5 a day continued

The 5 a day continues around here and the only problem I've been having is sticking to just 5 a day. I go somewhat nuts when decluttering.  This was one such nutty day.  I deeply decluttered the office which was sorely needed. The bookcase, desk and I can breathe again.  Lots was given to friends and most was donated to Family Services.  I think when I get a massive declutter done I will be able to shift to just 5 a day.

In other news, Alex swapped out the drop leaf desk for this primitive one and I have to say I really really love it.  It's funny because for years whatever piece of furniture I've had in this spot didn't contain any storage.  Then we pulled the dropleaf desk up from under the house and suddenly it was full of stuff.  Now I'm down to one big drawer and a little one and it feels better.  So much of what I crammed in the desk was "just in case" stuff.

This antique pheasant was a christmas gift.  For the record, I have no problem with antique taxidermy. This guy is almost 100 years old and is beautiful and ethically I just have no issues with him in my home.  If you do, I'm sorry about that.

I still have more to declutter.  How about you?  x

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