Everlane alpaca sweater

Hello dear friends.  Just a quick post to let you know that today only if you purchase one of Everlane's softer than air Alpaca Crew knit sweater they will give you $10 off a future purchase.  The sweater is slightly oversized which I love.  It's incredibly soft and cozy.  Perfect for cold days.  I got my usual size small and it has just the perfect slouchy fit.  I chose the color almond because it goes with everything in my closet.

I am still struggling getting over this darn sickness.  I went back to the doctor on Tuesday and she informed me that I have a virus on top of the strep throat.  I have so little energy.  Yesterday it rained all day and I only got dressed to go out and get the mail. 

I am feeling a bit better this morning so I hope to be in better shape soon!  How are all you guys doing?  Staying well I hope. x

Silk Everlane Pajamas as Daywear

I told you I was going to style these Everlane silk pj's for daywear!  Although to be honest I plan to wear this whole outfit in the evening to the Redlands Symphony this season so not exactly daywear in this instance.

I apologize if the photo is washed out and you can't see the true pink color but the sun popped out just as I began shooting.  The silk is so luxuriously thick and sturdy I def do not feel as if I'm in pj's.  I also plan to break the set up with levi's and cashmere sweaters to wear in a less fancy way.  How versatile can one set of pajamas get?!  Any comments?  x

Everlane Silk Pajama Review

Hey guys, I survived.  Did you?  Boy it sure is a lot of work but most of it is fun.  The clean-up not so much.  Today I'm reviewing the last item from my gift box from Everlane.

These luxurious silk pj's in this pretty rose pink color are sooooo comfy.  They are not the thin silk I'm used to.  The silk is quite thick and dare I say sturdy, all while being delicate at the same time.  These silk pajamas can only be purchased through my special link!  They cannot be seen on the regular website.  Today there is 2 day free shipping and with every purchase this Black Friday Weekend, Everlane will donate $15 to the OCEANA charity that is helping rid our oceans of plastic.

Watch this space because I plan to style and wear them out in public.  They are completely opaque, have pockets and the bottoms are wide leg cropped.  I want to wear them with black pumps and a big black coat over them!  But today I'm inside doing laundry and putting everything away.  I plan to watch a movie too.

In case you missed it I filmed a little video on Thanksgiving before everyone arrived...x

getting ready

Hello dear friends.  It's 2:45 pm Pacific time here in the USA.  I just thought I'd touch base with you and let you know what I've been doing today.  I have 8 adults and 3 littles coming tomorrow so this is the plan I hatched.  First I cleared the area and brought in a 6 ft folding table and vintage folding chairs.

I thought I may use this old black and cream toile drapery panel. 

I changed my mind and draped the table in a v old RL linen and cotton king sized sheet.  I have had this forever!  Then I layered a RL cream colored tablecloth over it all and brought in some branches and votives.

I added plates and mixed Pottery Barn napkins.

I'm liking it a lot.

I still have tons to do as you know.  But the turkey is brining, the apple pie is made and all the veggies for the stuffing are prepped.  Everyone else is bringing their favorite sides and wines.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and having as relaxed day as possible.  It's such an emotional time.  I'm doing ok though.  One day at a time...x

Everlane Premium cashmere Review

Tucked inside my gift box from Everlane was this limited edition premium cashmere sweater that they asked me to review.  Well I'll start by first saying thank you to Everlane and then to you all for continuing to support me and my blog.  I feel so incredibly blessed.

I've come to look at my Everlane Cashmere Crews as the solid base of my entire Fall and Winter wardrobe.  They are simple, classic, beautiful and elevates everything I pair with them.  This new sweater is no exception but I've never felt cashmere like this. Even my vintage cashmere is not this thick or soft. 

I love this soft Chai color and it has an slightly oversized fit which is quite nice.  Although I normally order a small in their other cashmere, this is a medium and I like it a lot.  There is so much I can do with it.  Skinny jeans and boots or over one of my dresses or just as I have styled it here with old jeans.  It's for those days that require cozy.

I've been under the weather with strep throat, which is so frustrating bc I just got a flu shot last month.  I'm so glad I had prepared these posts last week bc I can't imagine getting out of my pjs today.   I have a lot to prepare for Thanksgiving.  I will be making a turkey for the first time in like 15 years.  Larry's dad is coming which I am thrilled about.  His favorite meal is Thanksgiving and I don't want to disappoint him.  Wish me luck friends.  x
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