Hello sweet friends.  The other day I posted this photo and IG and it got a lot of attention.  Lots of people private messaged me as well as left comments so I thought I'd post it here too.  It pretty much sums up the way I've been living the last couple of years.  I call it fewer/finer.  I've slowly been decluttering and somehow making this place mine without erasing Larry.  It's a delicate balance.  I know some widows that don't touch anything after their loved one has passed away and I know widows who have sold the house and moved for a fresh start.  I say whatever works for you and brings you any amount of peace is the way to go. 

For me that has meant a slow but deliberate clean out and upgrades here and there.  Btw, July's budget was blown to bits bc of a few upgrades.  But to me overdue and well worth it.  I upgraded my window hardware using Pottery Barn Teen rods.  Their regular range of hardware was a little too big and overwhelming for my room and I love it.  I also purchased their Belgium linen drapes.  I'll leave links below.  These have an ethereal feel allowing light in but giving lots of privacy.  You eagle eyed readers will also notice a new landscape which I adore too.  So small shifts here and there feel good to me.  My home is feeling a little fresher, feminine and above all serene.  xo

PB Teen drapery rods

PB Belgium linen drape White

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