The last two coherent words she spoke were..."I'm unstoppable."  This from a group email her daughter sent out on Wednesday morning a few hours after Melinda left us. Never in my life have I met anyone quite like Melinda.  Her energy and positive spirit kept stage IV ovarian cancer at bay for almost 6 years.  She defied doctors, nurses and modern medicine. She was a living lesson on how to live fully present and in the now. I know she reached out to a few readers of this blog who had cancer or who had friends that did.  That was her way, always caring, a friend to everyone and always with her big smile. I've never lost a close friend before and the feeling of emptiness is immense and unexplainable.  I don't know how to act or what to say all I know is that I miss her so much.  x

who what wear target collection

Who What Wear is the only fashion site I bother with.  Founded by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power in 2006, these 2 ladies have turned what started out as a blog into a multi-million dollar enterprise. I love the site because it's easy to read and has equal amounts of high-end fashion and fashion more suited for the average working woman.  I couldn't wait to see this collection that they collaborated on with Target.  There really is something for everyone.  Sizes range from 2-24 and nothing is overpriced.  I bought 5 pieces that fit my lifestyle and this what I came up with.

I fell in love with this pencil skirt because it has such a vintage feel to it.  The blue, black, white and mustard colorway is gorgeous and goes with just about everything.

I love it with my chambray.  If I decide to keep it, I'll have to have it hemmed because it's just too long to walk comfortably in.

This is what they call the Birdcage skirt.  So cute and super comfy.  Cute with boots and sweater in the winter and it will be perfect in the summer with a tank top, sandals and straw bag.

I love the linen tee shirts.  I adore the neckline and the sleeve length is absolutely perfect.  They also have a few scarves in the collection.  Although this one is polyester it's still super soft - not stiff at all.

There is so much more to the collection than what is shown here.  If I had more space and money I would have bought more.:)  Have you bought anything yet???  You can see the entire collection right HERE.   

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