this spot

this isn't the best picture but it is the best spot in my garden in the morning.
mainly it's b/c the scent of the roses mingles with the scent of the nearby honeysuckle and the scent of the orange blossoms just beyond the honeysuckle vine.

and it is so special early in the morning.
no one ever sees it at this time.  the scent is so heavy in the cool morning air.
on mornings i don't go to yoga i come here after my walk and have my tea.

i love drinking my morning tea out of these delicate tea cups.
i got a set of 8 of them at an estate sale for $5.
they say haviland france limoges on the bottom.
they are lovely and fragile.

do you have a spot in your garden that no one ever sees when it is just perfect?



  1. Our garden is very open. There is a patio area that I sit in and have a mig of tea when I take a break from weeding. No fancy cups come outside like your cups. They are inspiring me to plan a tea party. Just love hosting them. So much chatter and an easy menu.
    I can just imagine the heady fragrance that your garden is sending.
    Have a lovely week Janet.
    I adore your writing and am so grateful to be able to read your blog.

  2. Well, I kill everything I plant but I do bring my chair onto the back porch and drink my coffee with my dog, throwing his ball for him to fetch. It's very relaxing. I always say the only thing I can grow are my son and my pets. : )

  3. It's beautiful, I can only imagine the scent of the rose and honeysuckle.
    We're not overlooked at all, I could sunbathe topless but we've hardly ever got the weather to do so! xxx

  4. So beautiful. This is the time of year when California gardens are beyond beautiful. I kept walking out the back door yesterday and saying, "Oh, isn't it so beautiful!" Then I'd go out the front door and inspect my rose bushes. Almost like patting a dog.

    Your china is perfect for the spot.

  5. Lovely, Janet. I can just smell those gorgeous roses.
    I like to sit on our front porch with my husband. We have two Adirondack chairs that we like to lounge in. Not exactly private but it's relaxing nonetheless.
    xo, A

  6. Hi Janet - we live well out of town in the a very wooded area so no one sees my garden much, at least not in the back. My favourite spot is a table out in my potager - I love it!!

  7. Love your little spot- and the tea cup! My favorite spot is the upstairs porch.
    Wishing you a very lovely week... xxoj.

  8. I wish I had a quiet private spot in my garden. Mine is so public. Love your tea cups. It's nice to use precious things every day.

    I know my posts aren't coming up in your reader so I wanted to give you a heads up about a giveaway I'm doing this week. Stop on by.

  9. I can almost smell the fragrance. We do not have orange trees here but we have mock orange bushes, so named because the blossoms smell like orange blossoms. Unfortunately the blossoms are a ways off yet.

    We have a secluded spot among the tall trees where no one goes but me and the dog. I picked up a pair of old iron and wood chairs last year and plan to spruce them up this summer. The secluded spot will be their permanent home.

  10. That is such a beautiful spot. We live in London and have a balcony not a garden - but I was so pleased yesterday after we'd spent time sorting it out for spring! We'd bought some new plants for the window boxes,from the flower market, so the balcony is looking lovely again. Might even post a picture on my blog!

  11. Such a pretty spot Janet! You're so lucky to have such a private and beautiful garden...not all luck I realize! There's plenty of hard work to get such a great garden :)

  12. What a lovely spot - the description you wrote with the smell of the flowers - just beautiful - I envy you !! BTW - what a fantastic bargain you got on a beautiful, and quite expensive, set of teacups !!

  13. Thank you for sharing your special spot! So lovely! Makes me want to make a little corner in my own back yard to relax and have a cup of tea :)

  14. How gorgeous!!

    My garden is never perfect!

    2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have not got my pack in the mail yet boo hoo x

  15. Lovely corner! I don't have a garden any longer, and I miss it a lot!

  16. I love gardens and sitting outside, we have a similar post ! You have a very nice blog Janet !

  17. A perfect spot for tea! I love your garden.

  18. My favorite spot is in my courtyard at 6 in the evening.


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