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The very last Everlane product in my December box were these Renew Fleece Lounge Sweatpants.  My house is like a meat locker in the winter.  Seriously it's so cold and I just can't run the heater all day long.  So I usually put at least 3 layers on as pants/loungewear which keeps me warm but are not really comfortable and find myself changing clothes multiple times throughout the day esp if I need to run an errand.  I don't know how Everlane managed to make something this thick and snuggly also perfectly suited for lunch with friends.  Anyway, they've been a wonderful addition to my wardrobe and I've been able to ditch about 6 articles of clothing for this one pair.

In other news I have some ideas and questions for you.  One of my ideas would be that you guys could randomly ask questions in the comments and I'd create a post to answer it in detail.  For instance on my IG a dear reader, Allegra has asked that I do a post just on my vintage coats.  I'd love to.  Also, it'd be nice if I knew what topics you particularly like and which ones you don't.  Does the gifting from Everlane bother you?  I sorta need that income but maybe there's a way to make it less annoying?  So your input is greatly appreciated.  I also know there are problems with some of you commenting.  I've contacted Blogger and they have not answered me yet.  But know that I'm working on it...

I went to a birthday party over the weekend and made this salad.  It was so good.  Warning I used goat cheese but that could easily be eliminated.  All I did was roast 4 sliced apples til they were just soft, about 15/20 minutes at 375.  Then tossed them with greens, walnuts and a sprinkling of goat cheese.  The magic touch was this Black Mission Fig Balsamic.  This small company is located here in Redlands where they grow and produce their products.  The vinegars are mind blowing.  If possible serve it while the apples are warm but it's still excellent at room temp.

Things I particularly loved this year...

How to throw a party like the French

The top 16 stories of 2019 from The Blue Zone (my father in law lives in a Blue Zone and his health has improved greatly)

Christmas in Burgundy

Finally someone as crazy as me re birthdays 100%

And this just makes me SO happy  Who knew?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here for me through this year which can only be described as heart wrenching.  I am exhausted and I don't know why.  Everything seems to take so much effort, but I made it.  x

the simple touch

I've always been attracted to the easy way.  I don't know if this is bc I'm lazy or don't like fussy.  I guess it doesn't matter.  Whatever you are drawn to, stay true to. 

These little berry bouquets 💝.

Dried hydrangeas are always a good look.

The command center all tidy.

This wall of crazy somehow calms me.  Stay warm. x


my 3 everlane favorites

It's hard to express my gratitude to Everlane for reaching out to me and letting me be an affiliate of theirs.  It could not have come at a better time.  I consider it an honor because I've been shopping with  Everlane from their start.  I bought their very first tee shirt, loved it and have been hooked ever since. I've stayed with them because their clothing is classic, well-made, affordable and unfussy.  The things I've purchased over the years remind me very much of Ralph Lauren and you all know how I feel about him.  Btw, have you watched the HBO documentary on him?  It's so good!  Anyway over the last few months my Everlane associate, Carly would email me a line-sheet of products.  Most of the products were new and they wanted honest reviews about them.  I would pick a few pieces based on a small photo, no other info is given.  I think my reviews and the way I style their products are important to them and it's important to me to represent the plus 60 woman.  Anyway, I thought I'd share that and also they do not pay me any money, just the product for review.  If you purchase that product directly through the link I provide, then I make a small commission.  So that's how all this works and I hope that clears up any issues or questions you have.

Today I want to share with you my favorite 3 pieces that I've reviewed so far.  It was hard to pick just 3 because I honestly love it all.  And their cashmere sweaters are #1 with me but I didn't include one because I've kinda exhausted that love already.  So here are the pieces that I am wearing ALL the time.  They are comfortable, flattering and I consistently get compliments and that's always a nice thing, right?

First is the chocolate suede Editor Boot.  These are SO comfy and go with everything I own.  I feel as if I'm wearing a flat but that fancy pointed toe (my favorite bc it elongates the leg) and the sweet little kitten heel (also my favorite bc it gives me that extra inch in height with no pain) turns me from 5'5 to 5'6.  I highly highly recommend these!

Next is the long sleeve waffle tee.  I want these in all the colors (mine is heathered oat) because it is so soft and warm.  It's perfect for layering or like shown here with my next favorite thing...

This Double Breasted Houndstooth Blazer is so good and very Ralph.  I adore it and for me here in Southern California, it is warmer than a sweater and cooler than a full coat.  It's a keeper.

So these are my favorites and again thank you Everlane and YOU guys for indulging me.  I have no idea how long this partnership will last but it has sure been fun.

Everlane is offering free 2-day shipping all week long!


tis the season to layer

Gifted from Everlane

Wherever you live I'm sure your morning dressing consists of layering, whether you'll be indoors or out and about.  The temps are pretty much cold everywhere but indoors can be like a sauna.  Unless you are in my house which is cold all the time.

Even just driving in the car I may have to put on or take off a layer.

So another big thank you to Everlane for giving me these layers.  First is the Loden Cashmere Crew.  As you all know, Everlane's cashmere crew sweaters are the backbone of my fall/winter closet and they have been for years.  They are so soft and cozy and make everything I own look better.  They have tons of cashmere sweaters on sale for $60 right now so pop over and see what you can find.  I've paired it with their straight leg cropped in Sandstone.  99% of all my pants are vintage except their Cheeky Straight Jean and now these.  I feel so fancy! In the Cheeky Jean I wear my regular size 26 but in these I had to size up to a 6.  They are SO comfy and will go with everything I own.  I tied the Alpaca Crew around my shoulders.  The chocolate suede Editor boot and my vintage Gucci bag finished the look and I was off and running.  Thank you Everlane and thank you all for putting up with me.  x


day boot on sale one day only!

Everlane has their iconic day boot on sale til midnight tonight for $175.  That's $50 off their normal price.  I now own 2 pair of day boots, one I purchased myself and one gifted from Everlane and I can say hands down they are the most comfortable shoes in my closet.

If you are curious head over now and take a look.  They are also offering free 2 day shipping with 2 or more items.  x


simple christmas

Hello my dears.  I thought I'd share the little holiday cheer I've got going here.  It's not much but it feels right for me.  In between rain showers I went out in the garden with my clippers and gathered a bunch of boxwood and berries.

It isn't fancy but I love the freshness of it all.  I hope you are having simple, peaceful days and ignoring any stress that this season can bring.  I'm doing my best too. x

Everlane alpaca sweater

Gifted from Everlane

Hello dear friends.  Just a quick post to let you know that today only if you purchase one of Everlane's softer than air Alpaca Crew knit sweater they will give you $10 off a future purchase.  The sweater is slightly oversized which I love.  It's incredibly soft and cozy.  Perfect for cold days.  I got my usual size small and it has just the perfect slouchy fit.  I chose the color almond because it goes with everything in my closet.

I am still struggling getting over this darn sickness.  I went back to the doctor on Tuesday and she informed me that I have a virus on top of the strep throat.  I have so little energy.  Yesterday it rained all day and I only got dressed to go out and get the mail.

I am feeling a bit better this morning so I hope to be in better shape soon!  How are all you guys doing?  Staying well I hope. x


Silk Everlane Pajamas as Daywear

Gifted from Everlane

I told you I was going to style these Everlane silk pj's for daywear!  Although to be honest I plan to wear this whole outfit in the evening to the Redlands Symphony this season so not exactly daywear in this instance.

I apologize if the photo is washed out and you can't see the true pink color but the sun popped out just as I began shooting.  The silk is so luxuriously thick and sturdy I def do not feel as if I'm in pj's.  I also plan to break the set up with levi's and cashmere sweaters to wear in a less fancy way.  How versatile can one set of pajamas get?!  Any comments?  x

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