blue and white

While I love lots of color combinations, blue and white is probably my favorite.  There is something clean and fresh about it that reminds me of summer.  Right before Country Living came, Melinda and I quickly stitched up a little white canvas slipcover for the ottoman which will surely see lots of barefoot feet this season. You may notice the pre-WWII platters that I recently picked up at a yard sale for $1 each.  As I was leaving the lady in charge shouted out to me, "The platters are good for steak and corn on the cob!"  Gosh I love yard sales.

I really liked the way the room looked and thought CL would too.  Turns out they had their own vision for the room which was fun to watch them put together.  We will all have to wait and see what they came up with....but in the meantime, it's back to blue and white for summer living.

Have a beautiful holiday weekend and be well.  x


country living photo shoot

Hello everyone, long time, right?!  Country Living was here and gone in 4 days and what a 4 days it was.  The above photo is just about half the props that were brought in to shoot the house.  Can you believe that?!  While I'm not allowed to show any interior shots of the house that I took, I can show you this photo of just some of the things that were brought in.  It's apparent they thought my house needed more stuff. :)

I'm not going to lie, when I saw all this I had a slight panic attack.  But no worries, it all worked out. In the end, only a couple of lamps, pillows and other small accessories were used.  Under the guidance of stylist Janna Lufkin, her beautiful assistant Carolyn and the talented and charming photographer Roger Davies, the house looked incredible.  Janna has a sharp eye for style which you can see here on her Pinterest page.  Roger Davies has photographed some of the most beautiful homes in the world.  I am so pleased and humbled that he shot my house.  He is a fellow small home owner and prefers living in a cozy little home too.  Like I said, most of what they brought were pillows, towels and small accessories. They over-buy to be sure they have enough and also so they can play with different ideas.  They used all my stuff in ways I never thought to display it which was so interesting and cool to watch.  They were both great at styling, which by the way has nothing to do with the way you actually live in a house.  It's a very slow process of setting up each shot, getting it just right and then sending it to the editors at CL and getting their approval before moving on to the next shot.  They really have so much patience.

I think you are going to love the way it all comes out but we have to wait all the way til next Spring or Summer before it will be published! 
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