bathing suits for the over 50 set

We are in the midst of a drought here that will just not give and people, it is hot.  
Bathing suit hot.  And trust me, over the last few years buying a bathing suit has not been easy.  There are issues you know.  Support is key, coverage is key, comfort is key.  The suit I had was several years old and not doing its job.  So I started googling and the price of a really good suit can run into the several hundreds of dollars.  Yeah, no.

I wound up at the J. Crew website to see what they might have.  I chose this suit pictured above.  It supports, it covers and it is very comfortable.  I wore it in Vegas and felt great because there is ruching around the middle and the fabric is incredibly soft.  The halter strap attachment gave me lift and really I couldn't ask for much more.  It is priced at $98 which is a lot but worth it.  There are extras you can get too like long torso and larger bust sizes.  Little did I know that I would stumble upon this exact suit at Marshall's a few days later with a $24.99 price tag.  So you may try there.  In all my years of shopping Marshall's I've never ever seen J. Crew there, so good luck.   

Ok, know that this is super embarrassing to post a pic of myself in a 2 piece suit.  I almost didn't do it but I figured I can't be the only one with swimsuit issues.  This 2 piece is from Target.  I'm long-waisted and one piece suits have always been uncomfortable on me, until I found the above one piece.  These high-waisted bottoms provide the coverage I was looking for and the halter top is supportive and quite comfortable.  The price is great also.  Just $17.99 for the top right here and the bottoms are $19.99 here.

So I feel pretty lucky to have found not one but 2 suits that fit and I like.  Just because I'm almost 60 (yikes!) doesn't mean I can't go swimming too!  In public...with confidence (or some semblance of. :)
I wish you all a very happy 4th of July weekend.

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