summer bedroom - before it's too late

Hello dear friends.  While the temperatures are still nice and warm here I thought I'd slip in one last summer post of the house before it's too late.  Like everyone else on the planet I love fall but I'm still enjoying every last drop of summer.  So here is what my bedroom and bathroom are looking like right now.

I love these blue and white toile linens that I got from Ikea awhile back.  If you are on a budget, they are dirt cheap.  The duvet cover and 2 pillow shams are $19.

The tiny master bath, so fun to say that.  Impossibly hard to photograph.

Of course I cannot tell you enough what your kind comments and emails have meant to me.  I'm so blown away by your lovely words.  Life is hard and yet at the same time life can be so beautiful.  Lately my walk has not been the easiest but you have made it softer and lighter.  You say it's me that inspires you but really it is the other way around.   So I'm here and hopefully you are still hanging around too.  Much love and peace to you all today and everyday.  xo janet


the viceroy - santa monica california - kelly wearstler

This past weekend we found ourselves in Santa Monica at the beautiful Viceroy Hotel.  We are big fans of the Viceroy Hotel chain.  We've stayed at the Palm Springs location a few times and we've always been impressed with the accommodations, decor, food and value.  Kelly Wearstler is the decorator and just take a look at the stunning lobby restroom.

Here I am again matching the decor. Remember my first trip to the Palm Springs location?  I matched that one too.

I apologize for the lousy pics.  If you enlarge the above one you'll see the gorgeous trellis wallpaper.
The carpet is white, black and green stripes and the chairs are kelly green.  I forgot to take a picture of the bathroom but the entire thing is done in white and gray carrera marble. pretty classy.

The pool area is small but beautiful.  I love the graphite walls and plate hangings.  The furniture is traditional but upholstered in white leatherette which looks so pretty in an outdoor setting.

Here is a roasted carrot salad that was quite tasty.  I'll try to recreate it at home when I can turn my oven on again.

I have missed you guys and I appreciate every comment and email you've sent.  You really are the sweetest people in the world and I consider myself so incredibly lucky to have you in my life.  In regards to my absence, contrary to the pretty pictures I post here, my life is not perfect.  My life has ups and downs just like yours and sometimes I really don't feel like pretending everything is perfect.  In fact, I find that exhausting.  I created this blog as a place for me to document the good in my life.  I was going through a difficult time and needed to focus on positive things and this was a great outlet. I never wanted to air my problems here and yet I find myself increasingly annoyed at blogs that are all too perfect and I realize that I'm doing the same thing.  My blog is over 5 years old now and I've shown every square inch of my house, garden and closet.  I've been on a no shopping spree so I don't have exciting new fall purchases to talk about and I pretty much eat the same things over and over.  I believe I've crossed the line from mediocre into obsolete and I guess that may be the dilemma I'm struggling with.  So wish me luck in sorting this whole thing out.   I really do hope to get my mojo back soon, and again, thank you for caring.  xo

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