It's been cold down here in my little neck of the woods.  Waking up to 30 degrees is so unlike Southern California but I'm not complaining because I get to wear my coats!  I love coats, especially vintage ones because 1. they are cheap 2. they are affordable and 3. the fabric and workmanship are amazing.

I've belted this beautiful black wool coat with my Gucci vintage belt and I'm loving it.

Look at this gorgeous blue and silver lining!  So chic.

How are you staying warm?  I've provided some links below to help keep you cozy.  x


Forever Wardrobe Part 2

This post is for Andrea who asks how my forever wardrobe is doing.  She wants an update from my original post 3 years ago.

In that post I didn't give specifics as to what I thought would stay but looking at past photos of my closet I can see that some things that I thought would always be with me are now gone.

For instance, this dress that Dani so generously gifted me.  I only wore it twice!  It is a gorgeous silk lined linen dress.  It was quite heavy, too heavy for our warm springs and hot summers.  I contacted Dani and asked if she'd like it back and indeed she did.  She was sure her daughter would love it and she does.  I will note that I still have the leopard sweater, shoes and sunglasses.

Most things that are not with me now are mostly because of size issues.  It isn't so much that I've gained weight as it is that my weight is ummm, redistributing?  lol.  I never even knew that happened when I was a 20 year old.  But it does 😒.

These days you will almost always see me in something comfortable like Levi's.  And I doubt that'll ever change.

I still love the idea of a forever wardrobe but I'm now thinking it's a state of mind.  It's your style more than actual clothing items.  Time passes and our bodies change and there is no shame in that.



Rose Garden Dilemma Part 2

Thank you all for your wonderful advice, it was very much appreciated.  I thought I'd address all the comments in one post.

Several of you suggested that I move the roses to a sunnier location within my garden but that place does not exist.  I could find homes for maybe 4 of them but all the trees on the property are huge and so we are almost always in shade.  Which is great for our hot summers but no so great for sun loving plants.  So moving them is out.

Some suggested I just pull them out and start fresh with plants more suited to the area which is something I've been considering, especially since the drought in California is so bad.

Cutting the tree is not an option with this neighbor, I can certainly cut what is on our side of the fence and we have but it is still not enough.

A few of you had the brilliant idea that I keep the ones going that thrive there and either remove or just under plant them with things that work better in that area.  I don't know why I hadn't thought of adding lavender and other pretty dry loving plants there.  I think it could really be pretty if I do that!

I will let nature take its course this spring/summer and see which ones do the best and the ones that are barely hanging on, move to a sunnier location.  I only have room to move a few but this could work.  I really love the idea of adding in other thriving bushes/flowers that could really bring life back into this antique garden.

See why I asked?!  You guys are brilliant and again thank you so much. xo


My Rose Garden Dilemma

My rose garden has been suffering.  When it was originally planted over 100 years ago there was no neighboring property.  It was all orange groves surrounding it.  About 25 years ago the land was subdivided and a large home was built adjacent to my rose garden.  Fences were put up and trees were planted along side them to provide privacy to the new home.  Over time those trees have grown very tall and now during the summer completely cover my roses in shade.  The only decent bloom I get is the first one in spring.  By summertime they only get 3 hours of morning sun resulting in very few and paltry blooms.

When we bought our property the rose garden was just a mess of brambles all connected.  We sorted them out, pruned, fed and watered the daylights out of them.  The garden miraculously came alive and produced blooms like the ones above.  Over the last 10 years that we have lived here the trees have grown and produce even more shade and now I don't know what to do.

There were about 85 when we started and now there are approximately 40.  What to do, what to do? 

There is no way the neighbor will cut the trees down or even cut them back so that is out of the question.  This rose garden was such a showstopper producing the most beautiful blooms and the scent! So do I keep it going just for the spring bloom?

Any suggestions welcome.  xo


A few of you have asked me about my meditation practice so I thought I would share exactly what I'm doing.

I'm using a simple technique that you can google and find out more in depth information about if you care to.  It's called Present Moment Meditation.  I have found it to be a wonderful tool to use in creating more peace and serenity in my life.

I do it twice a day for 15-20 minutes per session.  Early morning is easy because you can just sit up in bed and begin the day with a meditation session.  I usually repeat the session in the early afternoon when the house is quiet. 

This is my method...

1.  I sit up comfortably either in bed or in a soft chair.  It's recommended that you sit up because you can easily fall asleep and that's not the goal.  You want to quiet your mind while keeping the body somewhat engaged.

2.  I take 2 or 3 deep breaths and close my eyes.  Then I begin to focus on the feelings and sounds around me.  I feel the softness of the blankets or chair or how my clothing feels on my shoulders, etc.  Then I begin to notice the sounds in the room.  It could be a far off train or birds chirping, etc.  The idea is to bring your entire focus to the present moment and turn off your thinking. 

3.  I will notice thoughts coming in and going out.  If I get a repeated thought then after the meditation I will journal about that thought for just a minute or 2 and that helps take the power out of it.  I will also add that some days are better than others but it's important to not judge them as good or bad days.  It's just the way I am that day. 

This has been a lovely addition to my days.  It has slowed me down and I didn't even think I was going that fast.  I have found myself extending it throughout the day, like when I'm washing dishes or especially when I'm either walking or working in the garden.  It becomes more of a moving Present Moment Meditation.

In the beginning I found it hard to sit for 5 minutes let alone 20 but as I kept with it, it became easier.  Now I crave those peaceful moments of the day.  My advice would be to start slow and build because it is so worth it.  Do you meditate?




Miracles do happen, I was up and dressed yesterday!  We are having spectacular weather here in Southern California, like warm spring weather with the clearest blue skies you can imagine.  Since I'm a native Californian I respond v well to warm sunshine.  I was able to slip into this little midi dress from American Apparel.

It is on sale right now for...are you ready?  $12.  It's currently 60% off.  It's such a plain, basic tshirt dress but I love it and feel like convincing you too. First of all it's made from 100% fine jersey cotton.  It's long, has 3/4 length sleeves, it's roomy.  You can belt it high like I've done here with my vintage Gucci or low, in the middle or not at all.  The only thing it is lacking is pockets.

I plan to style the daylights out of it all spring and summer.  I don't know about you but I love a dress like this.  Everything they sell these days seems to be too short or too low cut.  And I know when the heat wave hits every summer I can just slip this on and poof, effortlessly chic.  If black isn't your thang it comes in several colors.  I wash mine in cold water and line dry it.  😻

What have you been up to lately?

February Goals

Edited Note.  I wrote this around January 5th and I never published it because the Flu from Hell.  I'm still dragging and I'm not even kidding.  I should write a whole post on the misery and what worked and what didn't.  But the short of it is nothing worked except time.  If you have not had this flu yet stay safe out there.  So here is the original post...

Hello 2018 and welcome to my monthly goal post.  This is where I list about 5 things that I'd like to get accomplished in this 30 days lying in front of me.  I started it a few months back and have been amazed at what I've been getting done.

Little nagging things and much bigger things are getting done.  I'm loving it crazy.

Goal #1 - Take really good care of myself.  I'm still not 100% over the cold/flu thing that started at Christmas, then caught the flu.  It keeps lingering and I'm so done with it.  I'm doing every single thing I can think of including rest and tons of fluids, homemade soups and vitamin rich smoothies.  So I want to keep at it until it is finito.

Goal #2 - Figure out my lack of bathroom storage.  I have several ideas in my head but I really want to get this done.  I don't need a lot but any little bit would be so nice.  Any tips v much welcomed!

Goal #3 - Prune all the roses, dig new wells and feed them.  This is a job that needs to get done asap.  I just don't have the energy for it and L is sick now so I may have to hire someone - but I don't want to.  Once I get started I actually love doing it so I will be a bit more patient and wait for some energy to show up.

Goal #4 - I always like to include at least one area of the house that needs a declutter.  I'm thinking the pantry.  I'll keep you posted.

Goal #5 - About 2 months ago I started a twice daily meditation practice and I love it.  Getting sick and the holidays somewhat derailed it and so that really should be #1 on my list bc the benefits are amazing.  20 minutes 2 x's a day and I can feel myself slowing way down and sleeping so much better.

So nothing on this list has gotten done.  I have to laugh at goal #1.
It's funny how these lists of 5 things seemed like nothing last month and when I read them now, I'm like nope, that is not getting done.  I think I will just pretend January did not exist and just get through this month.

How about you, have you escaped the flu?


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