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Hello and happy Friday to you.  As promised here are some pictures of the gorgeous fall color going on right now. Yesterday we had snow and were worried that it'd knock down all the leaves but they hung on for dear life.  We have hiked the bejeezus out of these hills. By the time I go home I will have logged close to 600 miles hiking and most of it has been up steep ski runs.  Larry will have over 1000 hiking miles clocked.  We will be heading home soon and while I cannot wait to get home I will miss the fresh air and these daily spectacular hikes.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I've enjoyed taking them.

brrrr - yesterday



  1. Gorgeous! Can't believe how far along autumn is there! It'll probably still feel like high summer when you get home to California. I love going on long hikes like that! As long as I can drive them. :)

  2. I'll bet you can't wait to get into your own bed! I can't imagine having to leave home for so long! Laura

  3. Although so beautiful, and to see such a quick turn in weather is eye opening as to all the seasons you have missed at home.
    I am sure home is looking pretty Home Sweet Home by now? Will love to see you start posting again from your very own small cottage that upon your return will feel like a grand Villa in town.

    See you soon dear.


  4. Enjoying the beautiful Autumnal views and I'm happy your Father in Law is recovering well enough for you and your husband to go back home. Bless you, Kathleen in Az

  5. Glorious Fall colours...soon you'll be able to start wearing cozy sweaters and scarves.
    It will be lovely to see your home and garden when you get back to California.

  6. Wonderful and spectacular hikes. I can only imagine. It's fall here in California, but still high temps. I wonder if you will miss the mountains when you come back, or just so very happy to be home all else is drowned out.

  7. Just gorgeous!! I love the beauty of fall color!

  8. oh...
    that you're going home! and that means too the good news i hope that your dear father in law is better enough for that to happen. i'm happy for ALL of you.
    it is still unbearably HOT here. in the 90's each day. though tonight we might cool down and have some much needed rain!
    these pictures make me want autumn even more!
    and now you're in SUCH GOOD SHAPE! oh my gosh. the best health ever. bless you. real good.
    love and hugs

  9. I know of other people on the East Coast who are now getting much cooler weather...drinking mugs of hot cocoa, wearing sweaters, etc. ...and here you are, getting snow. Wow. And I'm in another heat wave in Southern California. I've come to absolutely loathe our weather and dream of moving. I've heard other people around me say the same thing. We're fed up with heat and drought and water restriction. We pray for rain and only get smatterings; it dries right up. Hard to live normally. It really affects daily life; quality of life. Who would want to come live here? Not me! Is it partly just because we've been spoiled for so long with 'textbook' weather here in the land of surf, lemons and and palm trees? I'm supposed to attend a walk/run event for charity on Sunday, which is to be the hottest day of this particular heat event and I'm considering not going because outdoor events in this weather have become not just unpleasant but dangerous (heat stroke and the like).

    Thank you for the beautiful photos. I can't imagine living like that, with the colors changing right in front of your eyes. Awesome. I also am impressed with the amount of walking you've been able to do. Good thing when you're out like that, that you didn't have to worry about a lot of bugs like mosquitoes and ticks. Just is really apparent why your father-in-law must have fallen in love with the place but, man, it's just a little too isolated for me.

    I'd meant to tell you on the previous post that I enjoyed revisiting some of your recipes like the pumpkin smoothie and squash soup. Hard for me to get in an autumn mood but your recipes helped. I always love it when you post recipes.

    By the way, I know fashion is a lesser focus for you right now but did you get any chance to see what Ralph Lauren put out for New York Fashion Week (Spring/Summer 2016)? OMG, to-die-for clothes. He had one of the best shows, IMO. His classic navy, whites and tan. A quote I took note of: "French Riviera meets Paris in springtime. Nautical accessories topped off the collection, with models wearing heels and carrying bags embroidered with scenery from Cannes." White shirt dress with wide tan belt; loved it. Looked like a lot of white linen, but the clothes had 'movement.' Casual sophistication but so crisp and that certain elegant simplicity. I've never been to the Hamptons but it's what came to my mind when seeing some of that collection...my perception of same. Probably too much leather, but I still liked the looks.

    1. Hi, Janet; welcome home! (This is actually a reply to your NEXT post.) And just in the last couple of days, it's a tiny bit cooler in the late evening and early morning which makes us hope Fall will maybe really happen in drought-y 'ol, hot SoCal. Do let us know what's happening in the garden! And what about that new grandbaby??!! I'm dying for anything pumpkin-oriented in terms of food, so keep those pumpkin-ingredient recipes coming! Autumn...harvest...just love the words.

      Oh, by the way, did you see the headline that Ralph Lauren stepped down today (29th) from heading up (per se) his company? Still highly involved of course but, you know, he’s pushing age 80 I think, so no doubt a smart move. I think his successor is from Old Navy but don’t quote me on that. I also shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that Ralph is a billionaire a few times over.

      I must have made a dozen (or more...20, 30????) tries to leave you this reply today (on the Sweet Home post) since around 2pm PST, but I can’t get past the "I'm not a robot" without this unwanted spammy-thing popping up asking me to select an image, like of a cactus, or a burrito, a pie or some stupid, annoying crap that just makes NO sense to me (and I'm sure not gonna click on it, not knowing what it is)…as if your site has been invaded by aliens! Just hope you didn’t get a repeated comment(s) from me but it seems to have never gotten to the ‘Publish’ part. Maybe it’s a glitch on my end but, man; frustrating, and still a problem 7 hours later. I even went under Anon and tried to tag on to somebody else’s comment. I'm feeling panicky because I like 'talking' with you and I'd hate to see that go away; I don't even know your email. This is from Vicki.

    2. so sorry vicki. i just had to try 4 or 5 times to get this comment to publish, yours and mine. sooooo frustrating. i'll look into it again. and believe it or not i still have comments on the "how are you" post i did that still cannot be published! so glad to hear ralph is stepping down. he needs a rest and i'm positive whoever takes over will be more than capable esp under his guiding hand. thanks for that bit of info. i'm sooo out of the loop on everything. have so much to do around here and get back to work etc etc etc. the garden looks great esp considering the heat. so thrilled to be home. my email is janetkorff@gmail.com x

    3. Well, at least we both got thru. I was thinking it had to be some random problem with just that Sweet Home post. But I do like the security blanket of having your email just in case, so thanks for that. It sounds like your computer 'system' got infiltrated with a bad bug; maybe it will eventually clear. I visit someone else's blog who has been hacked but it's sort of understandable when you think of how many people are on the site and coming in from all over, not knowing where they've been, etc. Despite so many protections, our home computer can't seem to shut everything out; seems to just go with the wide-open territory which is the world wide web. All things have risk!

      Oh gosh, you're up posting before 5am, dear. You really DO have a lot to do, don't you. It's a familiar chapter, but starting a new one once more for you. I completely forget about the fact that you have a paying job you need to get back to!

      Sure glad your garden isn't looking worse for wear but, of course, you did have someone looking after it. I've seen three water violators this week...a guy washing off his house (to paint), a woman washing out her city trash cans and another guy washing off his sidewalks...all in the hours where outside water is prohibited and also all three cases being hands-down violations at any hour; completely prohibited in my town. If anything else, how stupid to be using water at midday in the 90-degree heat when it's just going to evaporate anyway. It's just disheartening that people are selfish and can only think of themselves and not the greater good. We have a anon violator hotline but, natch, I never have the phone number with me when I need it.

      I can only slightly relate to what you're going thru but I do remember the feeling of coming back to my hometown after being gone from and not seeing it for three years and I literally wanted to kiss the ground once I got north of L.A. and headed north on the road home. Or, when I moved in with my disabled mom for 10 months to look after her when she was first widowed. I'd run up to my own house after lunch, when Mom would rest in bed, to go let out my dogs to pee and it would be excruciating to leave them and my little cottage to go live some other life which wasn't really mine although I tried to tell myself it was temporary and that what I was doing was something valuable for my loved one. But it's what we do, those of us who love our homes...we make a nest; it's ours; we don't want to fly away and leave it!

      I made your pumpkin smoothie yesterday and it was SO SO SO good (and easy for me, the non-cook, to make!); really satisfied my somewhat-unexplainable(!) hankering for anything pumpkin. I love the way you cook because it's healthy without tons of ingredients which is, in my view, the hallmark of a terrific recipe and great chef.

      Thanks for answering; bye for now and hoping for the best with future posts/replies; I'm sure it was some flukey thing.

  10. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing; it will be awhile before we have fall here in Alabama! Hope y'all get home soon - there's no place like home but know y'all have been a blessing & have in return received a blessing.

  11. There is a part of me that longs for real weather, unlike our easy California climate. Enjoy while you're there, I hope you're able to come home soon.

  12. I read your posts all the time and get excited when you write a new one. I really feel for you being away from your home for so long, it just doesn't quite seem fair. Being homesick is nothing to take lightly and I know the feeling, it doesn't matter where you are, Paris, New York, London, Utah (aha) or anywhere, there is no place like home and i hope you get to go home soon. Thinking and praying for you and your true happiness and for God to give you the strength that you need each day :) You are being a wonderful wife and daughter in-law. No kindness is left undone. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do, but you will be rewarded, someday, somehow because it certainly can't be easy, no matter how beautiful a place can be it still doesn't ease the pain of being away but possibly the hiking can keep one sane (thank goodness huh?)

    These are times and memories you will remember for a lifetime but then again on the other side of the coin they may be times that you soon forget and maybe not a minute too soon lol love ya !! Sandra from South Carolina

    p.s. i come and check on you everyday to see if you've made it home yet :)

  13. Hi Janet, thank you for those beautiful picture perfect scenes. The color palette is amazing.

  14. Janet it's early winter there my gosh! We leave today on a trip with our best group of friends to see the fall colours up north, I can't wait. More and more I'm spending time outdoors and it's good preparation for ski season this year, which we are going in on hard as our FF would say!
    Your leg muscles must be of steel by now. Are you doing any special workouts to support your hiking? I just joined a new gym with a focus on pilates and hot yoga, the heat plus balance work will hopefully help me sweat it out and not just pass out ;)
    Can't wait for you to get home because going home is the BEST. Take Care Darling Janet XO

  15. I love everything about this post. Your blogs make me smile, so thanks for showing up on my laptop this early Saturday am.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Hi Janet, Wow, it's snowing there already? And it's going to be in the 90's here with humidity again this week...sure you want to come home? ;) I'm with Vicki, when the weather is hot like this I dream of moving too!

    You logged a lot of miles in the time you were there, that's great exercise going up those ski runs!

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.


  18. Hiked a beautiful old farmstead in the early 80's with my mother-in-law several times. Had to drive the road yesterday. Strip centers, gas stations, cluster mansion neighborhoods. Could not honestly say where the farm had been, aside from pristine in memory.

    How I wish I could smell & hear along your trail......pics are great.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

  19. I chuckled when you told me it has already snowed there. I'm still doing 50 laps a day in the pool. Glad to know you are coming home! btw we' are having beautiful weather here. Crystal blue skies and temps in the low 100"s 70'S at night.
    Hope to see you soon.

  20. Lovely colours, and I love the wide open spaces. We don't have enough of it here in the UK

  21. Beautiful landscape pictures. It was great of you to share them. And I also enjoy your decorating and beauty tips. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  22. Beautiful pics with those warm fall colors. I love each season, but do believe fall is my favorite. Here in northeastern PA we are starting to get those perfect fall days...low 70's during the day, clear blue sky & great sleeping temps in the 50's at night. I love it.

    I have started walking for exercise in a state park about 10 min. from my cabin. It is gorgeous...with trails that run along a creek & somewhat hilly terrain that gives you a good workout. What I love about it is that it doesn't seem like exercise! I'm sure you have experienced that where you walk...so breathtaking!

    But in the end, "there's no place like home"! I can't imagine being away from home for so long, but you & L have done a good thing that will bring its own reward. I pray your father-in-law continues to improve...aging isn't for cowards!

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek

  23. Janet,
    I sometimes forget how beautiful it is out west! This reminds me of growing up in Colorado and Brent is from Utah. I love those golden aspen trees!

  24. What wonderful photos, Autumn is a whole lot more picturesque there (apart from that last photo...brrrr!)
    That's a heck of a lot of hiking. xxx

  25. Hey girlfriend, apparently I've been on leave but am happy to have returned in time to see these and read this.

    Good news all around. Bet you can't wait to get back to that new little bebe.

    Love, love , love. J

  26. Janet,

    Hope you are back in your own home by the time you read this. I am so happy for you. Excuse me for repeating myself and I know you have probably heard this a thousand times before - but when I get to come back to our house, I enjoy looking at your blog because it is comforting to me. I go back and search for "clean" and read it. It inspires me to get organized and de-clutter for the short spurts of time I am at our home. You are truly a Godsend.

    Also, when we went on a day trip to the Outer Banks of NC - we went into this little gift shop that reminded me of your place. It was small, but it was absolutely the most beautiful place I had been into in a while. It was arranged beautifully and everything was in harmony - like your home.

    Debra from SENC

  27. What a lovely place to hike! Your photographs are beautiful! Fall's so refreshing!

  28. I'm having a hard time getting my comments published - or can't say for sure if they've published or not. If they have ... you'll now see that I must REALLY love your photos. : ) And your blog. And style. What a lovely place to hike! Fall is so refreshing!

    1. I'm a long-time commenter on Janet's blog and I, too, have been having a rough time leaving comments on her subsequent post to this one (about her return home). I think by going back to this post, I might have gotten through but the newer post? Forget it; I tried so many times, over hours and had to give up.

    2. i apologize to your both on behalf of the blog. it is something going on with blogger which started back at the How are You post. v v frustrating. thank you both for trying so hard. xo

    3. also, onehopefulyear...i cannot leave a comment on your blog either. i have always had a problem with wordpress blogs. some i can and others i cannot. i can't leave comments on my dear friend slim paley's blog either. again vv frustrating. x


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