my summer 33

i really wanted to have lots of pictures to go with this post, but i don't.  

 i'm in the last phase now of a year long project that helped me to declutter my wardrobe and in so doing, define my style.  it has been a huge eye-opener for me.  i no longer aimlessly walk the aisles of stores looking for random pieces of clothing to buy.  i no longer suffer through a day of wearing the wrong thing.  and i no longer stand in front of my closet shouting that i have nothing to wear.  these are all really great reasons to try project 333.  i will tell you that there is no way i'll ever get my entire wardrobe down to 33 pieces.  well, i shouldn't say never.  but a more realistic goal for me will be to have about 50 items of clothing and then a reasonable assortment of accessories.  this number will vary for each person but for me that is where i think i'm going to end up.  but you never know, right?

so here is my summer list of 33

white levi's
white shorts
white linen skirt
chambray maxi skirt
indigo shorts
khaki skirt
black eyelet skirt
sleeveless linen dress

chambray shirt
white shirt
sleeveless white shirt
red and white picnic shirt
white peasant top
black peasant top
2 silk patterned tops
sailor top
black polo
black tank top

3 pr sandals
copykate bag
navajo bag

2 turquoise cuffs
2 pearl bracelets
2 scarves
2 skinny belts

i hope to get pictures of actual outfits up next week. 
if you have any questions about the project, ask away.  i'll answer them in that post.

in the meantime..

it's really ok to believe you are beautiful.



  1. I think this is such a fantastic idea.
    Even if I had a massive budget, I couldn't cope with having masses of clothes, it would overwhelm me and I think most of us reach for our favourites time and time again anyway.
    I have two dresses hanging up from last year that still have the tags on them, my challenge now is to buy wearable simple everyday clothes.

    I love the outfit you're wearing!

  2. That you are, that you are. As Tabitha says, above, I'm in the process of elevating my schlub-around gear to just-nice-enough status. And we just don't need all that much. Far great satisfaction in a few well-designed things.

  3. Love hearing about your 33 project. It has made me rethink my own closet. I can't wait to see your pictures. My problems is I hold on to things forever.... You are looking good girl!

  4. I do try to keep things in the same color range so that it is easy to mix and match, especially when we travel. We are off soon on a 10-day trip and I always try to pack as light as possible, with things that won't wrinkle too much or will look great wrinkled. :) When I wear something and think it's just not right, I immediately get rid of it. :) If I get compliments when I wear a certain color, I know it is right for me. Your denim shirt and white shirts look very comfy and summery for sure. Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  5. I love your Project 33 lists and this time is not exception!
    I've toyed with this idea myself and I think my number falls in around 44. Could I do a Project 444? Maybe. I've taken a whole rack of dresses and festive wear out of my regular closet and into a closet in the hallway. This does let me see my most frequent items.
    I couldn't give up my party wear as my big imagination wouldn't let me.
    I am going to go count the items I am bringing to France. I think it falls somewhere between 33 and 44.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. You look like you're 33! Can't wait to see your outfits.

  7. First, you have some gorgeous gams, girl!

    Second, I have been thinking - seriously thinking - about doing 333 with you. But I am scared. Why am I scared? It's just clothes!

    I'm giving it some thought this weekend. And I just may take the plunge. I'll let you know! xo, A

  8. I really love this idea to have a few core pieces and just mix them up. This is one good way to simplify life! Great post!

  9. Janet, I seldom leave a comment.
    Not that I don't think of things to say.........I often think...what is my comment to her?

    After reading the last couple of post, I can see that if everyone thought like might not have decided to continue your blog.

    I am grateful for your blog. I want desperately to downsize my life. We are not in debt. However, I feel like my home is too stuff is too much...and I want the freedom to have less! (my husband doesn't)

    Reading your post gives me a since of what I aspire to! I could look at pictures of your home daily, and never tire. You exude energy, and joy for life! (NOT THINGS) That is not to say you don't get excited about style, and fashion,
    You do! But, with a balance of real life. :) You bring comfort to me. I would miss this blog terribly.

    I have a suggestion about going gray. Go to a nice wig shop. Try on a beautiful gray wig. Bring someone along that can take some pics. (I know everyone here would enjoy them) This will give you a since of how you might feel being gray. :)

    My hair is thinning so, I don't know that I will get to have a nice head of gray hair. :( You have beautiful hair. :)

    Thanks for sharing all the beauty in your life. :)

  10. i've seen a lot of people & bloggers doing the 333. i have to admit that this would be hard for me because it seems like you would have to be doing laundry all the time. right now, i have enough clothes so that i do not have to do laundry but about once a month (i know that sounds crazy, but it's true). i'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

  11. Ok, I will bore you and repeat myself and tell you I think you are the bomb. You are your list of 33 rock.
    You inspire me - once again.

  12. Going from rare to comment, to two in one day!

    I just had another thought about going gray. Photo Shop! Perhaps you, or someone you love has the knowledge to change your hair color to gray with photo shop?

  13. Nice pose! Love the shirt. Very flattering!

  14. I really would like to try this Janet. It is so funny how I shop. When I find an item that I love I tend to want to get one in every color...weird, but when I dress I always gravitate to the same items...probably about 10 things.

    So this could work for me!

    xo kelley

    Where do clothes for working out fit in here? I have 3 pairs of running shoes

  15. I THANK you soo much for introducing project 333 to me - I'm into my 2nd round - now for winter here in Nz.

    "it's really ok to believe you are beautiful."

    I LOVE IT! Thank you

    Love Leanne

  16. i just adore visiting the gardener's cottage!
    i weeded my wardrobe when i retired 5 yrs ago... and never looked back. now i only have in it what i absolutely LOVE. and there are about 50 pieces and that includes all seasons. so easy. so refreshing not to, like you say, stand before it and moan... "i have nothing to wear!" when you love the few ya got... you never worry!
    tammy j

  17. Janet...
    you could write a book about this and I'd buy it.

    While I have pared down I am nowhere near 33 but as things are donated they are not replaced.

    Thank you for leaving us with that quote...

    it's really ok to believe you are beautiful.
    (you truly are!)

  18. I love what you are wearing in the picture. I am really intrigued. I'm not sure I could do 33 items, but anything is possible.
    I want you to know you have been such an inspiration to simplify my life. I picked up the book Less is More at the library this week. Have you read it? After much discussion around our house... living small(er) is looking more appealing. We are taking steps in that direction. I have well over 100 items in the garage waiting to be dropped off at Goodwill.
    Thanks so much for the quote and the inspiration.


  19. And you are so beautiful Janet.
    Classy and elegant. I may be inspired to do something about my closet, instead of staring into the depths of chaos ;)
    So good to see you smiling!
    SF Bay Area

  20. I just had to say thank you for being such an inspiration. Approaching 50, I was floundering trying to figure out where to go with my wardrobe and find "my style". Your lovely writings and photos made me see it was in my power to find the beauty around me and change what I needed to. You introduced me to Project 333 and it has been wonderful! Pared down my closet to only things I love, fit well and go together. This spilled over into other areas of my life and I am really enjoying working to simplify all aspects of my life. How liberating it is!

    Oh, I did decide to stop coloring my hair last year, love, love my new silver strands. My hair is healthier and the look so much softer. But it's such a personal preference, each woman feels different about it, and that's so ok.

    Loved your quote for today!

  21. I will be reading about this later. Paring down is something I have been trying to do. You are cute in your white shorts btw.

  22. JANET,

  23. I love visiting The Gardener's Cottage. You are an inspiration to many of us. Love your look.

  24. And....YOU really are!
    -Suzanne in Illiniois

  25. Talk about a typo--Illiniois? OMG.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  26. Hi Janet ~ I discovered your blog via PVE and I'm sorry it's taken me so long. I adore your idea of editing ones wardrobe to a reasonable number. I have told myself too many times to sit down, cut out styles I love, and then make a list and stick to it. I hate wasting money on clothing that does not get worn. Your list was fantastic! So great your blog is and I look forward to following along. Have a beautiful weekend ~ Deb

  27. Reflecting that 33 articles of clothing really is sufficient. More eco-friendly to pare down. Love that you make it seem doable.
    Xo tera

  28. You have such a great sense of style. You are so inspiring to me. Thanks!

  29. Yay! You decided to stick around, and I am thrilled about it, Janet!
    So, I love your list and am looking forward to seeing pictures. I like that you stuck with some of the same items in your spring wardrobe too. June is the end of three months for me, and I am keeping everything on my Spring list since it all works so well. Guess what? I still have items that I don't wear as often in my closet! I have loved joining you in the 333. Thank for introducing me to the idea!

    P.S. ADORE the little camping stool in your vignette.

  30. I wish you would hop on a plane and help me do this.

    I seem to always wear the same clothes anyway so maybe subconsciously I already do...

    I'm still mulling over the idea that you love to save.

    xo Jane

  31. You are so very inspiring!! ♥

  32. You can never go wrong with the classics! You look great! Looking forward to seeing all the other outfits.

  33. This is a wonderful idea. I am slowly but surely paring down my wardrobe. I don't think I will ever have 33 items (where I live, there are 4 definite seasons with temperature extremes) but it would be nice to get rid of all of the mistakes and things that aren't really me. Nowadays, when I go shopping, I have a very specific list in mind and try not to make impulse purchases. Looking forward to your outfit posts!!

  34. Dear Janet, this is very inspiring, it would be very liberating and make life much simpler if I could have just 33 items, though like you I think 33 is too restrictive, particularly given the vagaries of our mad English weather - today the temp is going to range from 15 to about 24 degrees , tomorrow may be 30 and then next week back to 20... you look super in your

  35. Inspiring....I need to do this same thing! 50 items if including shoes and accessories is reasonable! I like your choices classic and fun. Coming to you from PVE blog...glad your staying in blogland I enjoyed your blog.

  36. Janet, I have cut down on my shopping lately, due to having a bad bad and needing to rest. I am going to continue the less is best approach when I get better.

  37. I love your list and agree with the items, they are similar to what I would choose, however, what about warmer things? do you use the items from winter/spring? do you have winter colour and summer colours? This is my problem, I find I need more seasonal stuff, but I am trying to do it. Thank you for your inspiration.

  38. Being right in the middle of a wardrobe overhaul, your 33 adventure is a tremendous help in staying on course to finding true happiness in what I will actually be keeping and purchasing. Looking forward to seeing your outfits!
    xo J~

  39. Janet - I haven't commented in a while. I've been struggling with the whole blog thing too (I hate that I stress over that it has been (fill in the blank) since I posted last!!) I just have to say, I'm glad that you decided to stick with it. I know I'm not alone when I say that I love reading your blog and how real you keep it. Also wanted to say, for some reason I think this may be my favorite outfit you've posted. I don't know what it is, just love it. : )
    xo Melissa

  40. I just discovered your lovely blog via Patricia at PVE. I hope you keep going with yours, or if necessary, just pause till you can come back. I'm not gonna post so much for a while on mine due to an injury and illness. A blog can really become overwhelming even when things are going well but I am so glad to know such nice people out there from other blogs. The bedroom decor you did below is so beautiful! I love everything about the beautiful bedroom you designed below! I wish you all the best! :)

  41. did you have to enter the word verification thing? i changed my settings for you, so i just want to make sure it worked:) hope you have a wonderful week ahead! xoxo

  42. You look fantastic! :) Less is more :) XO

  43. thanks for visiting, janet. I am kinda blushing. I found you through pve a few days ago and was instantly smitten. I went through every single one of your posts. yep. all of 'em. I adore your blog and look forward to hanging out with you...donna

  44. so very glad you are inspired to continue your blog! the gardener's cottage is a lovely oasis of calm and prettiness that i look forward to sinking into as often as possible.

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama

  45. Dear Janet, I was reading your previous post and really want you to know that you were one of my first inspirations when I started my blog almost two years ago, so, mediocre?? how could it be!!! your style in decor as well as in dressing and cooking will inspire me alwyas!!!!
    sending you lots of hugs my dear

  46. Hi Janet,

    You know how much I love this Project 333, but seeing your list helps me to build mine...because let's face always look fabulous. And may I just say I am beyond jealous that you can wear those white shorts and look so fabulous in them?

    xo annie

  47. I just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog. It's an icon on my iPad so I can check you often. I have started my 33 also, however, that's is so small! But I am taking baby steps. I enjoy you so much!! Blessings from Oklahoma!


kindness is never out of style.

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