cozy knit

This pretty H&M Conscious Collection knit sweater is perfect for a cozy holiday season.  Even if you are not in the cozy mood, it kinda puts you there.  It's made from 50% recycled materials.  H&M has a plan to use 100% recycled materials in all their products by 2030.  So this is a good start as they say.

I love the knit pattern and the neckline hides that neck.

From a strictly style/comfort standpoint,  it is super soft and warm.  I would wear a cami or tee underneath if it were colder.  It goes with so many pieces I already own and the price is $29.  So budget friendly.  x

apple blueberry crisp

I made this apple blueberry crisp from this recipe from The Simple Veganista.  I just swapped blueberries for the cranberries.  I made mine without any oil which is an option she offers.  It was yummy and I do plan to make it for Thanksgiving but will use oil because I'm not heartless.  Either way it's delicious!  Without oil it is a super healthy guiltless dessert!  x

hm florals

So here we are heading into the holidays.  I wish I was feeling better about them.  I know that it really is just another day and not to attach too much meaning to them but...yikes.  Also, it's been 5 years this month since this wedding happened here.  Anyone out there remember this?

Dear reader, I told you I had purchased a few things from H&M and here is one of them.  In my defense...nevermind, I don't have one.  This pretty blouse is $14.99 and feels like Fall.  I think it's pretty and would be perfect for Thanksgiving day.  Take a look at this whole page or beautiful florals.  I'm a fairly new HM shopper so I don't know if they always have these gorgeous prints or if they are just on a roll.  Let me know in the comments ok?  I'll be posting more fashion, food and hopefully something of interest  all month. Wish me luck.  x

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