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Just a quick pop in to say...I'M HOME.  There really is no place quite like home right?!  I cut a few ferns, stuck them in a vase and took a some photos to share.  One of the nice things is that Country Living left me a few goodies that I had almost forgotten about.

Such a gorgeous rich color that goes with everything in the living room.

I have a lot to get organized so I'll be back shortly.  Thank you for all the thoughtful comments you've left over the last 5 months.  You have no idea how much they helped me keep my sanity. Larry would argue that last sentence. Ok, I'm going to go have a look at a pretty bird in my yard.  x

fall color

Hello and happy Friday to you.  As promised here are some pictures of the gorgeous fall color going on right now. Yesterday we had snow and were worried that it'd knock down all the leaves but they hung on for dear life.  We have hiked the bejeezus out of these hills. By the time I go home I will have logged close to 600 miles hiking and most of it has been up steep ski runs.  Larry will have over 1000 hiking miles clocked.  We will be heading home soon and while I cannot wait to get home I will miss the fresh air and these daily spectacular hikes.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I've enjoyed taking them.

brrrr - yesterday



ahhhh autumn

Autumn has definitely arrived here on the top of the mountain.  The last few days have been heavy on "color hikes" searching for the most spectacular colors of changing leaves. Tomorrow we have a great hike planned that is supposed to be incredibly rich in fall color. In the meantime I'm dying to get home to decorate and organize for my favorite season.  For the time being though, all I can do is take a look back and share some of my favorite fall photos, a little bit of fashion, food and decor...

similar cardigan at  The Limited

Will be back soon with some gorgeous fall color.  x


1 chambray 8 ways

While doing laundry yesterday I was thinking just how much I love this chambray shirt.  I've owned it for 5/6 years now and it gets better and better with each wash (I always wash in cold and line dry.) I sifted through 6 years of blog photos and came up with 8 different looks all with this exact shirt on. At the bottom of the post I listed a few links to some pretty chambray's in case you don't own one but want to fix that.  Also noted is just how much I miss my garden.

J. Crew

Old Navy

J. Crew Factory


Lane Bryant

daily beauty

What beauty products do you use daily?  What do you swear by?  I use the same 4 products every single day, rain or shine.  Do share because we can all use a little more beauty in our lives.

1. Physicians Formula Super BB cream

I rarely stray from Aveda but this BB cream is so good.  It's such a great combination of sunscreen and beauty balm. I've worn it every single day while up here hiking for hours at a time and I've never gotten even the slightest bit red. It covers but still lets your natural glow come through, I have a thing against the look of caked on foundation and so should you.  A little goes a long way so this $9 tube lasts and lasts.  It has a skin deep rating of 2 which is nice.  I hope they never stop making it.

2.  Aveda Nourishment Lipstick

I adore this lipstick.  It smooths and plumps your lips at the same time.  I have wrinkles around my upper lip and this lipstick plumps just enough to soften them, plus super creamy.  I put a swipe on my lower lip and press together to create a light stain effect.

3.  Petal Essence Eye Definer

I have super sensitive skin around my eyes.  This eye pencil goes on so smooth and blends with no pull at all.  I love the shade of Cacao and find it works perfectly with brown, blue or green eyes. It's a fantastic brow definer too.

4.  Aveda Mosscara

Again, super sensitive around the eye area and this mascara does not irritate at all.  It thickens and lengthens like magic.

In other exciting news, my FIL's health has improved quite a bit and we are making plans to return home.  Last week was hard because he had another bout of shingles but he rallied like the tough SOB he is and things are looking up!

Have a beautiful weekend. x

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