3 simple holiday looks

Hello there, Today I'm joining a bevy of other bloggers who are posting on holiday outfits.  My goal is to show you 3 easy/minimal holiday outfits.  You don't need these specific pieces as I'm sure you already have a fancy pair of pants that you rarely use and a pretty blouse or 2 that hangs at the back of your closet waiting for that special day.  Today I suggest you pull them out and actually use them this holiday season.


Let's start with this first look. I purchased this blouse from H&M.  I can't believe it is already sold out but THIS one is close.  The color does not come across that well on the website or in my photos but it's less "khaki" and more a delicious olive shade with silky balloon sleeves and the fabric looks much richer than its polyester name.  I believe it was $19.

I've paired it with these 1960s silk champagne trousers from Sunset Vintage.  I promised these pants that I'd wear them this season.  Also these Stubbs & Wootton mules I bought on eBay years ago for $15.  I don't think the person selling them knew the brand.  They are so pretty and I am really fussy about wearing them outside.  I do, but I prefer they be indoor shoes, like a cat.


Same pants (bc I did promise) but paired with this Everlane Clean Silk Tie Blouse that was so generously gifted to me.  The silk is sumptuous and I adore the way it drapes slightly over the shoulders.

I accessorized it with this darling 1950's faux fur jacket that my dear friend Ladelle gave me.  Also, the velvet bow mules from Isaac Mizrahi's first Target collection.  They have survived every clear-out, cleaning and reorganizing of my closet. 👏

It's hard to photograph the bow tie detail on the back so go here and take a looksie.  It's all v Chanel-like.  I ordered my normal size 4 and it's roomy but not baggy so perfect fit.



I've already reviewed this Everlane Clean Silk Relaxed shirt in Rose.  But today I'm wearing it with the silk champagne trousers.  These trousers have survived many a declutter too.  And a promise is a promise.

All of these looks can be easily copied and even swapped out with jeans - which I most def have already done and will continue to do.  I don't buy into all the holiday madness but I do think it's a chance to get out of my daily rut of denim and pretty it up a bit.  I encourage you to give it a try.  Why not?

Please click over to the list of lovely ladies and see what they have to say.  Even Joni is joining us.  So exciting bc she was my v first blog crush.  😍

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PS - I have A LOT more fashion planned for this month so prepare yourselves.



  1. Janet you always look so elegant and you wear vintage so well. I buy most of my clothes on Ebay or Poshmark and most of my jewelry as well. Thank you for reminding me to chuck my jeans and dress it up a little bit. I have to admit I do love my jeans though!! Thanks so much for joining us again. Your posts are always on point.

  2. Gorgeous Janet. Every single look. x

  3. Love the simple elegance of these looks. I miss the resale shop where I could get high quality clothing that was lightly used at a fraction of the original cost. Always happy to see a new post from you.

  4. I love these outfits! I had beautiful off white, lined linen pants that I regretfully got rid of during a closet declutter.
    Your silk pants are beautiful and you look stunning.

  5. Love these outfits Janet. The pants are fabulous what a find.
    You've been influencing me lately so much. I haven't bought much these last months except for some vintage Ralph Lauren and Burberrys. Ebay of course, the jumble sale of the gods as Tabs calls it!
    (Also H&M is doing such a good job with their recycled wool items, I bought a sweater and it's so good.)
    You really show us how to mix in the vintage!!
    Hope you have a lovely day today and YES to more fashion posts pls. xxx

  6. All lovely choices and the shoes really speak to me! I need to up my game in that department!
    Now off to see the other bloggers...enjoy your fashion posts and am glad more are on their way!

  7. Cute as ever Janet. Love those shoes, I always have shoe envy...I would kill myself falling around in those. LOL Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  8. As always, your look is simple, classic & budget friendly...you do have a gift. My favorite is the rose silk shirt with the silk pants. Those pants would make anything look good. I will check out the other blogs soon.

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek
    ...all is grace!

  9. Every outfit is lovely, Janet! The Rose Silk outfit is so soft looking; it might be my favorite, though it's hard to choose. And now to enjoy the rest of the fashion show! xo

  10. I love the promise you made to that silk pant. Good for you and it! You make a great pair. Such pretty, elegant outfits. They really could "go out" nearly any month of the year. I love that about them!

  11. As always you are so chic and elegant, and dare I say it - feminine. You are an inspiration to me, being over 60 and about to finish work, so I have to be careful with every penny. Today I went shopping but came home with nothing, and looked at my existing clothes to see if I could rearrange them into different outfits.

  12. I love your three different looks. You look elegantly styled and ready for the upcoming holidays.

    I wanted to thank you for the link to the apple and blueberry crisp. I made it tonight for a family celebration and it was delicious. My daughter is vegan and I always struggle with a dessert that all of us will enjoy. Thank you.

  13. Oh my goodness, every single look I LOVE. How do you get that vintage, yet modern look done so well? You inspire me so much.

    I think I need to get over my fear of wearing my nice clothes at family get-togethers (like holidays). I tend to wear items that I wouldn't be too upset about being destroyed, like t's and jeans (but elevated with accessories). There are a lot of young children in my extended family and I can't resist holding them and playing with them, I just love it. But I'm always worried because they always seem to be covered in either miscellaneous food, crayons/markers, etc. It takes me forever to find clothing items I like and within my budget.


    1. I love that you wear clothes that are good for hanging out with kids. I do this also with my own kids, so that I can be fully snuggly and not worry about getting cherry juice on my nice top. I change out of my nice work clothes as soon as I get home. I figure, the time is so short that they will want to sit on my lap and smear me with crumbs -- may as well save the fashion for later on.

    2. thank u. my grandkids crawl all over me and my furniture no matter what i'm wearing! lol

  14. I love it all, but the trousers are so perfect! Years ago I made a mistake by giving away several beautiful wardrobe pieces that I hadn't worn for a while, and though I shouldn't regret making donations I wish I'd been less hasty. I had small children, and jeans and khaki skirts - easily washed clean of yucky things - seemed like all I would ever wear for the rest of my life. And it was the height of "don't keep things that don't fit you" - good grief. My body has changed (sort of eerily) every year since I've turned forty, I'm lighter and more fit at 52 than when I delivered my third child at 37, and I would really like to have my pretty pieces to wear again. Sadly I cannot afford to replace them, and I'm not even sure they're really replaceable. At any rate - perhaps investment wardrobe pieces should be looked at exactly that way. Invest, and leave them alone so they will serve for your lifetime. No trading.

  15. All elegant holiday looks Janet! Really love those blouses...all classic pieces you will have for a long time. I have already worn my H&M blouse twice. It's perfect for fall in Southern California.
    You were my 2nd or 3rd blog crush. :o)

  16. It's refreshing the way you actually model and wear the clothes yourself to show them, unlike most bloggers that just throw up pics of stuff with the links. If I wanted that I could just go to the stores' sites.
    I love your house and it's decor by the way. You seem nice!

  17. Wow Janet, what a fantastic pair of trousers you have hidden away in that wardrobe of yours. So versatile and I love the cut and lengt. Classic styling and I am a little head over heels in love with that olive green H&M number - such a shame that store doesn't deliver to where I live, I'd have that blouse in a heartbeat. Hey ho though, there's always my wardrobe to raid!

    You've got some beautiful looks already for the holiday season!
    Hugs, Mary x.

  18. Every looks is fabulous. I wish I had your style/


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