since Larry died.  Just typing that gives me chills...still.

For forty years it was we.  Getting used to that stillness takes some getting used to.  Anderson Cooper's voice reporting the evening news is comforting. It's really not what he says it's just the voice.   Little rituals seem very important to me now.  I like being in before it gets dark.  Opening and closing the drapes at just the right time each day.  Certain lights on at certain times.  Small patterns keep me grounded.  I can't explain it but that's how I am now.  As a child I always liked being alone so I think that is in my blood and my saving grace.  I have several widow friends and they are unbearably lonely.  I don't feel lonely but I am aware that I am alone so there is that.  Maybe that'll pass one day?  

There are heartbreaking times for sure.  Watching my young grandchildren play and knowing they will never know him can be gut-wrenching.  I'm glad my older grandaughter has lots of memories of him.  

I hope this did not sound morose because I am surrounded by a loving family and many friends.  I feel very loved.  Thank you as always because without you this blog would never have been anything.  Do you know that over 10M people have read this blog?  23K just last month. 

So the world does goes on.  xo



Hello sweet friends.  The other day I posted this photo and IG and it got a lot of attention.  Lots of people private messaged me as well as left comments so I thought I'd post it here too.  It pretty much sums up the way I've been living the last couple of years.  I call it fewer/finer.  I've slowly been decluttering and somehow making this place mine without erasing Larry.  It's a delicate balance.  I know some widows that don't touch anything after their loved one has passed away and I know widows who have sold the house and moved for a fresh start.  I say whatever works for you and brings you any amount of peace is the way to go. 

For me that has meant a slow but deliberate clean out and upgrades here and there.  Btw, July's budget was blown to bits bc of a few upgrades.  But to me overdue and well worth it.  I upgraded my window hardware using Pottery Barn Teen rods.  Their regular range of hardware was a little too big and overwhelming for my room and I love it.  I also purchased their Belgium linen drapes.  I'll leave links below.  These have an ethereal feel allowing light in but giving lots of privacy.  You eagle eyed readers will also notice a new landscape which I adore too.  So small shifts here and there feel good to me.  My home is feeling a little fresher, feminine and above all serene.  xo

PB Teen drapery rods

PB Belgium linen drape White

how i'm trying to save money in july


Hi dear friends.  I thought I'd talk a little about saving money in July.  As our summer temps go up so do the utility bills.  The garden demands more water and I demand more interior coolness.  

In my last post I told you about the thick triple lined Ethan Allen drapes I purchased and they have helped so much.  I pretty much keep them closed once the sun moves around to that part of the house.  But luckily my entry and living room get early morning sun so I can keep the drapes opened here for most of the day which I love bc I like bright interiors.  They make me happy.

I was able to get these gorgeous pink hydrangeas from a friends garden.  Gosh they are beautiful.

I've been trying many different methods of saving water in the garden,watering in the morning vs the evening.  I've been hand washing my dishes and saving the rinse water and can use that in all my pots outside.  I have no idea if this will make much of a dent in the water bill but I feel good trying.  I also have cut way back on cooking anything.  I don't know what is happening to me but I dread cooking these days.  So overnight oats and various salads are what I've been eating.  Also lots of cold water with lemon and orange slices.  I notice overall I'm driving less and just doing less.  I think it's leftover covid isolation.  I'm not hating it.  I'd love to hear how you are saving this month.  Any tips in the comments would be wonderful! x

ps - and what are you guys eating?

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