what i'm wearing on the plane

american apparel leggings - american apparel uni-sex t - long cardi - old rl boots, rl sunglasses - deux lux handbag

ok so i just wanted to say bye to you guys one last time.
thanks so much for all the packing advice.  it was all so good!
and also so fun hearing about all your travels.

i have made a couple of changes based on your suggestions and also the weather.

the weather continues to be wet so i'm wearing tall boots on the plane.
i think considering the fact that everyday while in london i'll be in gardens they make the most sense.

i've packed 2 lightweight scarves, omitted the white jeans and added a white cotton button down shirt b/c i like wearing white cotton button down shirts.  and it will go with everything & it will double as a bikini cover up, if said bikini ever gets worn.
my amazing clutch by m. hadley is in my crossbody bag & can be used in the evenings.

so that is that.

i won't be taking a phone or my computer so i will not be blogging while gone.
this is going to be a really good test for me to see how i do while be disconnected from all social media.  i hope i come back refreshed and wanting to continue to blog.

i will be with my dear friend faux fuchsia so you can track my adventures in london over on her blog
faux fuchsia.

so lovely people i will see you in 3 weeks.
until then...cheerio!

and remember that kindness trumps everything.



packing for london, paris and provence

let me just say right here that i don't even know where to begin with this post.
i try to talk about things i know a little about but since i've never been to europe or traveled for 21 straight days, i feel like this post should be written when i get back from my trip.
but we can all live vicariously through my mistakes.

what started out as a 10 day amazing garden tour to london has morphed into 21 days that will include paris and provence.

i'm pretty positive i'll get it all wrong but this is my best attempt at traveling light and yet somehow not looking like a complete idiot.

after reading tons of blog posts and articles, it seems everyone's number one regret regarding packing is that they always over-pack.
so i'm trying not to.
i can buy anything i need - after all i'll be in london and paris, so i'm going as light as i can.

shoes are the hardest for me.  the decision to not bring a pair of heels is almost killing me.
but like i said, if i really want a pair...i can buy them.

ok so i'm just gonna jump in with my packing list feel free to help me out.

3 pairs of skinny jeans (navy, black, white)
3 blouses (chambray, polka dot, silky navy)
4 t shirts
linen blazer
tennis shoes
2 necklaces

in addition to that, this is what i'm wearing on the flight...

black leggings
white t shirt
long cream cardigan
fatigue jacket
ballet flats

vintage barkcloth clutch by m. hadley that i purchased on etsy,
she makes beautiful clutches out of vintage fabrics.
there are so many gorgeous ones that it is hard to choose.
and btw, it is exquisitely made.
i highly recommend.

also taking this vintage chinoisserie pendant for good luck
and this all-purpose gold link necklace that can be worn longer or like a choker.

i will hopefully do another post on this packing business.
maybe with some outfit combo's if i have time.

my fingers are crossed that this all works out.


***just to let you all know i am bringing a crossbody bag for daily use.  the clutch is for evening dinners.  and i'm not taking the white jeans even though i love them and they are comfy, i think they'll just get dirty too quick.  and i'm watching the weather daily and right now it is cold and raining in both london and paris so i'm packing accordingly***


garden progress

hello friday.

so i thought i'd give you a front garden update b/c some of you like these sorts of things.

the top pic is one we took shortly after moving in 5yr ago.
i have a worse one but i cannot find it this morning which is too bad b/c showing the worst picture you have has more of an impact.

so even though it never really feels like i'm getting anywhere while working on it,
i can see i have gotten somewhere.

happy mothers day weekend to all you mothers out there.

next week i'll be talking about packing
for a big fat exciting trip that is only 10 days away!
i'm super stressed about the whole thing.
so if you have good travel/packing advice i'll want to hear it.

have a beautiful one.



charmed i'm sure

on saturday there was another great estate sale around the corner from my house.
the woman that lived there taught art at the university of redlands.
her craftsman home was filled with wonderful art and artifacts that she collected on her travels.

going from room to room you could see a life well lived and thoroughly enjoyed.
there was such a warm wonderful spirit throughout her home.
each possession telling a great story.
the house was filled with original art, amazing books, beautiful antiques
and records!  my kind of house.

when i entered the living room this antique chair with its charming slipcover caught my eye.
there was no way i thought i'd be able to afford it, prices were running a little high.
but when i removed the books and blankets stacked on top of it and found the price tag that said $50 i was sure it was a mistake.
but that was the price so into the back of the prius it went.

i've wanted a comfy chair for my room to curl up in with a book and now i have one.
patience in 2nd hand shopping is imperative!
as soon as i got home i took the slipcover off and ran it through the washing machine and hung it out to line dry.

i just love it.

i thought this lumbar pillow i made with a kelly wearstler fabric remnant would work well with it.
i love the way the more modern geometric trellis pattern mixes with the roses.

the thing i loved most about this estate sale was the wonderful feeling i got walking through the house.  i suppose all our possessions tell a story about who we are and how we live.

what story does your house tell?

today i'm linking to nita's 100th mod mix monday.
congrats nita.

mod mix monday



pantry business

yesterday was cleaning out the pantry day.  one of my regular spring cleaning tasks.
i remove all the contents of that tiny room and wipe down the shelves with hot soapy water.
i clean the microwave and toaster too.

then i go through each item and see how much is left in the bottles, boxes and jars.
i see what i've been using and what just doesn't get used.
it's a real eye opener inventory-wise.

it's also a great time to decide to use things that really just need to be used.
for instance i have 2 cans of pumpkin still left over from the fall.
so i know we'll be having some pumpkin pasta and maybe even pumpkin soup b/c rain is predicted on monday - although that is hard to believe b/c currently it is sunny and 85 degrees.

i actually like this job.  1, i feel so grateful to actually have a pantry with food in it and 2, it's like a fresh start diet and health-wise for the warm months ahead and 3, i'm reminded of how simple a vegan diet actually is and how very grateful i am that i've come to eat this way.

btw doing this job while dressed in a caftan, listening to records and sipping sparkling water only adds to the pleasure.

do have a wonderful weekend.




a few weeks ago

i don't know about you but i am a creature of habit and routines.
they bring such a sense of peace and order to my life.
i have a pretty regular sleep/wake cycle and eating cycle too.

so i don't know what's up with me lately but i'm not sleeping well right now.
i have a lot on my mind so that is probably it.
hopefully it passes soon b/c i love to sleep.
  in fact the other day i was talking to this guy and he said..."sleep is a waste of time."
excuse me but how could dreaming ever be a waste of time?

so after another night of restless sleep, i drug myself out of bed and while waiting for the teapot to heat up, i looked out the front window and realized just how much the garden has changed in a few short weeks.
i mean i'm out there working in it every day but i guess i hadn't noticed just how full all the beds are getting.


i skipped yoga today b/c my favorite teacher, lisa was not going to be there.  i really love her style of teaching and the others just don't measure up in my book.

so i after i swept the porch and walkway i took a nap,
none of this is my normal routine but it was nice all the same.


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