vegan or not?

First the outfit and then the vegan issue.  This week I'll be styling these Everlane easy chino's.  This is what I wore yesterday.  Ten minutes prior, I was napping on the sofa. A pair of shoes, handbag and sunglasses and I'm ready to go.  Easy.


So it's high time I cleared up whether I am vegan or not.  People want to know why am I wearing new leather shoes?  So instead of answering all the emails I'll just answer here.  First of all, I'm doing the best I can right now. The stress of the last 2 years is finally setting in.  And that's another post of its own but today lets just chat about being vegan shall we?

Twelve years ago when I started eating a vegan diet I referred to myself as vegan bc that seemed to be what I was but obviously I was not. I wear wool, cashmere, silk and leather shoes.  A true vegan would not do that.  They would not even use 2nd hand leather products or drive a car with leather trim interior.  When I first started I still had a closet full of clothing that did not fit the vegan definition but I kept it all because I wanted to.  When I wanted something I did my best to replace it with a 2nd hand item or if new, something vegan.  But over the last couple of years I loosened my standards and new leather shoes have made their way it into my closet.  It would be easy to blame the stress of the last 2 years on that but I don't want to.  My favorite booties by Madden Girl finally bit the dust so I replaced them with a new leather bootie.  So of the ten or so shoes in my closet, 5 are leather.  The truth is I never was a "real vegan" and I am not now.  I have for 12 years eaten a vegan diet but will now refer to it as just a healthy diet instead bc I don't want to confuse or piss anyone off.  Just want to clear that up and hope this helps.  See you tomorrow.  x

PS - Why don't I answer your burning questions this week also?  Email me or ask in the comments. x

when life is hard & other things

When life gets hard at least I can wear easy pants.  Seriously if I'm having a hard day the only thing that can make it worse is wearing tight, uncomfortable pants and an uncomfortable bra.

These Everlane easy chino pants are extraordinarily comfortable and yet manage to look chic.  I mean I'm basically wearing grandma pants but they are cut perfectly so don't look it. They are just what I need for those days I just can't. Which lately seems like every stinking day.

Plus they have pockets which makes them pretty darn perfect.  Plus plus, Everlane is offering free 2 day shipping on all U.S. orders til 9pm tonight and free express shipping on all international orders of $100 or more.  Early Christmas present to oneself?  I'm planning to wear these for one week straight and report back here on just how versatile they are.  Consider this look day #1. 

Moving on...

Reasons not to Travel - "Simple things aid my recovery:  my own bed, friends, familiar faces, places and of course my loving and loyal cat.  I have none of these when I travel."

I'm pretty sure I've shared this historical home before but I look at it often.  It's in the top ten list of beautiful homes I keep in my head.

And if by chance, you missed out on the H&M release last year of the GP&J Baker collection blouse I'm wearing, and are still kicking yourself, there is this to the rescue.  I'm stopped everytime I wear something from that collection and asked where I got it.

And i get this.


these boots are made for walkin

Hi, me again.  Are you sick of me yet?!  I am.  Anyway, today I want to share with you these fabulous Boss Boots in Snake from Everlane that are made in this factory in Italy with only 20 employees.  I love that about them.  Everlane generously gave me these boots and the sweater I'm wearing to share with the world.

I unintentionally styled this whole shebang and look, I match the room.  But seriously, in the words of Nancy Sinatra, these boots are made for walkin (just try and get that song out of your head today).  I was 9 when that song was number 1 on the billboard charts.  I remember my oldest sister had the 45 and she played it non stop.

The sweater, which is made from recycled cashmere and wool is not yet available but Here is a page full of gorgeous sweaters.

The boots are just badass and I can't do anything about it.  They just are.  Everything I put with them just looks better.   They fit true to size and the block heel is one of the secrets to their comfort.  I don't know exactly why their boots fit so well but maybe it's because they are made so well!

So tell me all the important stuff, do you remember Nancy Sinatra?  Do you love these boots?  Does your wardrobe match your decor?  x

caring for cashmere

I have slowly, over the years acquired a variety of cashmere sweaters.  Some thrifted and some from Everlane.  My thrifted cashmere is v. old and fragile whereas my Everlane sweaters are new and quite durable.  Some of the things I can do with an Everlane cashmere sweater I'd never do to an old one and that's an important distinction.

With my vintage cashmere I gently wash it in a sink of cool water and gingerly dry it making sure to not pull too much on it bc that can break the fibers where they are weakest.  All my vintage cashmere has moth holes in it.  Most of the holes I can repair but some I cannot.  I wear it anyway.

While I find caring for all my things v comforting and soothing, This method of handling my new Everlane cashmere was making me nervous bc new cashmere is quite an investment.  But one day I made what I thought was a big mistake and instead turned out to be a happy accident.

One day I was gathering my laundry and I accidentally scooped up a cashmere sweater with it and tossed it all into the wash.  While I was at work, Larry tossed it all into the dryer at normal heat for 50 minutes!  The next morning I pulled the laundry out of the dryer and there it was, my new Everlane  cashmere sweater in absolutely perfect condition.  Actually, it was a tiny bit smaller a little softer.  I couldn't believe it.  Everlane cashmere is so good!

My sweater care kit

Since then my new method of caring for cashmere is a mix of the old and new ways.  First of all I only wash my sweaters once a season.  I always wear an undershirt or camisole to protect it from me sweating.  In addition to that, in between wears it gets sprayed with The Laundress Wool & Cashmere spray.  If the weather is nice I will put it out on the line to air out.  Second, I wash them in the washing machine on the normal but short/cold setting with The Laundress Wool and Cashmere Shampoo.  I love this product because it has oils in it that protect the fibers.  Now when I remove it from the washing machine I can make the call as to whether I will hang it to dry or put it through the dryer.  I almost always line dry but there has been an occasion or two where I did use the dryer and again they came out perfect.

During the summer I invested in The Laundress Zip Canvas Storage Bag to protect the sweaters when they are stored away. So far so good and I'm so looking forward to wearing them all soon.  Happy washing.  x

fall & everlane day boots

Good morning lovelies. I've been waiting forever to tell you about these Everlane Day Boot in Ecru.  Larry bought them for me for my birthday last year.  And by bought them for me I mean I picked them out and he paid for them:).

I'm also wearing my Who What Wear tee.  Believe it or not they are still making them (or v similar) right here at Target. The jeans are from Everlane too.  I don't know how they do it but they make my legs look long, which they are not!

The boots are incredibly soft and luxurious and almost (almost) feel like I don't deserve them.  I love the color bc they are not bright white, much more neutral which I love.  They go with everything  and are like walking on air.  So glad the temps will be cooling bc I will be wearing the heck out of these.   Larry would have approved.  x

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