my summer 33

i really wanted to have lots of pictures to go with this post, but i don't.  

 i'm in the last phase now of a year long project that helped me to declutter my wardrobe and in so doing, define my style.  it has been a huge eye-opener for me.  i no longer aimlessly walk the aisles of stores looking for random pieces of clothing to buy.  i no longer suffer through a day of wearing the wrong thing.  and i no longer stand in front of my closet shouting that i have nothing to wear.  these are all really great reasons to try project 333.  i will tell you that there is no way i'll ever get my entire wardrobe down to 33 pieces.  well, i shouldn't say never.  but a more realistic goal for me will be to have about 50 items of clothing and then a reasonable assortment of accessories.  this number will vary for each person but for me that is where i think i'm going to end up.  but you never know, right?

so here is my summer list of 33

white levi's
white shorts
white linen skirt
chambray maxi skirt
indigo shorts
khaki skirt
black eyelet skirt
sleeveless linen dress

chambray shirt
white shirt
sleeveless white shirt
red and white picnic shirt
white peasant top
black peasant top
2 silk patterned tops
sailor top
black polo
black tank top

3 pr sandals
copykate bag
navajo bag

2 turquoise cuffs
2 pearl bracelets
2 scarves
2 skinny belts

i hope to get pictures of actual outfits up next week. 
if you have any questions about the project, ask away.  i'll answer them in that post.

in the meantime..

it's really ok to believe you are beautiful.



a fresh start

i have read and re-read every comment left on my last
 post and to say i'm blown away would be an understatement.  i honestly had no idea that anyone cared that much about this mediocre blog.  and while i'm at it i'd like to define what i mean when i use the term mediocre.  to me mediocre means ordinary everyday objects.  this perfectly describes my life, my style, my blog.  i'm just an ordinary person.  i'm not well-travelled or well anything for that matter. 
i like making things like bread from scratch.  building gardens and creating homes with very little.  i love saving money.  i don't like clutter.
i consider myself a vegan even though i do have a handful of animal products in my home.
i will always try to buy leather second hand over newly made in china vinyl products.
i make mistakes all the time and i'm learning new things about myself everyday.
i do strive to be consistent - but i'm far from perfect.

thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words and mostly thank you for reminding me just what it is i love.  the internet if full of outstanding, beautifully written and photographed blogs by very talented people and it's hard not to become envious or feel less than while reading them. your comments and emails remind me to stay true to myself.

this past weekend i was walking past a yardsale and saw this old camping stool.  i fell in love with its simplicity, color and its fifty cent price tag.  i carried it home and it's living here with me now.  my tall black boots are always filthy this time of year so they are on the porch.  oh and you will notice that the white curtains are back in the living room.  change is hard for me.

i hope (key word is hope) to post my project 333 summer list tomorrow.

you are all so lovely - thank you again.



thank you for all your prayers and good wishes for melinda.
the word inspiration gets thrown around blogs a lot.  she truly is an inspiration to me.
i am in awe of her grace and serenity
thank you all again.


i have a lot on my mind right now.  like i'm thinking of going gray.  i'm not fooling anyone with coloring my hair, so why bother?   and i also wanted you to know that i still have not seen the hangover 2 but i did see midnight in paris instead and LOVED it.  i am no longer running in the morning but have returned to my long, fast walk and prefer that.  i never did eat cheese that weekend that i thought i would.  also, i'm thinking that the gardener's cottage has run its course.  next month it will be 2 and lets face it, you've seen every square inch of this place and there really isn't anything else to share here.  there are so many beautiful blogs out there that do a much better job at interiors, cooking and gardening.  i have started another blog that is a pared-down version of this one.  but i have not decided what to do with it yet.
i'll keep you posted.  

i swear this was a crisp outfit when i put it on but by the end of yesterday this is what it looked like.

this is a double rl white shirt that is on loan from alex.  some women borrow their daughters clothing but i borrow my sons.   plus an old gap khaki skirt with some red tennis shoes.

i'm adding 2 T of ground flaxseed to my bread and the texture and taste it adds is amazing.

look what came in the mail yesterday.  i cried when i opened it.  it is the beautiful sketch that patricia van essche drew of my house.  she matted it in black and now i need to find an old bamboo frame for it.
thank you patricia - you are amazing.

a shot of the living room with the toile drapes.

and the bedroom with the white drapes that were in the living room.

i've had this linen duvet cover from pottery barn for years and have never used it before this.

be gentle this weekend.
you never know what people are really going through.




it's flower's in the house monday again over at small but charming.  instead of flowers, i have hayfever.  i've never had hayfever before and i hope i never have it again.  i can't even look at a flower, tree or shrub without sneezing.  so while there is a riot going on outside there are no flowers inside.  but i do have these 2 fake topiaries.  i get a few questions about them now and again so this is a good time to answer.  i got these about 4 years ago at pottery barn.  i walked in the store to look at linens and 10 minutes later i walked out with these.  i had never seen them in a catalog or in the store since.  they were pricey, i think $75 each but i loved them.  they are really well made and it appears to be freeze dried moss and real sticks that make up the base. 



so much to say

here she goes again...

recently while in pasadena at the kate spade store i fell in love with this little straw hat.  i was not crazy about the little sunglass feature, because what do you do if you want to put your real sunglasses there?  but the size and shape were perfect.  it is $75, which i guess is not bad for kate but since i'm cheap clever,  i knew if i was patient i could find something close.

and i did
at target now on sale for $10

i like it even better than the kate hat because this one is crushable/packable and it kinda goes with this.  

the view from the house with the toile drapes is so pretty right now.

do you find yourself sitting and just staring at views in your house and then try to capture them on film and they never come out like you hope?  'tis the story of my life.

this garden is having a party right now

and it should because this is what it looked like when we moved in.

ok, what else?

asparagus is very cheap right now.
add a little white wine to your bechamel sauce and have a party b/c no animals were harmed making this pasta.

also, have you heard about the movie, forks over knives? 
you can watch the trailer here.
eat plants and be healthy!
esp. important to watch if you are new parents

90% wool, 10% cashmere gray herringbone jacket

i'm cleaning out my closet and i'm learning to sell on ebay.  it's so fun, it's like having my own little store.

and because there is nothing i like more than spreading love...

3 new blogs i have recently discovered and cannot get enough of. 
seriously excellent blogs

be sweet to someone this weekend

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