this yellow house


Hello dear friends.  Today I'm sharing photos of a house I decorated during the pandemic.  I originally was not going to post because the owners are v private people.  But they just gave me the go-ahead and so 3 years later here we are.  I apologize for the copies of the photos from my iphone but over the years some were deleted and this is all I've got.  Also, I don't have all the befores but hopefully you will get the gist.  There are no photos of the new gorgeous kitchen because it has not been styled. 

A few facts about the was built in 1902 and is a true gem of Redlands.  It was in the same family for many decades and even a Barnaby Jones episode was shot here in the 1970s!  The new owners took great care with its restoration.  This was no small project at 6000 sq ft, 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.  All the major systems of the house were replaced with staggering attention to detail.   Then the house had to be decorated.  That process will continue for many years but what you see here is the first layer.  Enjoy!

This is the garden room to the left of the entry.  The photos don't do it justice.  The yellow wallpaper is probably from the 1940's.  I should inject here that the owners don't like a lot of clutter which is music to my ears.

This is a before of the entry.  

The woodwork throughout the entire home is exquisite.

A before of the dining room...

What a difference!  Ralph Lauren Marlowe wallpaper in Prussian Blue.


This is a little powder room across the hall from the dining room.  How charming is that sink?!

This is the family room to the right of the entry.  

Here are a few photos of the bathrooms.  All eight were entirely remodeled using lots of period correct details.

This is the only photo I have of the primary bedroom.  In person it is so fabulous!

This is the primary bedroom fireplace.  The house has 4.  

Isn't it gorgeous?!  It's one of those houses that you don't know where to sit because there are so many beautiful choices.  There is soo much more to the house but I thought you may enjoy this glimpse.  

Take care and stay cool...x


nowhere i'd rather be


I am convinced that I was always meant to be here.  This house is me and I am it.  And you guys know how much I love routines and how they keep me grounded, this house does that for me.  I move by the rhythms of the light now.  

No matter where I sit inside I see beautiful green views from every single window.  I don't see other structures or homes.  I just recently noticed this.

When the sun is just about to set it casts this beautiful golden glow on everything green outside and it is dead set magical.  That's my cue to close the drapes throughout the house and move to the bedroom to start my night routine of a wicked hot bath and my beautiful sheets.  I read til I drift off knowing there is nowhere I'd rather be. x

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