high summer

Happy high summer to you all.  By high summer I mean the laziest part of the season.  At this point I've given in to the heat and just go with it.  Days are filled with watering the garden and lying low in the heat of the day.

I've taken to potting lots of ferns.  It has been a fun experiment and I like the simple look of ferns in small terracotta pots.

I wear this beat up straw hat while outside.  That hole lets in more cool air.  I've also taken to bringing fallen branches into the house because they look ethereal to me.

Whenever I go to an estate sale I always look for white sheets and bedding.

 Just a thin, worn top sheet works best during high summer nights.

Have any of you seen the H&M collaboration with GP & J Baker? OMG, it is gorgeous.  See For Yourself.  I picked up This Dress & This Blouse and egad this blouse below that seems to be sold out.

It's totally not like me to buy so many pieces from the same collection (I really want it all) but when do you come across beautiful and affordable chinoserie clothing?  Never.  I love the dress and blouse and the last blouse has not yet arrived so I can't really speak about it.  But the other 2 pieces are well made and the dress is especially beautiful.

So that's how my summer is going.  How about you? xo


Hello sweet friends.  I'm so sorry for not attending to this blog during much of July.  It's a roller coaster over here and I'm doing my best to just keep up.  Larry is hanging in there the best he can.  Chemo is v hard on his body and so he's made the decision to cut back on some treatment.  The doctors are not happy but quality of life is the issue.  Thank you all so much for all your prayers, emails and amazing comments.  I've always known I had the best readers in the blog world but your love and support have given me an unreal sense of love.  I mean it's overwhelming the love you have sent us.  It's amazing and I/we are so incredibly blessed.  Thank you so much.

You know life does go on and there is somewhat of a routine here.  Days can vary greatly tho.  Last week I accidentally gathered up my cell phone with the sheets and threw it in the washing machine.  I was out on my morning walk when I realized what I had done.  I was so happy to see that my laptop didn't go in too.  It's white and blends in with the sheets! 

The afternoons have been so hot so we spend early mornings outside taking slow walks and watering the garden.  Many of you were concerned about the recent fires but they were not near us.  Again thank you for your concern.  I have so many posts swimming around in my head to write for you.  I hope and pray this month is calmer.  Fill me in on what you guys are up to.  xoxo
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