The other day I was minding my own business wasting time on the internet when an ad caught my eye.  Ads catch my eyes all the time but rarely do I click on.  This time I did.

It is a company called Bloomist and they make ecofaux botanicals. 

You may be thinking why would I want faux botanicals in my house when I have a real antique rose garden outside my door?

The answer is allergies.  For the last several years I can cut my roses, arrange them, photograph them and then promptly put them on the porch or give them away.

The photos look so beautiful that I decided to spend $34 and try a tall branch.  So glad I did because it is lovely.  I put a couple of dead branches in with the faux one and it looks even more real.

I reached out to Bloomist and they sent me a code you can use if you want to shower yourself this Valentines Day.  I probably will do that too.

JANET15 will get you 15% off your first order
JANET25 will get you 25% off $100 or more purchase

One time use only - expires 2/29


  1. Oh my gosh, Janet, I was just looking at their beautiful faux flowers this morning. You bought exactly what I want. I was afraid to order for fear maybe they aren’t that nice. Thank you SO much. Each year my allergies get worse so this is wonderful.

    1. kathy i'm hoping they will add a soft white rose to the collection. they are really pretty! x

  2. I thought Wow! Janet’s roses are blooming early in California! They look real!
    Last weekend we went to the garden centre and I purchased 8 primulas for the front porch. I chose vibrant colours to add some cheer to the rainy days and grey skies that are hovering overhead.
    Enjoy your floral arrangements!

  3. Those are gorgeous! My son has a lot of plant allergies so I might give those a try.

  4. I am not afraid to use faux on occasion. My house is so large it would cost me a fortune to have fresh everywhere! Very happy to learn of this company!

  5. Janet, what a great alternative the faux flowers are for you! The flowers look beautiful on their website & the spray of roses look so pretty next to St. Theresa - I think she would approve!! As I LOVE having flowers, both fresh & faux throughout our home, a few years ago I invested in some very realistic faux white apple blossom sprays from a floral warehouse. It is always a treat to bring them out again once the Christmas holiday decorations are put away. Those apple blossoms & lots of white orchids are my floral mainstay! Love any kind of topiary too, especially my myrtles! Sending love & hugs to you! Katie from Huntington Beach

  6. They look so real! You always come up with the best things. ❤

  7. Easily understood why you "clicked" on these - simply lovely.
    Years ago when our oldest daughter was to be married, a talented artistic friend who offered to design floral arrangements encouraged me to build a core structure out of faux flowers and at the last moment insert similar and comparable fresh stems. Oh boy, was I ever shocked by her notion at first. But, there was no one I trusted more so I went with it. End result, spectacular AND considerably less expensive than entirely fresh cut flowers.

  8. Janet,
    Your email does not work. I wanted to ask you a private question about becoming an esthetician. Thanks!

    1. i get a lot of emails every day. hmmm. try a direct message on instagram?

    2. Done. I don't use instagram very much but I figured out how to send a message. Thanks Janet! <3

  9. Beautiful stem Janet! Is that the 36 inch size?


  10. I'm normally not one for faux flowers, but that arrangement is just gorgeous.


kindness is never out of style.

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