a few weeks ago

i don't know about you but i am a creature of habit and routines.
they bring such a sense of peace and order to my life.
i have a pretty regular sleep/wake cycle and eating cycle too.

so i don't know what's up with me lately but i'm not sleeping well right now.
i have a lot on my mind so that is probably it.
hopefully it passes soon b/c i love to sleep.
  in fact the other day i was talking to this guy and he said..."sleep is a waste of time."
excuse me but how could dreaming ever be a waste of time?

so after another night of restless sleep, i drug myself out of bed and while waiting for the teapot to heat up, i looked out the front window and realized just how much the garden has changed in a few short weeks.
i mean i'm out there working in it every day but i guess i hadn't noticed just how full all the beds are getting.


i skipped yoga today b/c my favorite teacher, lisa was not going to be there.  i really love her style of teaching and the others just don't measure up in my book.

so i after i swept the porch and walkway i took a nap,
none of this is my normal routine but it was nice all the same.



  1. I hope you are sleeping again soon, I'm having the same problem. I was in a good routine of sleep but it seems a couple of off nights lead to a vicious cycle, sleeplessness causes me to be overly anxious and then I can't sleep because I'm anxious!
    The good news is your garden looks amazing!

  2. Are you excited about the trip? I find it hard to sleep when I'm dreaming of other places. You will be able to hold your head high when you find yourself in iconic UK gradens as your own looks utterly gorgeous! I did a couple of yoga classes last week in Paris yet now am also guilty of wagging! Rx

  3. What a beautiful garden you have! I love to see photos of someone's yard. Isn't this time of year wonderful? Thanks for sharing!

  4. Well blogger ate my first comment, so am trying again! I think your garden is looking divine - perhaps it was wooing you from sleep to go out and play? Sleep is critical - I wasn't doing it at all last fall because of stresses at work and my dad dying and I became like Dani - anxious and not good! I hope you get back on track tonight!

  5. What a beautiful garden you got going! Hope your sleep gets better soon. You do everything that's supposed help with the sleep - yoga, taking a walk, drinking tea. Perhaps throw in a bit of meditation in your routine might help???

  6. Your day sounds lovely, Janet. I haven't slept well in weeks myself. Your garden looks so nice. You must spend as much time out there as you can possibly manage.


  7. Would you feel bad for me if I told you that it's sleeting today and supposed to snow tomorrow?! My gardens are in really bad shape right now and I can hardly wait to be outside and get my hands in the dirt. It's very good therapy and I sleep like a baby when I'm outside all day.

    But my routine has been a little off too lately. I think it's good to let things happen and be alright with it if it doesn't fit how you normally do things. Perhaps you just need a'll slowly get back into a groove and everything will be "normal" again. :)

    Talk to you soon ~
    Sarah xo

  8. Your garden is beautiful. I love all your recipes and your blog is peaceful to me.

  9. I love the white "punctuations" in your beautiful flower beds....and I SO identify with the security that routines bring. Hoping yours return (or that your new patterns soon become routine).

  10. Your garden looks fantastic! I love to sleep to but haven't really slept well since menopause! And I'm definitely a person with routines. Sometimes (a lot!) I have to remind myself that it's ok to have a routine and that it's not necessarily a rut but a good thing :)

  11. Your garden looks fantastic! Which is why I started following your blog, hehe! <3 My boyfriend & I are trying to get our garden started. We don't have too much in yet, and it's a long processes, but I liked yours and have been browsing blogs for inspiration.

    I hope you can sleep again soon. Sleeplessness is the worst because it affects your whole day D:

  12. Oh, how delightful. What a difference a few weeks and lots of gardening makes. What a treat to see.

  13. Oh I love sleep...
    I hope your sleep improves soon.

    Someone said to write down all the stressful stuff on paper before going to bed and then your mind can be calm and relax. It might be worth a try.

    Your hard work shows in your garden is an oasis of beauty.

  14. sleep is so essential.
    AND i love it.
    i love that we all have our own cozy nests.
    just the thought of it makes me happy.
    i also really love hammocks ~ swaying in the breeze, book {or drink} in hand...
    maybe there's a spot in your garden for one?

  15. The yard looks lovely Janet. I don't see the ferns, did you do away with them somehow or are they just covered by other vegetation now?

    It's good you took the time for a nap. Whenever I do that, which is very rare, it feels so delicious and I spend the rest of the day in a very different space.

  16. Oh...your garden is looking so pretty. I wish I didn't like to sleep. I get frustrated thinking of all the things I could accomplish if I didn't have to sleep. Sleep is my drug of choice though...when things get rough or I'm unhappy...I go to bed and just sleep and sleep and sleep.

  17. Oh I have fallen out of favour with the Sandman, it's been ages since I've slept more than a few hours, it's horribly debilitating, even when my dad died I slept like a log, at the most stressful times of my life, I slept like a log, but now, nop.
    Your garden looks lovely, ours are just starting to bloom, we are a few weeks behind this year.

  18. Ah, you Creature of Habit! We are all made differently, and I am a Creature of Disorder, though most people wouldn't see this in me 'cuz I keep a pretty clean house. I have to force myself NOT to stay up til 3am painting, pinteresting, etc. I can get by on very little sleep, but then it catches up with me. I think you look so good partly because you sleep--that's such a plus. My goal right now is to try to get to bed by 11pm every nite and it's hard. I guess I don't want to go to bed for fear of missing some kind of fun or excitement. Anyway, your garden is beautiful and I hope you're Sleeping Like a Baby soon! xoxo, Allegra

  19. How horrible! I love my sleep but have shared my bed with an insomniac for two decades and know how frustrating it can be.
    Hope you get back to normal again soon. Your garden is beautiful! x

  20. Your garden's so lovely! Do hope you manage to sleep well again soon, I'm sure lots of time gardening in the sunshine during the day will help.

  21. Janet,

    Your yard is really coming back to looks beautiful!

    I go through periods where I get insomnia, I fall asleep O.K. but then wake up in the middle of the night and can't turn my brain off. I try not to get too stressed out about it because it usually passes after a few days.

    The last couple months when my husband and I were going through a stressful period, we couldn't wait to crawl into our bed at night. It became our favorite time of day. And I think because we were mentally exhausted we slept like a log!

    Hope you get to sleeping better soon...have you ever tried taking a Benadryl? I hate taking any pills but sometimes it helps me on the rare occasion I need it. When I was having a particularly bad time with insomnia a couple years ago my doctor said it was a better option than sleeping pills, which I would rather not take anyway.


  22. Wow it's looking gorgeous out there Janet! You certainly have the magic touch with your garden, something I lack horribly, ha. Your last post inspired me to create a special spot in my backyard. I hope to share it on the blog soon.

  23. Your garden is just beautiful.. Amazingly so Janet. And if you are feeling the need for a nap any time you need to take it especially if you are not sleeping well at night. Have a good and restful weekend. S x

  24. I too love sleep. A friend suggested turning around, ie put your head where your feet normally go, if you are having a really hard time going to sleep. It has never failed her.


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