en plein air


Outdoors.  My favorite place to be but with my allergies it is getting harder and harder to be outdoors.  This is why Francisco has been a godsend.  This garden was in pretty bad shape when he arrived.  It had been neglected for a solid 2 years so his work was cut out for him.  Slowly but surely every week he tended it and while it still has a way to go it's a miracle to me that it is coming back.

One of my favorite things he has done is install sprinklers in the front.  What a relief!  Watering this garden was a full time job in the summer so now everything is watered consistently and efficiently.  He is also creating a boxwood garden along that side fence.  It will be about 3 years before it will look really good but it is so exciting to me.  He has sprinkled in some white iceberg roses because they are pretty tough too.

I have a sweet story about Francisco I'd like to share.  So on one of my daily walks I pass a gorgeous old Mediterranean home.  The garden is just so spectacular.  Each time I pass I would try to figure out a way to get Francisco up here to show him this garden.  Well one day as I'm walking by Francisco pulls up and sure enough begins working in the garden.  Turns out he is the gardener at this house!  How random is that?  I think it's kismet.  x


fresh starts


Hello dear friends.  I may have an idea of how to keep my blog going.  I'm going to give it a shot for sure.  I take photos here and there and so I'll post them and just talk about them or anything else that comes to mind.  One thing I'm excited about is that there will be no ads.  I've given up reading most blogs bc the ads are so distracting I don't know if I'm reading the post or an ad.  Nothing against those that have them...in fact I admire them bc there is a lot of work that goes into ads.  Or sponsorship.  It is a lot of hard work and why shouldn't they get compensated?  It was v motivating for me I'll admit.  But now I just don't have the energy.  There is a chance I will add some of my favorite products to the sidebar but that is mostly bc I get asked often about certain things.  There is also the small issue that I cannot reply directly to your comments.  That is so annoying but I can live with it.

The weather has been lovely here.  The garden looks so good and it isn't bc of me.  I've hired a garden man to help me.  His name is Francisco and I adore him.  He does so much for this garden I can't believe it.  What a lifesaver.  

I'm in love with this dried baby's breath.  It looks so ethereal and sculptural at the same time.  I've been trying to declutter more and more and trying to do little projects inside.  I hope to report on some of them soon.  So that's pretty much that.  We'll see how this fresh start goes...x

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