pretty mountain homes...

...because they are on my mind.  If this place was mine this is what I'd be after.  I also wonder why most mountain house decor is so dark and dreary? Gimme white, wood, stone, sunlight and a pretty view.

love love love

This is the exact stair railing in my FIL's condo but lucky for us he has a carved bear...



A little Ralph Lauren action.  So easy to copy but with a faux fur throw of course.

More RL.  That sofa, that painting.

this desk tucked somewhere.



Ski lift chair hanging from beams.  Why?

Have a good one. x


these boots

Remember these booties from February 2013?  and here?  Well I thought I'd do a post about how they are holding up.  It's 3 1/2 years later and I probably love them more than the day they arrived in the mail.  These are by far the hardest, longest wearing vegan shoes I've owned, and they have just gotten more comfortable over the years, like an old pair of cowboy boots.  For fun I checked to see if Amazon still sells them and shockingly they do.  Right here, the Madden Girl Bootie.

Out and about at the local farmers market on Saturday

I've gotten quite a few inquiries about this Target cross body bag.  I bought it for my trip to Europe back in the Spring of 2013 and use it all the time.  It's perfect for travel and also for trips to flea and farmers markets because it allows for hands free shopping. Target now has a similar version in stripes that is super cute.  It's so nice that vegan options for shoes and handbags keep getting better and better.  x

sunday morning

This morning after our hike I made breakfast from ingredients we bought at the farmers market yesterday.  On my $1 wicker tray with a few wildflowers it was too pretty not to take a picture of.
Trust me, I don't eat breakfast like this everyday.

Hash browns made from Yukon Gold potatoes fried with green bell peppers and onions and topped with avocado
Fresh picked peaches
Jalepeno toast & coffee

Here's a little slice of Our morning hike.  I can't get the sound to work which is a bummer because the birdsong was amazing.  x


nature for the win

When I'm feeling down about the uncertainty of how long we will be here and missing my home, I have to fight the urge to curl up in bed and feel sorry for myself. I've learned it is better for me to put on my hiking boots and walk out the door than to give in to depression.  Being out in this insanely beautiful place kicks the blues right in the ass. I've been up here for almost 3 months and still am awestruck by the views, clean air, wildlife and flowers.  All of these photos are taken within walking distance of the condo which just blows my mind.  

My hiking uniform.  Tshirt on sale now at Target for $5.  
Lightweight, perfect for summer or layering in Winter.
And of course these shorts.

So dare I complain about anything right?  What a baby I can be.  I have a roof over my head, plenty of food, a soft bed to sleep in and I'm surrounded in this glorious natural setting, I'm literally drowning in luxury.  I have no idea how long we will be here but I do have faith it'll all work out. Happy Monday my friends.  And THIS.  x



Just a quickie post because both items are on sale now.  As most of you know chambray and denim are the foundation of my wardrobe.  I wear both to death with everything.  The shirt is deeply discounted right now right here at J. Crew Factory.   I wear it year-round with everything from shorts to sequins.  I wear it out, tucked in, tied at the waist, you name it.  And now here with these chambray shorts.

Same shorts as yesterday. No one has mediocrity covered like I do.


summer stripes

Nothing says summer quite like stripes right?  Here is the Target top and shorts I told you about the other day.  I adore this top because it is 1. so soft 2. well made 3. not tight and 4. hides a world of sins.  To be honest I'm normally not much of a shorts person but these are just perfect, soft and well constructed.  I liked them so much I purchased another pair in chambray, which are even softer than the white ones!  I'll bore you with those tomorrow.  I could really use a haircut. x

small time decorating

We just barely got our morning hike in when it started pouring rain and hasn't let up.  I sat down at the computer to start looking up the names of all the wildflowers that are in bloom here and got distracted and decided to do a post on decorating!  One of my favorite subjects.  My temporary home is a condo built 15 years ago.  It was decorated in one day at one store by a straight older gentleman. It's what I'd call a man-cave.  Think leather and oak.  He and Larry are quite happy with the decor. Its chief quality is low maintenance and I get that, I really do.  But damn it is ugly.  And here is the thing that kills me the most, it could be so pretty.  I've redecorated this joint a million times in my head.  But pretty and my father-in-law just don't go together.

But our bedroom upstairs is a different story.  I've been able to decorate a little on a very small budget.  The maidenhair fern that Country Living bought is doing so well.  I've never ever been able to keep one alive and it's thriving here.  Perfect Eastern light is key I think.

We bought the wicker chair from a yard sale for $10.  It is in excellent shape and just needed a little black paint.  This black and white pillow came from IKEA and was $10.  The green velvet pillow was $1 at the thrift store and the faux sheepskin was $6 at TJ Maxx.  I just sanded and put clear varnish on the log and use it as a candle holder.

In our bathroom I use a flat rock as our soap dish and a dried branch for a little rustique feel.

And another candle holder.

So that's some small time decor right?  Back to wildflowers...x


super small wardrobe

Do I dare talk about small wardrobes?  I mean I've exhausted the subject here,  here, and here.  But living up here in Utah I am operating on the smallest wardrobe ever and I don't have a lot else to talk about.  Back in May when we came up here I packed for cold weather because it was cold, duh. And also because I wasn't sure how long we'd be staying.

I packed 3 pairs of jeans, 4 sweaters, my favorite sweatshirt from Everlane, my Double RL thermal and plaid shirt and the workhorse of my wardrobe, my J. Crew Chambray.  This worked for all of May and almost all of June.  Then we got hit with a heat wave.  Summer's here are normally quite mild with temps hovering around 70-75 degrees.  But with the heat wave and nothing to wear I ordered these shorts from TargetThey fit so well and cover a lot of cellulite. Also, this boatneck tshirt that does the same thing.   And then last week this maxi dress from Walmart.  Now all the cellulite is covered and my total wardrobe including 3 pair of shoes, one red vintage bandana and a vintage silk scarf is 24.

I miss nothing from my closet at home which is weird because I really love my clothes there.  Here all I really do is eat, sleep and hike.  That's a lie because I do grocery shop.

So I don't know if this would be doable at home but I would like to think so.  The pressure to always be in something new or up-to-date if you are meeting friends or just going out is much greater than it is here so there is that.  Do I have the guts to keep this going at home?   Forgive me for all the links but I know some of you like the specifics.  x

red white and blue

There isn't a heck of a lot going on here up on this mountain and I'm feeling a little homesick so I thought I'd pull some pics that contain red, white and blue or anything that comes close.  I hope you are having a wonderful day and not inside looking at your computer screen like I am right now.  I hope you are doing something very American like having a bbq, laying on a beach or in a boat or planning your fireworks tonight.  I'm leaving on a hike in a minute and will be daydreaming about all those things!  Have a wonderful wonderful holiday!

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