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The very last Everlane product in my December box were these Renew Fleece Lounge Sweatpants.  My house is like a meat locker in the winter.  Seriously it's so cold and I just can't run the heater all day long.  So I usually put at least 3 layers on as pants/loungewear which keeps me warm but are not really comfortable and find myself changing clothes multiple times throughout the day esp if I need to run an errand.  I don't know how Everlane managed to make something this thick and snuggly also perfectly suited for lunch with friends.  Anyway, they've been a wonderful addition to my wardrobe and I've been able to ditch about 6 articles of clothing for this one pair.

In other news I have some ideas and questions for you.  One of my ideas would be that you guys could randomly ask questions in the comments and I'd create a post to answer it in detail.  For instance on my IG a dear reader, Allegra has asked that I do a post just on my vintage coats.  I'd love to.  Also, it'd be nice if I knew what topics you particularly like and which ones you don't.  Does the gifting from Everlane bother you?  I sorta need that income but maybe there's a way to make it less annoying?  So your input is greatly appreciated.  I also know there are problems with some of you commenting.  I've contacted Blogger and they have not answered me yet.  But know that I'm working on it...

I went to a birthday party over the weekend and made this salad.  It was so good.  Warning I used goat cheese but that could easily be eliminated.  All I did was roast 4 sliced apples til they were just soft, about 15/20 minutes at 375.  Then tossed them with greens, walnuts and a sprinkling of goat cheese.  The magic touch was this Black Mission Fig Balsamic.  This small company is located here in Redlands where they grow and produce their products.  The vinegars are mind blowing.  If possible serve it while the apples are warm but it's still excellent at room temp.

Things I particularly loved this year...

How to throw a party like the French

The top 16 stories of 2019 from The Blue Zone (my father in law lives in a Blue Zone and his health has improved greatly)

Christmas in Burgundy

Finally someone as crazy as me re birthdays 100%

And this just makes me SO happy  Who knew?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here for me through this year which can only be described as heart wrenching.  I am exhausted and I don't know why.  Everything seems to take so much effort, but I made it.  x


  1. Janet I celebrate your bravery and honesty.

    As for Everlane, I think you are an absolute natural to do this for the right brands. You look great in Everlane, you do them proud. My only wish would be that you do it for/with some other brands that you love? And/or use affiliate links when you talk about other brands that fit your aesthetic and your values?

  2. I like the idea of a question and answer post.
    I don’t find your Everlane style posts tedious at all. The fleece pants look much dressier than I would expect and black is so much more elegant than say to blogger comment issues. Safari search engines don’t allow comments. You need a google search engine like Chrome to post at least that’s what I found works with my old blog.
    The salad sounds amazing! I plan to make it.

  3. Hi Janet, If you're going to wear sweatpants this is the way to do it. You made this leisure item look dressy, you've elevated it. I've just experienced something new at a family Christmas dinner yesterday and that was that an entire part of my extended family (four of them, all adults) came in pajamas. And no, not the beautiful silk pajamas that you posted wearing a few posts back (you're outfit was beautiful, it reminded me of a golden-age Hollywood film star). My first thought when they arrived was maybe they were not feeling well but still made an effort to attend the dinner ... but no, they just wanted to wear their worn out "comfy" pjs. I try not to judge but sometimes it's hard :)

    I'm so glad you allow Anonymous commenting from your readers. I've been wanting to comment on a couple blogs that I love and have been visiting for years, but have recently found I can no longer do that any more. It makes me sad but I understand.


  4. Grieving takes so much energy. I am not surprised that things you did effortlessly before are now draining. After my son died suddenly by suicide, grief really took all of my energy for 3 or 4 years. My energy has returned and I have accepted the new normal, though I will always grieve for my son. May 2020 bring you more healing Janet.

  5. I don't mind at all your ads, or whatever it is called, for Everlane. Reason #1: You show yourself actually wearing the products, and it feels like you truly do like them and not just because they're free. (And they look good on you.) #2 You seem honest and sincere and NICE! These things make it not irritating that this is an ad.
    I read another blog where things to buy are just thrown up in large posts periodically and it just feels irritating. Items are quite random and often don't seem to fit the aesthetic of the blogger. On the other hand, it seems to me like you sincerely love this brand and actually use it. That's the difference.

  6. The Everlane (or others that may come about) products don't concern me as they are products and suppliers you believe in. I love the way you style them so we can see various options. I enjoy your decorating posts, cooking posts, day-to-day chatting posts. When you feel up to it, I'd appreciate hearing how you've moved into the widow phase of your life. I'm making the assumption, possibly incorrectly, that your readers are all an older crowd (I'll be 62 in February) so it's a stage many of us may face at some point. I know life is messy and we see only small snippets but you seem to be handling it with grace and dignity...which doesn't mean you don't have heart-wrenching grief.

    To a healing 2020 for all of us!

  7. I have never seen sweatpants look so attractive, ever. I love your blog, and your posts resonate somewhat with me. Even though I live in a different country, I think your Everlane posts are great. I am over 60 and living alone now, and have to live frugally. I am interested in how older people occupy their time without spending dollars.

  8. I always enjoy your blog whatever you decide to post. I especially love your vegan recipes! Please continue with's income and you style it perfectly. I think what is interesting for all of us is to see how you make it fashionable for those of us over 60! I'm always thinking of you.....can't even imagine how difficult your loss must be especially at this time of the year. xo Janie

  9. Janet, I admire your strength and commitment to continuing your blog this past year. I hope it has helped you at least a little bit. I appreciate you showing styling of your Everlane apparel. Even if I do not purchase the particular article, it gives me ideas for items in my own closet. I also love seeing your recipes. The salad today looks so good, I just have to try it. Thank your for keeping it simple. Wishing you comfort and healing in the new year. Kat
    P.S. I didn't even notice the pants were sweats until a second look!

  10. Janet,

    I truly find all the topics you cover to be enjoyable, relatable, something to learn from. You have so many interests. As for Everlane, I've thought all along you should be modeling for them. So the fact that you get to review their clothes and show how you style an outfit is great. (They really could use you on their website, and I mean not just for the mature audience.) But it does not feel like an ad to me. There are a few blogs I've followed for years that have become quite difficult to view anymore with all the ads. Yours feels as natural as it's always been, you showing excellent examples of appropriate and stylish clothing.

    Love your idea of creating posts from reader comments. The comments section is so good. Your ideas on simple and frugal living are always so well presented. You honestly showcase such a classy level of living and prove that it's possible and doable without an endless stream of money. Plus the creativity in my mind is so much more interesting than what endless money can put together. So I look forward to what all you have up your sleeve.

    I hope the love and hugs we out here in "reader land" are sending through is comforting you in some way in addition to your family as you navigate into 2020

  11. Janet, you are so sincere in your approach that I'm for whatever you feel works for you to monetize your blog. I know you do things with integrity and believe in whatever products you're showing, so please keep doing whatever you feel works best for you. I'm always interested to read about whatever you'd like to write about. Grief is an exhausting business - there's no getting around that, unfortunately. Until we're faced with a heart wrenching and profound loss we just don't know. It takes so much out of us - mentally, physically, spiritually, in all ways. Sending a big hug.

  12. Janet,
    I love your posts and it's fun it get inspired on fashion. I do love your posts about your home, and while I know it's basically perfect, it's always fun to see what you do for seasons.
    I wish you the best. You're on a challenging path and my heart goes out to you. You've set a wonderful example showing us your strength and vulnerability.

  13. Janet, I don't comment much but I'm a regular reader and have been thinking of you often in the past year. I don't mind the Everlane posts at all, and often enjoy them. Your sincerity and strength are so inspiring. Wishing you all the best in, and sending you a virtual hug for, the new year.


  14. I have no problem with the Everlane ads - as the others have said, you are tasteful in what you do and that is appreciated. Best wishes to you in the coming year. I can testify that widowhood is numbing when it happens, but life continues and you will experience peace and happiness again.

  15. Janet,

    I really enjoy all your posts - including Everlane. I'm all for anything you can do to make some extra money. I very much appreciate that your blog includes sponsored links, but doesn't have pop-up ads and videos - I find those so obnoxious.

    Do you have a birthday soon? I seem to remember that from previous years. Happy birthday. I hope you can find a little joy in the day. I am glad we've offered you comfort when you needed it. What you're going through is so difficult. It will get better.


  16. As always I am excited when I open your Blog on my task bar and see something new. Whatever you post always interests me and I am a long time supporter. Bless you and my hope is that the new year brings a little shred of comfort in whatever way works for you. Keep doing what works for you as it obviously works for us your supporters. Bev

  17. I preferred the days when you shopped vintage and showed us what real personal style was. Now, you encourage your readers to buy new clothes. You may get the clothes for free, you may receive a commission as well, but they aren't free for us readers. I miss the old Janet. I know things have changed for you, but I thought you had some principals that were rock solid. Think about it.

    1. Gee whiz. Really? Because Janet also appreciates a brand of new clothes in addition to vintage ones, you question her “rock solid” principles (not principals, by the way). Climb down off your high horse and spare us your misplaced haughtiness.

  18. At the very least, I think you'll have to post 4 or 5 posts that are not Everlane for every post that is selling their products, to prevent losing readers who became fans and followers for reasons other than shopping. The special nature of your writing and your interests will suffer, as your subject matter begins to resemble everyone else.

    I'd also like to add that we , as a society, are trying to safeguard resources, not add to landfills, use money wisely, etc.

  19. You made it through this year with grace and style. You are an inspiration!
    I love seeing your wardrobe so carry on and make money!

  20. I like to see what you are wearing but the only thing I've bern missing with all the everlane posts is other stuff
    I ike to see what you are eating. Reading. Doing in the garden, buying. A post like today that has Everlane but includes other stuff is, selfishly, what I enjoy. Because I always love everything you love.

    I've sent a couple friends to read your blog and was thrilled when both of them told me you remind them of me. I'd love to be half as stylish and clever but it IS funny, we do drive the same car, have similar hair that's going grey the same way in streaks, I'm also an aesthetician, I live in a fake cottage (it's new and a suburban cookie cutter so nowhere neat as wonderful as your home) but it's small and has a cottage feel and I love secondhand things, so when my two friends both separately commented that they think you and I ate alike I was THRILLED
    Pleases me no end, and because I'd also thought it. It confirmed I'm not crazy.

  21. Dear Janet,
    I really enjoy reading your blog and it is one of the increasingly few that I look forward to a new post from. The way that you have handled things this past year fills me with admiration (at your grace and peace at such a difficult time) and sympathy (because you are going through it).
    If I’m being honest, the only thing that has been off-putting about them has been the most recent run where you did quite a few one after the other. While your Everlane posts are done very well with good content - and I love to see how you have styled the outfits - I was starting to think ‘another one?’. This was a slightly selfish reaction though, as I love to read your posts on other lifestyle subjects! Perhaps as another reader suggested, it might be an idea to space them out a bit more with other posts? However, this is your blog and I certainly understand how the income helps you. And as I said, the way you do the posts is great - informative and stylish - and I definitely appreciate the absence of other ads, like pop ups etc.
    Best wishes xx

  22. Hi Janet. I'm so glad to see that you thrived and survived this Christmas season. I love the salad recipe and will definitely be trying it too. I've been happy to see your Everlane posts. Not that I'm looking for ideas for what to buy, but because you were being encouraged and blessed with clothing that cheered your sorrowful heart and that the reviews gave you something to write about. I'm sure thinking up content when you're exhausted and sad would be the hardest part of continuing to write. I believe that Everlane was God's gift to you at probably the worst season of your life. Stay strong. I love the idea of doing posts in response to reader questions. You have so much to offer. Thanks for keeping on keeping on.

  23. Hi Janet ~ I love your blog in general, but I have to be honest and agree with the some of the others that have commented about the Everlane overload. While I don't mind sponsored posts once in awhile, the Everlane posts seem to be on overload. On this part I can only speak for myself, but I am not particularly interested in fashion.

    I love when you write about your home and other lifestyle subjects.

    Of course you are exhausted - grief is terribly exhausting. My son has been gone for 10 years and sometimes I still find myself going through periods of exhaustion just from emotional overload.

    Much love and peace to you for the New Year,

  24. All your posts are interesting but i really love ones about your home, organizing and food. I am always amazed at how minimal you are and so little storage.

  25. Dear Janet,
    I believe you should do whatever it takes to make money on your blog, tastefully of course, which we know you would. I want to support you however possible this way. I love your variety and of course your style. Thank you so much for being real and honest.

  26. Janet,
    I really enjoy your blog. Like some others, I am less interested in fashion than I am in home, garden and food, but it's your blog and I respect your right to blog about whatever you like.
    Karen L

  27. I have read your blog for years and enjoyed every one. I too am a recent widow and know the exhaustion that is a daily thing. But each week gets better and I am so glad for that. Whatever you want to write, show, whatever, is good with me. My particular favorites are the posts about your house, garden and family...throw in thrift shopping and I'm in. And I love your pantry.

  28. Janet,
    I have always loved any post of yours, no matter the content! As far as the posts for Everlane goes, I enjoy those too, (you look fabulous in them)! I agree with what Karen said, they were God's gift to you and that make me very happy! You just keep writing whatever and I'll keep reading!!

    Sending love in the New Year

    Renee in Northern California

  29. Dear Janet,
    You have made it through the two main holidays! I am sure it was painful, and so difficult, but you made it!
    I would love to read anything you feel like sharing! It does seem like your loyal followers are mostly of a certain age, me included, so things that pertain to our age and maturity I'm sure would be welcomed! I do love your style and have enjoyed your posts on fashion. I do love decorating as well as anything vintage! In addition, as one other reader mentioned, your site is not full of adds which is refreshing! I hope the New Year brings you more comfort, peace and joy! You are so lovely in many ways!

  30. I agree with Pinehurst Farm. I love all of your posts, and I really like your style and your simpler approach to things.

    One thing I would be interested in is how you manage to source quality vintage wear and décor items. What do you look for and how do you care for it?

    But really, any posts will do!

  31. Would love to see more postings on recipes, money management, and home organization. I find I go back and read old postings for inspiration.

  32. Janet
    It never even occurred to me that the Everlane gifts could be problem for anyone. you have always liked their clothing and perhaps more importantly their philosophy. Why shouldn't you be able to earn some money from showing us their line. I have been reading your blog for several years and like many of your readers often go back and re read a post, for me it is often the recipes. I am kind of an aspiring vegan and your recipe posts are so delicious looking but simple. That said, I would find it hard to say which of your posts I enjoy the most. I know that this must be such a difficult time for you but am so inspired that you can find beauty and even joy in your life.
    Love and many blessings in the coming year.

  33. Thank you for asking your readers' views! I love your fashion posts and the only missing information pertains to sizing especially when it's main street lines, H&M, Everlane. I second the comment regarding wanting to know more about vintage sourcing, you have a great eye! I disliked reading the negative comments about your Everlane posts, most seem green eyed and ladies given most of the posts that offend have titles you have the choice not to read a post and return another day. As someone who recently entered her 60th year you inspire me and the vast majority of your readership. Every indication is you are a woman choosing regardless the challenge and your deep loss to live a grace filled life, filled with intention.

  34. I am interested in your voice, your interests, whatever feels relevant and authentic to you. If Everlane products are a source of pleasure for you right now, by all means share that enthusiasm. As one of your readers commented, those who are not interested can simply skip those posts.

    Whatever you are writing about, the underlying quality I like about your blog is your kind and gentle (and sometimes funny) take on the subject. So for me, I say keep on doing what you've been doing.

  35. Janet, you can do no wrong in my book! Indeed, there are very few editorial "turnoffs" for me these days except for blind links that lead to Amazon and/or pushing product for a personal Amazon storefront. One of the most wonderful things you've done is the Messy Bun youtube video, maybe more youtube videos where we can hear your beautiful voice and benefit from the peace and calm you exude from your very being....all best to you from Florida!

  36. I love it all Janet. I feel like I am receiving a present when I see a posting from you in my inbox! I have just spent a goodly portion of my afternoon drifting through the links you provided - I love that you do that! Now I have tucked away Blue Zone recipes and I will fold but not iron the linens currently being washed from our Christmas dinner - I love that FRENCH look! I learn so much from you! I find you honest and courageous! Wishing you a beautiful year in 2020!

  37. I love it all Janet. I feel like I am receiving a present when I see a posting from you in my inbox! I have just spent a goodly portion of my afternoon drifting through the links you provided - I love that you do that! Now I have tucked away Blue Zone recipes and I will fold but not iron the linens currently being washed from our Christmas dinner - I love that FRENCH look! I learn so much from you! I find you honest and courageous! Wishing you a beautiful year in 2020!

  38. I just wrote a comment, but when I tried to Preview it, I lost it. It happened last week a couple of times as well. Consider this a test comment...trying something else. Love all of your posts, regardless of topic.

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek
    ...all is grace!

  39. Keep the everlane reviews...I like them. You are one of the few blogs I follow. This was a tough year for you, do what makes you feel good !

  40. Dear Janet, how sweet of you to ask for feedback from us! If you can realize some money from your Everlane posts, I say why not?!! I think that is fabulous for you. I had never heard of Everlane before & after looking through their site when you posted about the co. many months ago, I ordered their long T-shirt dress last Spring which I love. Am waiting for the color blue to become available soon. My favorite posts are the ones on your lovely home, gardening & your musings. Actually, I love everything you write about & am thrilled that you have continued to share your life & your journey of grieving, which, for me, was also very draining. Although it was so hard, it helped to realize that what I was feeling was normal & I was not losing my mind! I hope the New Year will bring you peace & continued healing. Sending you a big hug & lots of love! xxoo Katie from Huntington Beach

  41. I'm back to say thank you for the post on Blue Zones! I am inspired.
    xo karen

  42. I really like those fleece sweat pants. I don't like the crop length though. I live in the Pacific Northwest, damp and chilly. I don't want exposed ankles.

  43. As this year comes to a close, wanted to reach out to say, thank you for blogging. We all hope your blogging is healing for you. Your readers, look forward to your blog posts and enjoy your topics.
    My sister in law lost her husband, at the age of 57. Your posts on grief help me to understand her deep loss. She talks about it, but not as much as she should as she doesn't want to burden family. Your posts, on loss, remind me her grief is raw, painful, and adjusting to a new life is a daily struggle.
    We all send strength and comfort your way, and hope 2020 will bring a little light into your world.

  44. Hi Janet! Thank you for asking for feedback from your readers. I absolutely love your blog and have read it for almost 7 years. I've been thinking of you often this year as you move through your grief.

    I agree with other readers that you absolutely deserve that Everlance income and you look fabulous in their clothes. You might want to consider spacing out that content with at least one other post (someone said 4-5 other posts, but that seems like a lot of work!). Some ideas from me:
    -A simple pic of a shelf or vignette in your home, and tell us where you got each item and what it means to you. I love those posts.
    -a round up of older recipe posts on a certain theme.
    -a day of your meals. I loved it when you did this for a week.
    -a photo of one organized corner of your home. Maybe what your closet looks like now? It's been awhile since you redid the closet, if I recall right.
    -what you are reading these days.
    -bloggers or instagramers you find inspiring and why.
    -skincare recommendations.
    -journaling/list-making/calendars-- how you stay organized.

    I hope this is helpful in some way. I love your blog and I know how hard it can be to come up with content. You are an incredible writer, and even a sentence or two from you can lift my day. Lots of love to you in this time of low energy and grief <3


  45. Oh boy . . . what to suggest for topics when I appreciate all that you write about . . . in part, it's your honest, to the point, and personally experienced/tested approach which makes each post appealing/compelling. Don't mind the Everlane posts one bit. Love it when you share goals (inspiring) whether these pertain to organizing a seasonal closet, responsibly disposing of no longer useful household goods, sharing your daily journal for one whole week! We all learn by example and welcome the chance to pattern after excellent ones. Like you, I retreat to my garden for all sorts of reasons. Any work I do there is rewarding / good for my well-being. Even though our climate zones(mine in the mid-Atlantic) are vastly different, I welcome any/all conversation about your time spent in your garden.
    For all of your readers who understand loss, your courage to speak openly about it is as giving as it could be. I cannot imagine moving into the new year without you. May I/we as readers equally give back to you and pay it forward, as well.
    with love, great admiration and respect

  46. I’d love to hear more about your ideas on budgeting and living frugally. I am hoping to pay off my mortgage in a timely manner and found your posts on saving money to be quite encouraging and refreshing. I love all your posts, however, and am glad that Everlane has gifted you with some of their excellent products. You wear their clothes and boots well and I trust your reviews.


  47. Oh Janet...I love your blog so much. The Everlane posts do not bother me one bit, and if you can earn money from them, I say go for it! They're certainly not annoying. I'm grateful that, in spite of this very sad and challenging time in your life, you continue to blog. I thank you so much for that. I've read through the comments and so many topics have been listed that I'm also interested in, so I won't re-list them all. I've always been interested in your skin care routine since you're an esthetician. I think you wrote a post a while ago, and I wonder if you've changed anything or use different products. I've also often meant to ask about the Jane Iredale Blush that you show on the sideline. Wishing you many blessings in the coming year; I hope you continue to find comfort among those that love and care for you.

  48. I love that you're still blogging, and I appreciate the style/voice in which you write. My favorite posts on your blog are about your cooking/recipes, your commitment to ending animal suffering (you had a lovely way of speaking to readers about this), little "tours" of how you manage spaces (like your pantry), your minimalism, and your second-hand scores!

    I don't mind sponsored posts that are genuine, which I think yours are. It does get a bit tiring when there is more than 1, maybe 2, of them in a row. Seems better to intersperse money-making posts with personal, non-monetary blog posts.

    It does make me sad that some of your affiliate links seem to have taken you away from some of your previously-cherished values like not using animal products (I'm still shocked whenever I see you in leather boots and otherwise wearing skins of murdered animals), minimalism and keeping a small closet (it seems you've gotten more free clothes than your small closet holds), ethically made clothing (am always surprised to see you buying from H&M), and the environmentalism of buying clothing used/vintage. But, regardless, I'll keep reading because I like you.

    It would be interesting to hear thoughts on more important life issues if you're ever in the mood to share - finances/budgeting, how to handle grief and being single, etc.

  49. Thinking of you. Blessings this first day of 2020💖

  50. First of all Happy Belated Birthday Janet!! I hope the new year brings you well deserved happiness. I enjoy you blogging about anything...whatever it is because it's a way of connecting to you and you to your readers. :o) I think it's great that Everlane has gifted you so many items, you already were giving them free advertising before you became a spokesperson for their company. And about the sweatpants...only you can make them look classy!


  51. I like your blog just as it is. You have style and grace and a wonderful way with words,fashion, gardening and decor. Building a cottage business using your blog is fine with me. I admire accomplished women.

  52. Happy New Year!I love everything you write about. I do not
    mind the Everlane entry into your topics. Perhaps there is a way to combine them?
    For example, a post about skincare where you are wearing Everlane.
    Take care, we love you.

  53. I honestly enjoy all your posts. I think you could make a garage clean out look chic and elegant. But if you'd like suggestions, I'm really curious about your skin care routine. Did you mention one time you do facial exercises? If so, please tell! Along with anything else you think is working.
    I love posts about style, always, because at 63 I seem to be lost in either too casual vs too stuffy-matron vs hodgepodge. Things have changed and I'm feeling a little confused about what works now. Your style posts always inspire me!
    Here's to 2020- year of plenty, of recovery and some damn fun!

  54. Your new pants look amazing! Wishing all the best for 2020.

  55. Hello Janet,
    I love all of your posts. And I was quite surprised to realize your pants are joggers. That look great. I think we could all try styling a pair the same way regardless of where we’ve bought them.
    I will be 60 years old on my next birthday and am ready to gradually change my style to a more mature look. The item I am challenged with is my hair. I’ve stopped colouring it and had it cut to a shorter style. I still have coloured hair in the last few inches. I know there are a lot of Instagram accounts tackling this subject. I would be interested to hear your views on this in a post.
    Thank you for being you and staying true.
    Bernadette in British Cplumbia

  56. I enjoy all of your posts. Keep them coming. I am trying to talk my husband into downsizing and keep going through your blog for inspiration. Grief is terribly exhausting. Take good care of yourself and thank you for all the inspiration!

  57. Firstly, sending you my best wishes for 2020, Janet.
    I love an all black outfit and this one is so chic. I don't promote in my site but I appreciate why you're doing it and I think you include the product into your content in the least obtrusive way possible, so well done you.
    I've had many problems leaving contents on yours and other sites, the message I take much time over then disappears when I press send, but I'm thinking it's a Google problem .. or me! I get exasperated.
    Hugs, x.

  58. I have always found your blog to be such an inspiration. Your simplistic lifestyle was like a breath of fresh air in a world of blogs filled with links for things to buy. I feel like some blogs are like high school classmates with unlimited budgets and I cannot keep up with their new, shiny things. I have made an effort to resist the temptation to click on products or links these days. I have also unsubscribed to several blogs that I have read for years.

    I found your shopping for secondhand items to be such a positive example. The posts about your home and decor are some of my favorites. I would love to see more posts about home design how-to and/or previous thrift finds.

    I worry about the amount of stuff in our world and landfills.

  59. I have tried to leave a comment a hundred times over the months, since before Larry's passing. I have wanted to extend to you my deepest sympathy. Maybe this time, my comment will print. I have followed you for years and enjoy your blog, especially the wonderful recipes, the foods, budgeting; simplification in all things of our often-harried lives; how you spend each day in a week for health and mindfulness. Photos alone of your home and garden always calm me. Also the park where you take walks in the a.m.

    I have no interest in the Everlane posts (forgive me!), but it's your blog and you can post what you want. Over the years, I've been more interested in how you style your vintage finds. Overall, what I feel I love most about your blog here is your thoughts, on anything, because you're such a good, honest person with so much heart and soul, Janet.

    I wish you a healing new year; the best 2020 has to offer! New decade, new life. New you. Strong. You are strong, Janet.

    1. so good to hear from you vicki. i've been wondering how you are. glad this comment posted. i don't know how to fix it. heck i can't fix anything! anyway thank you for your love and support all these years. frankly i'm still in shock and miss larry so much. thank u for all the encouragement over the years...x

  60. Dear Janet, I am only pleased that the Everlane gifts are helping to cheer you through a very tough time, surely none of your blogging friends would deny you these clothes. We know that you are careful and considerate in your living standards and do not buy recklessly. I hope that the year ahead will treat you well.
    My house, like yours, is an ice-box in the winter and your new pants look just the job for keeping cozy!

  61. You are cool, with a capital C! Wish I had half of your style and natural grace.


kindness is never out of style.

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