Historic on Highland Part 2


Oh My Gosh hello everyone.  How was your Thanksgiving?  I'm sorry I've not written here in awhile but to be honest writing here is so challenging.  Blogger if you are listening, which I know you are not...what have you done?  It is a miracle today that I've gotten these photos to post correctly.  There is one photo below that I cannot remove so you'll just have to see it.  lol.  Anyway stop complaining Janet and show everyone Mary's house.  If you go back one post you will see her dining room which was the first room we did way back in May possibly?  So the above image is what her entry looks like now.  We added the leopard runner and small side table and mirror.  In person it is drop dead.  Seriously just killer.

Before.  Just a little dull.

I swear that mirror is not crooked.  I'm guessing I am?  But you can see the dining room is to the right of the entry for reference.

This is the view to the left of the entry.  Just beyond is a gorgeous sun room which I'll get to later.

This is a photo of the living room before.  This was the first day I saw the house.  Mary's office is at the back there and I'll get to that later too.  Mary had just moved here and her last house was farmhouse/boho style.  It just didn't fit here and so slowly but surely we replaced everything with classic furniture more fitting of the house.  Almost everything we used is 2nd hand which you know I love.

When I look at this photo I want to cry with happiness.  This house is so incredibly beautiful it takes my breath away.  Other than the sofa every last thing in this room we scavenged, scrounged, begged, borrowed or stole.  We din't steal anything but I am sorta dramatic.

Before photo.  We kept her Restoration Hardware Sofa

We found these vintage Audubon prints that are perfect.  All art in the house is hung with chain from the original picture moulding.

This is the photo I could not remove.  Ugh

Before.  This is viewing the room from the opposite side of the room.

After.  Mary had these Ikea shelves that were black and we (she) spray painted them gold and put little finials at the corners.  

This is perhaps my favorite room.  I don't have a good photo of the before but we added this Schumacher Zanzibar wallpaper in Sand and OMG.  This is her office and I don't know how she gets anything done in here.

Some of you may recognize my old wicker desk in its new home.  We found the chandelier at an estate sale.

I don't have any before pictures of the sunroom but we found this vintage set of wicker at an estate sale and lots of pretty little things and dang it's beautiful.

Thanks for hanging in there waiting for me to finish.  I just finished the little study/tv room but I don't have any befores and my afters didn't come out so great but I will keep trying.  It's a bloody miracle this is getting posted today.  I seriously don't know how to continue here.  I know I'm not the only one with these issues.  Maybe I'll have to just do IG?  I don't know.  BUT I so hope you enjoyed this post.  It was such a pleasure working with Mary and her gorgeous lovely family.  I actually feel part of her family now bc I've spent so much time there.  They are probably sick of me!  Part of me is sad that the job is finished and part of me is overjoyed that it is.  It was a labor or love as they say.  I've never considered myself a decorator - more of a collector but whatever I am it was fun.  x


Historic on Highland Avenue


I posted this dining room yesterday on my instagram and thought I'd post here too and tell you a little about the project that is just about wrapping up.  This is my friend Mary's home.  I had mentioned some months back that she had purchased this home and really never dreamed I'd be hired to decorate it.  What an honor and joy to work on this beautiful historic home just a short walk away.  Except for the kids bedrooms and the kitchen and baths which were already done, I wound up working on all the rooms. 


I started working on the house in earnest around June 1st. I'm so thrilled with the results.  I will post soon on the rest of the house and I promise you will love it.  It's such a beautiful home all on its own.  So many original details still intact, you can tell it has been in loving hands throughout its history.

So a little about this dining room.  Mary was living in a tract home here in Redlands prior to this purchase and her style was Farmhouse with a little Boho on the side.  We slowly but surely transitioned it into a fresh, chic traditional look.  

This was the room I started with.  It's directly off the entry to the right and I knew the minute I saw it what wallpaper to choose.  This is Ralph Lauren Marlowe in the Mother of Pearl colorway and it is drop dead gorgeous in person.  I mean it literally makes you gasp a little.  The chandelier was found at a local antique store.  We kept the huge table and added a couple of Louis chairs.  I believe we found the rug at Lowes of all places.  They use this dining room every single day as it is right off the kitchen.  

I can't tell you the paint color because the house was freshly painted before they moved in.  It's a soft creamy off-white.  This room set the tone for the rest of the house so stay tuned to see the rest.

Just a side note...Blogger, omg Blogger what have you done to the original layout/publishing?  I for the life of me cannot figure out why they change things so often and make things so difficult.  Removing a photo used to be a simple click and now it's a 3 part situation.  I'm trying to re-learn and that makes it even more difficult to blog.  Please forgive any errors you may see...I'm working on it!

So what do you think?  Do you like?  Tell me everything!  xo


August notes

Well now hello my loves.  Here I am so far behind with this blog and all the generous comments.  I've tried a zillion times to write and or answer emails and comments and even letters.  When I try I feel overwhelmed and exhausted.  Exhausted from my situation and from Covid.  Maybe you can relate?  There were several v touching comments that blogger won't let me respond too.  I think when your blog falls into a state of inactivity things happen to it.  I get the worst spam comments you can imagine.  Horrible x-rated ones that I have to delete and then wonderful ones that I can't comment on.  My fonts get changed and overall it's a pain and so I tend to give up and walk away.  So today I'll just talk about what I've been up to.

I am well.  I was exposed to the virus and had symptoms myself for about 10 days but my test came back negative.  I isolated for 2 weeks and am fine now.  So there is that.  Also, do you remember awhile back I told you a friend of mine had purchased a big beautiful historical home just down the road from me?  Well I'm decorating it!  It has not been easy with shutdowns and slow shipping but it's coming along and I hope one day to be able to share it here.  In the meantime you can see a few changes I've made around here.  I painted the armoire because of these chinoserie panels I found.  I still cannot believe I found them and they are mine!  I adore them.

Because of that decorating job I've wound up making changes here.  For instance she has a small office and my antique wicker desk was perfect for her.  I sold it to her and that started the ball rolling.  I came across this lovely french table that is perfect for the space.  The truth is I've been looking for a table like this since the day we moved in.  The chairs are reproductions but I love them too.

The garden is getting scorched as usual this time of year but it still is my refuge and don't know what I'd do without it.  It has kept me on a routine that I need right now.  As you know I don't have sprinklers so it's a big job just keeping it alive in the heat.

Is anyone doing Zoom?  I am and it has been a lifesaver for me.  I resisted at first but glad I gave in.  I feel like I'm rambling and not making much sense so I'll end and I will really really try to get back into the routing of writing. Thank you so so much for your continuing support and love you send me.  I don't deserve it. x

hello july

Hello dear friends.  It's been so long since I've written I've forgotten how blogger works.  I just wanted to pop in to let you know I'm ok.  Thank you so much for all your emails and private messages.  I'm overwhelmed by your love, concern and support.  I'm sorry if I have not responded but I haven't been online much at all.  I hope you are all ok too.  Times are so unsettling right?  Not much is happening here except my inability to write here.  I guess I just need time.  In fact I don't quite know what to do with the blog but for now I'll let it be.  As you see in the photo I've hung the old Pottery Barn Nob Hill drapes and actually purchased a few new things for the house.  Again stay safe and thank you so much for all your kindnesses.  x



I haven't ventured out past my doorway very much.  Of course the grocery store about every 2 weeks for myself and Father-in-Law.  Everlane had given me these beautiful mules last month and I've barely worn them.  But they are quite chic.

The garden never fails to delight me.  All the usual suspects are here for the Spring.  It's a continuing source of peace in my life. 

I apologize if I have not answered your emails.  I cannot say I'm too busy can I?  I honestly don't have a good answer.  Maybe I can answer most questions here.  Like what am I watching on TV?

On HBO...

My Brilliant Friend  Hands down the best thing I've watched

Curb I Adore Leon

Veep Never gets old and so timely

on Netflix...

Afterlife - Which is both sad and good to me

Ozark - The whole thing baffles but I keep watching

#BlackAF - Very funny and smart

What have I been eating?  Too much of everything.  Why.  Usually 1 or 2 cookies will do it but lately I want the whole bag. Mostly just the same old thing...oatmeal, salad and veggie burgers.  Sorry I'm not a font of inspiration right now!

Lots of neighborhood walks.  Yoga at home. 

What are you watching?


little things

It's always the little things that make the biggest difference in our lives.  At least that's how it works for me.  Especially in these days of worry.  I remind myself daily that I'm ok, I'm ok.  Because the truth is I am. 

Beauty is good for the soul.  I read that somewhere this week and I believe it with all my heart.  I've started re-growing romaine lettuce in a sunny window.  How sweet is this?  I read you can re-grow up to 3 times but after that the leaves will become bitter.  I'll report back.

I also read that if you separate your bananas they will last longer.  They seem to, maybe by 3 or 4 days which is nice.

I've been taking stock of all my food and other essential items as I'm sure most of you have.  I have enough.

This old house has kept me on my toes.  This is my basement that has flooded so many times this year I've lost track.  A neighbor let me borrow his industrial water vac which has been a lifesaver.  This was a task that Larry took care of and I'm finding I'm capable too.  It's a pain in the royal ass though.  I also fixed a broken toilet last month.  It was quite a job but I did it.

And last week I was on top of the roof cleaning rain gutters when I spied this spot on the house.  It's the original shingles with their very first coat of paint which is a soft white.  I was so thrilled to find this that I forgot for a minute that I really probably most likely should not be on the roof.  I've always wanted to paint this house white.  Maybe one day it will be...

So what little things have you guys been up to.  Anyone out there living alone?  It is a new experience for me to be this alone.  I'm not hating it.  x

Bloomist Antique Roses

Roses generously gifted from Bloomist

Hello Loves.  Today I interrupt the Covid-19 crises with a sigh of Spring.  How are you all holding up?  It's all so surreal.  The world has been forced to slow down and and just BE.  That of course is the good part of all this.  The rest is heartbreaking.

If you're looking for a tiny distraction this post may be just that.  Bloomist (don't you love that name?) contacted me and sent me a big bunch of their Eco-faux Roses to style.  How lucky am I?!

As most of you know I suffer from horrible seasonal allergies.  They get worse every year.  It kills me that I have a genuine antique rose garden right here just steps from my front door and yet I cannot bring them in the house because of my allergies.  I'm ok tending to them but as soon as they begin to bloom, which will be in a week or so, I am a mess.  

So these beautiful Eco-faux branches are just what a girl like me needs this time of year.  They would be stunning on a round entry table if you have that sort of thing.  They are what I would call a show-stopper.  Just beautiful and no allergy symptoms.

So even though I wish I could bring the real ones in, these are a wonderful substitute and I highly recommend if allergies are an issue.  Even one branch in a vase is gorgeous.  I remember years ago when Oprah said NO fake flowers in the house!  Do you remember that? Lol, well guess what?  I have fake flowers and I'm 100 with that.  xo


How are you all doing?  I'm comfortable in my bolt hole learning new recipes (to me) and enjoying the quiet.  This is a good one as are all her recipes and anecdotes, so timely.  Pasta and Peas

This is also an interesting video on World War 2 Rations which she eats for a week.  Stay til the end because the info is quite surprising.

I love every single word here...The importance of home

and...Comfort in Recluse

Stay sane and healthy. xo



Let's all take a breath shall we.  Like just about everyone else I know I'll be spending a lot of time in my home and garden.  I made a list of productive things to do over the course of the next month or so and it looks something like this...

clean and organize linens
clean and organize wardrobe
clean, organize and take stock of pantry
clean and organize refrigerator and freezer
polish silver
dust things that rarely get dusted
clean out junk drawer
polish shoes
put together a spring wardrobe with existing clothes
wash down pillows and comforters
organize and clean out skincare and makeup collection
weather permitting get outside in the fresh air, garden or walk

We really can live without toilet paper you know.
It's time to make do and mend - pretty much how most of us reading this blog live anyway.  Now is not the time for gluttony and hoarding.  If I take too much off the supermarket shelves then someone else goes without.  Let's be calm about this.  xo

good morning

Hello dear friends.  I was walking out to get my mail the other day and saw this darling little alyssum bud peeping out of a crack in the driveway.  I immediately identified with it.  Although to be honest, I have quite peeped out yet.  I haven't written much lately bc I've not been able to, I'm still in that crack.  I've tried many times but I come up empty.  A few days ago was my wedding anniversary and it threw me for a loop.  I knew it was coming and the anticipation is what did me in.  I began to believe all the thoughts my mind was telling me and well they took me down.  I'm still not sure what I will do with this blog.  As many of you noted the blog was hacked by someone and was asking for your password and again that threw me bc Larry always took care of things like that.  Rachel, a reader here and her sweet husband Carl reached out to me and offered to help me fix it.  It took about an hour but we did it.  That was a huge accomplishment.  So I ask for your patience and hopefully things will sort themselves out soon.

I overheard someone talking the other day and she said "I didn't get any of the big things in life I wanted but I got enough small things to sustain me."  I get that.




The other day I was minding my own business wasting time on the internet when an ad caught my eye.  Ads catch my eyes all the time but rarely do I click on.  This time I did.

It is a company called Bloomist and they make ecofaux botanicals. 

You may be thinking why would I want faux botanicals in my house when I have a real antique rose garden outside my door?

The answer is allergies.  For the last several years I can cut my roses, arrange them, photograph them and then promptly put them on the porch or give them away.

The photos look so beautiful that I decided to spend $34 and try a tall branch.  So glad I did because it is lovely.  I put a couple of dead branches in with the faux one and it looks even more real.

I reached out to Bloomist and they sent me a code you can use if you want to shower yourself this Valentines Day.  I probably will do that too.

JANET15 will get you 15% off your first order
JANET25 will get you 25% off $100 or more purchase

One time use only - expires 2/29


my decorating budget

Let's face it, at my age I never have to buy another piece of clothing or home decor for the rest of my life and I'd be ok.  But I'm a sucker for beautiful things!

These days things seem to come to me.  I don't even go looking!  My daughter in law recently went to an estate sale and bought me this statue thinking it was a Virgin Mary.  It's quite old, the estate dealer thought from the 1940's but I think it may be older.  It isn't a Virgin Mary but a St. Theresa (which is my oldest sisters name) who is the Patron Saint of Gardeners and she is a Carmelite Nun (which is the order of Nun's that helped raise me).  So to say this is a special piece is an understatment. 

I would have to say my decor budget is like zero unless I come upon something rare and so special.  This was $10.  There are several on Etsy that run over $300.  That's just how things go when it comes to 2nd hand estate sale shopping.

What is your decor budget like?  I'm so curious to know! x

my food budget

Since beauty and eating are so closely tied in my life I thought I'd go over what my food budget is now that I'm alone.

I spend on average, $30 a week for groceries.  I usually go to the markets about every 2 weeks.  I rely on beans, rice, oats and fill in with lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  It's an easy way to eat and very easy on my budget.  For some reason I do not get bored with it.

My typical breakfast of overnight oats, berries and almonds.

I love sandwiches like this.  Ezekiel bread with hummus, arugula and radishes from the garden.

At the end of summer I cut back all the basil and pureed it with a little water and freeze.  Now all winter long I can drop one of these in a pot of tomatoes for a taste of summer.

It's pretty simple and an uncomplicated way to eat.  I hope you find some inspiration here. x

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