The other day I was minding my own business wasting time on the internet when an ad caught my eye.  Ads catch my eyes all the time but rarely do I click on.  This time I did.

It is a company called Bloomist and they make ecofaux botanicals. 

You may be thinking why would I want faux botanicals in my house when I have a real antique rose garden outside my door?

The answer is allergies.  For the last several years I can cut my roses, arrange them, photograph them and then promptly put them on the porch or give them away.

The photos look so beautiful that I decided to spend $34 and try a tall branch.  So glad I did because it is lovely.  I put a couple of dead branches in with the faux one and it looks even more real.

I reached out to Bloomist and they sent me a code you can use if you want to shower yourself this Valentines Day.  I probably will do that too.

JANET15 will get you 15% off your first order
JANET25 will get you 25% off $100 or more purchase

One time use only - expires 2/29

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