thank you for all your prayers and good wishes for melinda.
the word inspiration gets thrown around blogs a lot.  she truly is an inspiration to me.
i am in awe of her grace and serenity
thank you all again.


i have a lot on my mind right now.  like i'm thinking of going gray.  i'm not fooling anyone with coloring my hair, so why bother?   and i also wanted you to know that i still have not seen the hangover 2 but i did see midnight in paris instead and LOVED it.  i am no longer running in the morning but have returned to my long, fast walk and prefer that.  i never did eat cheese that weekend that i thought i would.  also, i'm thinking that the gardener's cottage has run its course.  next month it will be 2 and lets face it, you've seen every square inch of this place and there really isn't anything else to share here.  there are so many beautiful blogs out there that do a much better job at interiors, cooking and gardening.  i have started another blog that is a pared-down version of this one.  but i have not decided what to do with it yet.
i'll keep you posted.  

i swear this was a crisp outfit when i put it on but by the end of yesterday this is what it looked like.

this is a double rl white shirt that is on loan from alex.  some women borrow their daughters clothing but i borrow my sons.   plus an old gap khaki skirt with some red tennis shoes.

i'm adding 2 T of ground flaxseed to my bread and the texture and taste it adds is amazing.

look what came in the mail yesterday.  i cried when i opened it.  it is the beautiful sketch that patricia van essche drew of my house.  she matted it in black and now i need to find an old bamboo frame for it.
thank you patricia - you are amazing.

a shot of the living room with the toile drapes.

and the bedroom with the white drapes that were in the living room.

i've had this linen duvet cover from pottery barn for years and have never used it before this.

be gentle this weekend.
you never know what people are really going through.



  1. Long time reader, first time commenter.
    May I just say how much I enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing your life.
    You provide inspiration in a way no one else in the blogosphere does - for me. Your ideas on health and diet have convinced me to move (slowly!) from vegetarian to vegan (if only cheese disgusted me like eggs and milk do!)
    And your home -- the simplicity, beauty, and honesty of it -- is so refreshing. Reading other decor blogs, I often feel like I should update more, redecorate more, change more, improve more -- then I see your beautiful simple home and it reminds me to SLOW down and simplify. It reminds me to appreciate my own simple, clean, humble abode.
    Be true to yourself in terms of what you decide on continuing the blog. Know that you'll be missed, but that you've inspired me entirely over the past 2 years.
    Melinda stays in my thoughts. It's nice to know there are people out there like me who focus on the simple joys of a clean, lovely home, a big ol' garden, and good cooking.
    A side note - As the daughter (and caretaker) of a cancer survivor (2 years in remission -- go MOM!), I understand what you mean when you redefine inspiration. Cancer is horrible, heartbreaking, and it redefines people. Be strong. Stay kind. It will all be okay, some how.
    Wishing you happiness and peace on your journey.

  2. The sketch of your house is beautiful. I had my daughter do a watercolor of our last house and I treasure it. Interesting that you are thinking about a new blog, can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. Janet - I hope you're not going to stop blogging or will at least share your other blog with us. You mention that everyone has seen every square inch of your home so there's no point in continuing, but your blog is YOU and your voice, not your home and my guess is that everyone like me, enjoys reading your blog for you. I do understand that blogging is time consuming so of course, you have to what is best for you. So many "yous" in this comment, but really, that's what it's all about in the end. I hope this isn't too "Kumbaya", but you probably get my drift.

  4. It's one of those summers, isn't it? I love this blog and so do tons of others. But do what your heart says to do. Hugs.

  5. You have such a kind heart. I know Melinda will be OK because she has you by her side.

    I love how uncomplicated your home looks, and the sketch is just beautiful!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  6. Janet,

    I want you to know how much your blog means to me. It is so very much more than your beautiful home. It was your blog (you) that provided me with the much-needed inspiration to stop eating meat.

    Your words are comforting, gentle, and incredibly inspirational. I have also enjoyed the practical tips and beautiful pictures...

    I really hope if you start a new blog that some of us will be invited.

    You are so right about never knowing what people are going through.

  7. Janet, you have to do what you have to do. I think of you at least once a day. (usually more than once) Your lifestyle, home, and garden are a constant source of encouragement and inspiration to me. Whatever you decide to do I hope we won't lose touch.

  8. I ditto Anonymous up top there although I'd like to add that I'm not convinced about the going gray thing. It'll make you look 35 rather than 25.

  9. Well, I have to say that I love this blog, but I am sure I will love the next one too. I love your simple, uncluttered look.
    xo~ Michelle

  10. My heart is saying "Please don't leave us!" But deep down I know you need to follow your heart and your bliss. We all need to find our purpose in life and continue to grow even it if means moving on. BTW, I love your outfit-even at the end of the day it looks so cool and summery. All the best. If you do decide to end this blog it will be a sad day in cyberland and you will be greatly missed.

  11. That was such a plaintiff, wistful post. You have a lot going on just now and as much as I adore this blog, if you think it's time to take a detour to something else, then we'll all be right behind you.

    Oh I hear you on the hair- it's every fortnight for my roots now, it's so expensive and time consuming.

  12. I've only just found you, would be a shame to stop now. I really enjoy your candor, there's not enough in this world. So so refreshing. Please reconsider.

  13. Janet,
    I have to echo everyone- I would feel lost without your blog, but, if you must, I understand.
    Meanwhile, I will be looking at the archives for my dose of class and simplicity.
    Also, I stopped coloring my hair last year, and it is amazing the compliments that I get on it (people think it is highlighted).

  14. Janet, I'd honestly miss your blog. I'm not vegan but I am vegetarian and there are too few voices like yours. You've inspired me to try and eat vegan one day each week. And I really want to see how beautiful your cottage looks in white!!!

  15. Janet,

    I am sad just thinking about what you have been going through...
    I love seeing your home and garden and will never tire of it...please let me know how to find the new blog I'd love to keep in touch.

    Gosh I wish I lived closer I'd put the kettle on and invite you for tea and a walk among the roses here in the garden which are putting on quite a show.

    Take care,

  16. Janet - I don't even read interior design blogs, really. I read yours for your lovely voice and the sense I have of who you are in the world. Both sensitive and straightforward. You make me feel quite Zen and also laugh out loud. What better traits in a friends?

    As for your house, although we've seen it before, each image is new, and part of the feeling you convey with your design and your writing.

    Of course do what you need to do. But the concept of cottage can be quite metaphorical.

    You are so right. Be gentle with people. We never know what they are going through, nor what we might have to go through ourselves tomorrow.

    It's easy to be supportive on the Internet, but I believe that if I lived next door to you I'd want to support you in real life too. Much affection.


  17. Dear Janet...Say it ain't so...your blog is the first one that I discovered and I feel like I might be losing a friend. Your photos and stories about Redlands remind me so much of my childhood and summers spent at my grandparents' home in old, rural Pomona. In those days it was lovely old neighborhoods and farmers' cottages among the orange groves. So idyllic just like your home. Coincidently, my transition into the vegan world has coincided with my reading your blog. I am thrilled to have made the change. You have influenced and entertained more than you realize. It seems as though you just need a break. Regenerate and come back, leaving us a way to contact you. You and Melinda are in our thoughts and prayers.

  18. Oh, wow when you said that you might quit your blog i was so sad. I mean your blog is truley one of my favorites. I'm so excited when I see that you have posted!

    But as always you have to do what YOU want to do not others. I just am being selfish!

    On your hair, my two cents is gray hair makes women look so much older. We have the option of coloring it. So what if everyone knows. Most women do color their hair and they aren't even gray!

    In fact we were just having a conversation about how gray hair makes a person look old. YOU AREN't OLD.

    You are darling!

    Thanks for everything and hopefully you stick around for me! :)


  19. please don't go. i know i'm being selfish, but your blog is one of my favorites! however, i know you will do what is best for you which is the most important thing.

    ps. thank you for your sweet comment today. you sent it just as i was thinking...where on earth has janet been? it was so nice to hear from you.

    also, i have so much gossip about the wedding. i can email you a photo if you want that my friend secretly took. no cameras were allowed since it was so private. only 350 people. i don't have your email address, but mine is nameisgrace@yahoo.com . hope you are have a wonderful day! xoxoxo

  20. I think with your lovely straight hair grey would look fabulous! You have a wonderful blog; I hope when you sign on again you will allow me to continue to follow. I found you when I first started this thing called blogging through my friend, Charlotte's blog. I enjoyed your post so much, your blog was one of the first I had the courage to click on the follow button. You have inspired me to up style a notch with less. You made being 50 something not so scary. I agree...we should treat everyone with gentle hearts and hands. I hope you are being treated gently. You and your friend remain on my prayer list.

  21. I hope you don't stop blogging...yours is one of my favorites... while the interior design ones are nice to look at, I'm getting tired of looking at the same magazine photos over and over. Yours is real!

    I hope your friend Melissa is doing O.K.


  22. Well I just found you so it's all new to me ;) I have found lots of goodies from your blog and I appreciate your style in all the things you do. I hope that you continue in one way or another!

  23. Do what you need to do friend. The last thing you need right now is to feel pressure or guilt about getting a blog post up. If it's an outlet for you then keep going. If it's just one more thing on the list take a break.

    Same goes with the hair color - take a break and go back if you need to. You had me fooled :)

    I'll be thinking of you!

  24. Janet, I want to echo what everyone has said.... I have been reading your blog for awhile now (I felt a connection when I realized you started the blog on my bday in 09) and I do want you to know that you are an inspiration for me to live in my home where each object truly brings that feeling of joy, peace and contentment...your little cottage has shown me that bigger/more is not necessarily better. You have inspired me MANY times to edit and pare down.

    I LOVE seeing the pictures of your home with the rooms filled with roses and objects that are simple and classic. I look at the photos over and over for inspiration...thank you.

    I admire your fashion sense and that you stick to what you know works for you.... As for gray hair I know whatever you decide the 'look ' will be classic.

    Thank you for being 'there' yours is the first blog I read each morning. I wish I could be there for you now....I will be sad if you stop but I know in my heart you need to do what is best for you.xox

  25. Re: Gray hair. I like your dark hair because it contrasts so beautifully with your skin tone. (Like Anonymous said, no one's fooling anyone anyway!) But then it is kind of a bother to keep up with the roots. Only you can decide if it's worth it.

    I've thoroughly enjoyed this blog. I hate clutter, but I've always had a bit of trouble discarding certain things, worried that I might not be able to live well without them. Well, your blog proves that one can indeed have a beautiful home and garden and a satisfying life with a minimal amount of stuff.

    I'm looking forward to your next blog.

  26. you have a wonderful, authentic blog, and I would very much hope you continue to communicate (in whatever form) because your writing makes me think, about what life is about, and how I am living it. Sending big hugs.

  27. Your blog is one of my favorites. Your voice is gentle but strong. It sounds like this is a very hard time for you in life. You will do what you need to do...just know we will miss you!

  28. Your blog has touched a lot of lives, Janet. For me your posts are all about authenticity and kindness and simple living. There is no other blog I would describe in that way. So thanks for touching my life, making me think, and laugh (and for nudging me in the direction of RL jeans - oh yeah!). So if you have a new blog, I'll be standing in line to read it, but what ever is right for you, that is what you must do. Bxxx

  29. The thing that's constant is change -- but, oh, sometimes it's sure hard to take. Thank you for sharing your tips, your thoughts, your cooking and food display, your wardrobe, your home and garden. All of us following you have been lucky enough to be infused with your style and writing, spiked with such good humor and above all, so honest, real, and genuine!

    Shelley Rose

  30. I want to echo many above in saying that your blog is completely unique, your voice is wonderful. Your ability to do things simply yet beautifully is so so inspiring. I know how you feel but I still am hoping you will keep on blogging.

    I love the way your bedroom looks right now, that duvet cover is beautiful. And the bread! And the outfit! You have given me some ideas for my weekend.

  31. http://goinggraylookinggreat.com/
    Have you come across the above website?
    It is what got me motivated to take 1 year to grow out the grey & then chop my hair short.
    Now I am growing my hair long - letting the grey come in - I am loving it
    There seems to be a confidence I have got with going grey.

    Looking forward to seeing which way you go.

    Love Leanne

  32. Hello Janet:
    We know only too well how draining it is to support people through the darkness which is Cancer, and we are sure that you will be giving your all to Melinda at the present time. This is all one can do, but it is so important that one does do this at the time it is needed.

    But, there wll be light at the end of the tunnel and, possibly all things, especially blogs, have their season and their time.

    You have a unique voice, Janet, which rings through so clearly and honestly from your blog. Witty, self-effacing, generous,strong and intelligent, your personality will shine through in any new form which you wish to choose. We think that if you feel that the time is right to change, do just that.We, your followers will do just that too....follow!

  33. Wow - I will sooo miss your blog if you stop. I hope if you do a new blog it will be about cooking and vegan lifestyle. There is so much need for that in this world, and with cooking and food I don't think you can ever run out of ideas; we all need to eat every day! About your hair - try it, why not. If the gray is a nice gray you will look stunning, and if not, you can always go back to colour. I let my dyed blonde grow out but my gray was ugly and dull so I am dying again. Please do what makes you happy, but I hope that will include something we can share occasionally. Lana

  34. Follow your heart, but know I will really miss your blog.

    Have a great weekend!


  35. Nothing stays the same, we all have new experiences ahead of us and it often becomes necessary to shuffle priorities. Recall you previously considered giving up the blog and your many readers encouraged you to stay. Believe we know at a deep soul level what is right for our own growth. It is always best to follow our own intuition. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Hope we gave back to you as well. Best wishes as you go forward on your life's path. Louise

  36. Janet,

    I would miss you dearly should you stop blogging altogether. I hope that at least you will share your new blog with your adoring readers should you cease to blog here.

    As far as grey hair goes, I think you should give it a go. I started covering mine recently because I was tired of the smattering here and there. If I had more grey, I might consider going au naturale.

    Great idea with the flax seed in the bread. I make the no-knead bread too, but have never tried adding extras to it.

    xo, A

  37. I forgot: prayers and positive thoughts your way and Melinda's and her family. She is blessed to have such a supportive friend in you, Janet.

    And I also LOVED "Midnight in Paris". What a fantastic and magical film!

  38. I just found your blog a couple of months ago. I have really enjoyed all that you have shared. You have a great sense of style and a wonderful eye for decorating. Plus, you have inspired me to go vegan! I just made your no knead bread for the first time this week and it turned out great! Just know that you are making a difference in the lives of those who read your blog.

  39. Dear Janet,

    I have only just found you. You can't stop blogging now. I would miss your posts terribly!

    I truly hope you will continue! And your hair....I like it just the way it is, but grey might be pretty too. My hair is a mix of grey and the last few blond hairs :-)

    Take care Janet!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  40. Reading between the lines, I'm guessing you are doing some "thinking". Follow your heart, because you'll do that in style too.

    I love the new bed cover, given that my name is Roseanne. I'll be gentle this weekend. Thank you Janet.

  41. I never colored my hair - partly too lazy to do it - so it has grayed naturally. It is what it is!

    Hope you continue to blog, Janet. I would miss you so very much. And you offer a lot more than just photos of your cottage, my friend.


  42. A lovely post. Janet, we really need your voice on here and your blog is one of the top 3 that I always look at for updates! So don't leave me...there are enough vain, materialistic people in my life that I at least need one or two people who seem sane, yet cool doing it. That means you! Don't go....and if you do, take me with you.

    PVE is so sweet.

    Funny you should say you never know what people are going through. I work day in and day out with chronic headaches and no one ever asks me how I am, even though some people at work know. They complain of being tired and blah blah blah and daily I am isolated with my pain and non one gives a shit, but honestly, most people are centered on themselves. I try to be a good listener and so many colleagues seem to come talk to me and confide in me, so I must be doing a good job. But sometimes I wish for a moment they could see the desperation I feel, how exhausted I am, but they don't. People who are well don't really know what it is like to be unwell. And most don't care. So you are right..be gentle and don't be too self-involved is my mantra. You don't know what people are going through. I try to be kind to people - it is a gift to them. But honestly, I rarely feel like I get a lot of love or interest back. It is a strange self-absorbed world out there. Yours is a voice we need - of sanity!!

  43. Dear Janet, There may be other blogs out there but there is no one like you. May I tell you how special you are and how much I love comming over to your place. ooxxoo, Joyce

  44. Hi Janet. Sorry I haven't been commenting since starting the new job. But I have been reading all along. Yours is one of the few blogs I read that actually gives me something to think about alongside the pretty pictures. Lately, as I've been thinking about jumping back into mine, I've had the same conversation with myself... "why bother?... look what an amazing job Janet (or Terri or Steve or Sarah or or or) is doing. Why would anyone even notice or care what I have to say at this point?" But then the reason to do it becomes clearer: because I want to. Simple as that. Because I want to document this place in my life in this weird bloggy way just for me. Because it's fun and frivolous and indulgent in a harmless, creative way. And I don't really care if anyone reads it except me. And my daughter who has been bugging me to start again. It sounds like your life lately has knocked some of the wind from your sails and so of course your focus and energy are elsewhere. You can see from the comments here how much you'll be missed, but I think it's obvious too that we'd all rather you were happy doing whatever you decide to move forward with. Thanks for all the pretty and for all the wisdom that comes from being a person who knows who she is and embraces it. Hope to hear more from you... my best to you and yours until then.

  45. Dear Janet,
    Thank you for sharing your life in your blog. If you stop you will be sorely missed. You are beautiful on the outside and the inside as well!! I survived stage I breast cancer at the age of 46, decided to go gray at 50 and my husband and I have decided to downsize our 4000 square ft. empty nest and move to the beach area. I wouldn't change a thing. All of that empowered me and able to see what's important in life.
    When going through and either selling or giving away a LOT of stuff, I kept thinking how beautiful, calm and serene your lovely home looks. I wish now I would have started a blog on downsizing when I started 2 months ago, but I don't know how I would have kept up. I'm sure it is more work than it looks. Your's is beautiful and you make it look so easy.
    Take care and we all love you!!
    Susan...ps send some good selling a lovely house thoughts!!!

  46. Janet,
    Say it isn't so. We will miss you. Just discovered your blog a couple of months ago and have been devouring it and looking forward to reading it everyday. It has always helped me because as you said you never know what people are going through. Our prayers will be with you on whatever journey you choose. But I have to say I hope it will be a blog vacation for The Gardener's Cottage and not the end. You have so much to say and this blog has been enchanting and I will never tire looking at every inch of your magical cottage.
    All the Best,

  47. Everything you do is with style and grace. I envy you in so many ways and find you to be very inspirational to me.

    I understand that you may feel pulled too tightly. Don't feel that every post has to have so many words or beautiful pics. A short little tidbit is ok too!

    We all care about you!

    Personally I think you are so beautiful inside and out and will rock whatever hair color you decide.

    Take care,

  48. Janet, you are my favorite blogger and, while I am sorry to see you go from here, I certainly understand the need to go in a new direction and wish you the very best. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. I love your cottage, your decorating style, your fashion posts, and have used many of the recipes you have posted (I am vegan also). I am in my mid-40s and you have made the 50s seem much less scary. I hope for strength for both you and your friend as she goes through her own trials. Thanks again.


  49. I too am a new reader but a big fan. I'm intrigued by people who live in small homes and just how the day-to-day stuff gets done. Plus you do have a lovely voice and way of sharing bits of your life. It is quite refreshing.

    That being said, I agree with doing what your heart tells you. I took a 6 month or so break from my blog, and now the inspiration is flowing ago.

    Do what you need to do. We'll be glad if you stay, and will understand if you need to go.

  50. Listen Janet, no one else so fearlessly models their outfits!
    If you change your blog, please keep the outfit commentary going. At first I thought it was so quirky...I still do, but I love it!,, we need to know if you're going to paint your house white, AND we need to know how Melinda does with her treatment. Will you keep those toile curtains in the dining room? Are you really going grey? That will be interesting to see.

  51. Please don't let the rough time you are going through right now influence you to make major changes in your life.

    You have no idea how you inspire people, including me! Because of you my husband and are vegetarian. Yes, we were carnivores before but no more and we both love our new way of eating.

    I've planted David Austin roses because of you and they are thriving.

    I'm baking our own bread with your recipe.

    I should have commented and thanked you earlier. We need you! And thank you for being such a positive influence in our lives.


  52. Janet,

    I agree with anonymous at the top of your list today...she said it all so beautifully.

    I check in every day to see how you will inspire me or make me laugh. I never tire of seeing your house or your garden or what you are eating or wearing.

    I will enjoy reading your next version as much as I have this one, I am certain.

    xo annie

  53. you are janet and you are audrey (as in H) and you are Jackie (as in O)... and i sense a sea change coming on. it can be a good thing too. but never feel that we are tired of you or your wonderful life. our love and special healing thoughts and prayers are with melinda and you both.
    being the creative person you are, maybe it will give you a new sense of vitality to start a new blog with a new style perhaps. whatever you need to do in this world to make happiness and rest in your life is the most important thing.
    i have been gone, so seem to be the last to comment.
    but as you can see...
    you are treasured girl!!!
    hugs and all good wishes, tammy

  54. I love your blog...Please dont stop....the format, the pictures...recipes - EVERYTHING

    or if you start another one, at least give us the address.

  55. Hi Janet,

    It's me again...I was a little rushed this a.m. so didn't fully express my thoughts.

    You have made an impact more than you know. You inspired (there's that word again) me to eat better and although we aren't completely vegan we are probably 50% there. I love everything about your blog, your fashion sense, your gardening tips, etc. but most of all the simplicity of it. And your witty sense of humor I would miss as well. I know you have to do what you feel is right, and if you do start a different blog I will definitely be following it. As a few mentioned before me, yours is one of the first ones I look at when I start cruising blogs.


  56. Noooo...I hope you don't close your blog. I love it! If you start another, I will follow it, but honestly, yours is one of the best and I look forward to every post.

    I think you might be surprised how much you like going gray. I love mine and get so many compliments, I'm amazed.

    I'm so very sorry about your friend. I hope she gets some encouraging news. These are very difficult times. Good friends are so important. You sound like a good one.

  57. There you go. It's clear that people love and need you! Now how you gonna get out of it?

  58. YOu would rock salt and pepper hair!!!I did it 1 year ago and I love it..you on;y look old if you let yourself be overweight, wear frumpy clothes etc..somehow I don't think that would happen:) I quit b/c of the cancer risk connected with dark dye...I will miss your blog if you quit...why don"t you chronicle your switch to silver and black hair...wearing all your Ralph clothes ...and looking so great you will set a trend:) Coco

  59. The Gardener's Cottage is like that one special magazine that you just have to keep tucked away because no matter how many times you go through it, it's always a pleasure.
    You have given to me a gift of so much inspiration. My closets are perfectly arranged, my diet completely changed, my summer purse has a black ribbon, I served a vegan Thanksgiving dinner to my entire family last year, I am more in tune with my choices as a consumer,I am reminded of how important it is to be a true lady, and my heart...well, my heart has become a little softer and a little more appreciative. Hmmm...All from a little blog? Absolutely...for it's the gentle things in life that matter most--The gentle little things that are strong and pure and good because they catch our breath and make us smile...and make us think that this old world isn't always so bad. It's a good thing, and it's an important thing.
    Repetition is one of the only two ways a human being can learn, you know, so if you think the cottage is tiring...well, on the contrary! It's been more like a daily multivitamin!
    I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am for having found The Gardener's Cottage. You are such a beautiful person for sharing the gentle little things of your life that will always be kept in my heart because it is and always will be...such a pleasure.
    I could shout it out, "Please do not end The Gardener's Cottage!" because, frankly, one never gets tired of something he/she adores, and like I said, it is through repetition in which we learn. However, I can only give to you respect, consideration, and gratitude in return.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  60. i love love love your blog. your recipes, your flowers, your lovely home, your stylish ways ... but mainly, the glimpse into you, your beautiful soul.

    if ending the blog is something you must do, i honor that, but hope you will do another blog as a way of reaching out to people. you do it so well.

    hugs from my little corner of LA.

  61. Dear Janet

    No, No, Please Don't Go :(

    Selfish Slim

  62. Janet, you need to do what is best for you, keep the blog going or not. I found your blog from FauxFuschia, and much as I love reading hers, your blog is the first I go to each day. As a 50 something Aussie you have been really inspiring to me. I know bloggers only share a bit of their life, and I think there is an amazing depth about you. I would love to hear your opinions on many more topics. And to go grey - it is an issue I am tackling now.

  63. Look how many comments you have !!!- such a testament to the popularity of your wonderful blog Janet. I love every post and thank you for so much inspiration. Looking forward to your next blog. The drawing of the Gardeners Cottage in all its white glory is amazing. No wonder you shed a tear. Happy weekend to you. XXX

  64. Janet.

    I don't care what you do with your 'do as long as you action some height.

    Selfish me wants you to keep blogging, but empathetic me understands if you want to go.

    I've been thinking of stopping my blog too. Maybe the time's right.

  65. Adding another voice to the above comments - we love you, Janet!
    Your blog went to the top of my list as soon as I found it (after spending the best part of a day and a night reading the archives!) and I have looked forward eagerly to each new post ever since. Your voice, your style, your interests, your presentation - such a pleasure.
    Still, with all respect, you have the right to do as you please, but know how we would all miss you. I hope we get to find your "other" blog!
    Thankyou for much enjoyment, anyway.

  66. You sound a little sad, so I'm sending you some hugs.

    In reply to your hair colouring comment I've given up on the colouring and let my silver hair show through. I was finding it a chore to do roots every couple of weeks, I was as you say fooling no one, the colour always seemed to go a chemical ginger shade after a couple of washes and I hated how my hair felt.

    So now I am au natural and I love it, my hair feels lovely and soft and I adore the silveryness of it (grey is such a negative word). The growing out bit is the worst part though, it takes a bit of perseverence, but I had my hair cut short to try and make the growing out phase pass quickly.

    Take care.

  67. Well I believe everyone commenting before me has covered it beautifully Janet. Of course I would miss you if the Gardeners Cottage went into retirement but you must follow your heart.
    You've been quite an inspiration J and so may I say a big thankyou!

  68. I'm not a blogger, just a reader so I have no concept of the work involved in posting. I only know that I check your blog every day and I get excited when there is a new entry. I certainly have not had enough of you and your way of living...please don't leave us!!

  69. Ah I love you and your wrinkley shirt and red kicks.

    You're a good friend and an inspiration to us all.

    Do what you will, we'll find you.

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxo J.

  70. I love your blog! I just discovered it a few weeks ago, and have been still going back to read your posts! Please keep us posted, as I don't want to miss your new blog! Thank you, so much, for your beautiful posts, photos, thoughts and recipes.

  71. Janet, you wrote you started another blog? Where can I find the link? Or did I misunderstand something?

    I remember you questioning once before if your blog makes any sense to you or us ... back then you had a reason to blog. Maybe blogging is something we like to do only in good times, as an entertainment of ourselves and others?

  72. I really enjoy your blog. The simplicity of your house, diet and wardrobe are so very inspiring. I am re-doing my kitchen right now and guess what....I'm going black and white because yours is just beautiful.
    You are an inspiration!

  73. P.S. from Priscilla,
    Ditto what Lynn said above. I do have a question I hope you will answer because I stay up at night wondering....where do you keep the vacuum, broom and mop?
    I'd give the gray hair color a try. If you dont like it you can always go back to coloring.

  74. For what it's worth, just wanted to share that I love your blog. I can't even totally articulate why. I found it on accident. I don't even read other blogs on the topics that you cover. But yours pulled me in, and I read it from start to finish after coming upon the blog about a month ago. You have a refreshing, simple style.

    Even if you don't post about your house or if you feel like you don't have new stuff to post, you'll still entertain your readers. I promise.

    Also, even if you only affect a few people, you might consider keeping your blog going for the difference you make for animals. You are touching people's hearts about animal issues. I love reading about your vegan cooking and seeing photos of the yummy things you make. I'm a vegetarian, and you have such a great voice for educating folks about the horrors that animals face. And reading what you write helps me see being vegan as a possibility.

    Also, everything else that you write is somehow fabulous. (Even if you aren't saying much - it's weird, but true.)

    I'm sure you'll take whatever path is best for you, but I hope you know how much I value your blog. And I look forward to reading it if you continue.

  75. I am adding my two cents to say that I hope you'll continue blogging. I think you still have something to say. Hopefully, you will go public with your new blog! I look forward to it.

  76. Dear Janet,
    Having only recently discovered your lovely blog, I can only agree with all the other comments. It is inspirational on so many levels: you encourage me to simplify, to get out into my garden, to think vegetarian, and so much more. I hope you continue, but understand if you decide to make a change. Best wishes to you and yours.

  77. I am new to your blog so I am just going to say regarding going gray/silver: I stopped coloring my hair at forty, after ten years of coloring, and have never looked back. I have had more complements on my silver locks than I ever did on my black shiny locks. Men, young and old, approached me to say how they loved my hair and wished their wives/girlfriends would let their hair "go"! Women said they wished they had the nerve. Just do it. It will be so much more healthier than coloring. I get complements very often. :)

  78. Dear Janet, as my need to communicate with the outside world ebbs and flows, I perfectly understand your need to re-create just now. I think a break, if needed, should be honoured even though I know all of us will miss you. Please come back in whatever way you choose once you feel up to it. Until then my thoughts are with you!

  79. Janet,
    I found your blog when I stopped eating meat. You provided so much inspiration for me at that time!
    But I have come to love you and your blog for so many other reasons as well. I do understand the time and effort it takes to blog, but I do hope you will open this new paired down one that you mentioned. Your wit and charm are just so contagious and I love reading what you have to say. So many blogs say the same things, but you always have something a little different. For instance, your last sentence in this post really hit me hard in the heart. xoxo Janet!

  80. I say GO FOR IT!

    Sometimes you need a fresh perspective and a new start....I'd love to see a new vision from you.

    I love your blog now but I know there's more and great things to come! xo

  81. You don't even know me but you've been a good friend to me. Thanks so much for everything. You are lovely and will enjoy new things beyond your current rough patch. Love and hugs to you.

  82. I don't want to be selfish...oh, please don't go. I truly love your blog. Ok. enough of that. You should follow your heart. Just know that I never tire of your bits of wisdom, beautiful cottage, wardrobe ensembles, timeless style and recipes. Oh, and the roses! My dear, you are a gem. If you do a new blog, please direct us there. I will follow you. If you wish. And if you choose a different path, bless you. It has been fun!

  83. Dear Janet, you know how comforting it is when you visit a good friend, share the warmth of their home, have a bit of a chat about clothes, eat something nice, have a heartfelt conversation or a fit of the giggles? Well, that's your blog and we would all miss you if you shut up shop, although I hope that your intention is to restructure or re-title, as I have just done.

    I think your hair looks great and do think that grey hair is aging. I've had grey hair for years because I'm too idle to embark on a regime of colouring. Mostly I'm happy enough with it, but sometimes I look around and see a sea of white haired old women and feel REALLY DULL!

  84. Hi Sis, Just read your blog and everyone that answered your blog. You have touched so many people. Its amazing!! As for your hair, I don't have that much gray so how can you be graier than me? I am the oldest of us!! Ha Ha. I have been thinking the same thing. I send so much money and time trying to hide the few I have. Love you Teri

  85. Oh, no! Please don't go! I have reduced my meat consumption and simplified my decor based on inspiration from your words, recipes and photos. I love your outfits, style and accessories, especially the 333 project. You have a unique perspective that has encouraged me to make positive changes. You will be missed!

  86. I know the urge is to either go "all out" or stop completely. Sometimes baby steps are the best way. We can learn so much from little ones.

    How about trying a couple grey streaks in the front of your hair. Try blogging once a week or once a month...

    I agree with everyone else your cottage is inspirational and reminds us all to simplify (I never tire of the pictures).
    Your cooking reminds us of our responsibility to each other and the environment.

    Good luck with your decision. Hugs.

  87. Janet,
    Love every square inch of you and your cottage.
    You are like a "rose" in my day, a posy in my pocket.
    thanks for always making me stop to appreciate life and to be gentle.

  88. GO GREY! You will never regret it. Grey is beautiful. Your observation about dyed dark hair on older women is right - it looks so unnatural as our skin tone changes with age. A 'helmet' of dark hair on an older woman ages her!

  89. Oh no! Well, I guess that's what I get for being late to the show. I will miss this blog if you go and really hope you keep up with your new pared-down version. :) Also, I think gray hair would suit you actually - especially with your cut and general stylishness. I find it so classy and elegant without trying somehow. I must be the only 30 year old looking forward to it, surely! ;)

  90. Dear, Janet. I stop by your blog almost everyday because I love your candor and the way in which you welcome someone like me, a complete stranger, into your life. Thank you and shame on me for not commenting each time I have stopped by. If you continue with a new blog format, I will be with you every step of the way. In the meantime, I shall keep you and your dear friend Melinda in my heart.

    Linda in Burke, Virginia

  91. No! You can't leave. I just found you.

  92. Love how your bedroom bed covering picks up the colors in the wall art and window shade!

  93. I just love your blog.....Your home is adorable.

  94. I hope you are brave enough to go gray. I often wonder about people who are so careful about what they eat - organic, no meat, etc, etc. but then put harsh chemicals regularly on their scalp. THose chemicals seep through the skin and into the blood stream. I wish more women would dare to go gray and not be so obsessed with looking younger.

  95. Dear Janet,
    The first commenter said it so well. I think you have no idea how your writing and personality affect us the reader.Since I found you, I go to read your blog first now and I am just so interested in you and your posts. I can't explain it. Now that you said you have posted every which but loose on your home I agree but frankly that is what is in the equation that keeps me coming back so don't worry about that one. I want to see any little change a la flowers, bedspread whatever. You have no idea, none- what we the readers love........it's you and your home and your hair and your friends and your RL. If you personally are burnout on writing that is one thing, but as far as the blog and what the reader wants you are wrong.I look forward to reading what is next, new or changed. Like going gray, OMG, exactly what has been on my mind and you wrote it! You can't see how interesting you are or how current you are to women our age or how inspired you make us. Do what you need to do but don't do it thinking we are bored or that you are not good enough or that we are uninterested. You are authentic and that you can't fake or buy. I hope you continue.

  96. I really enjoy reading your blog but have never commented, until now. I also have decided to stop coloring my hair. I've been thinking about it for a year and now have decided to let the silver show. I would love to see someone else letting their hair go natural at the same time. I'm actually excited at the thought of it.

    Love your cottage and would miss reading your blog.

  97. I echo every single thought written above. I wasn't sure posting one more comment on the matter would matter but then I realized it would be comment #100 (i hope) and then you would have 100 solid reasons to know how much you are appreciated. You have to do what is right and good for you but your "voice" would be missed. xxBliss

  98. Dear Janet,
    You have given me inspiration, perspective, and joy. Like others have mentioned, you are my favorite blog -- and I am quite particular in what I chose to read! Homes, gardens, good food, and creative attire are things I enjoy. Unlike many of your younger followers, I am over 60. I find your sense of style and your wisdom refreshing. I can feel your deep concern for your dear friend who is suffering. After surviving stage IV cancer, I can only suggest that you encourage her to draw deep within herself to a place of healing of mind, body, and spirit. Thoughts are so powerful. May you both be comforted in the days ahead. May you know how you have touched so many lives. We cherish the things you write about and share with us. Thank you so very much!

  99. I have enjoyed reading your blog and hope to read the new one as soon as we know what it is !
    Your home is very calming and restful. I love it , but know I will always need to have some color and "stuff". That difference makes the world go round.
    I started getting gray hair in high school, strands here and there. Eventually I did use temporary hair color but my hair is thick and grows fast, so it wasn't worth the effort. I am going gray and very pleased with how it looks.
    Whatever you decide, thanks for your blog. I have enjoyed it very much.

  100. hi janet! I'm late to the party, but as one of your very first readers;) I would also hate to see you go... I enjoy you, your house, and your garden so very much. that said (as we've discussed over the years;) blogging can be difficult, so whatever you decide- just remember to be true to you! I'm hoping that maybe feeling all this blog-love in the comments by all the people who appreciate the time and effort that you put into posts and sharing your life with us will re-energize your spirit; but that's just me being selfish...
    your friend,

  101. When I read this post I was reminded of this quote by George Elliot in Middlemarch. "Feeling that there was always something better which she might have done if she had only been better and known better, her full nature spent itself in deeds which left no great name on the earth, but the effect of her being on those around her was incalculable.

    For the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts and on all those Dorotheas who life faithfully their hidden lives and rest in unvisited tombs."

    Don't underestimate the value in the small things you share on this blog. They are more meaningful than you might guess. Besides this is the only blog I read regularly.

  102. The Gardener's Cottage has not run its course at all. It is one of my favorite blogs and I would miss it if it were gone. Consider it a lifelong project and a home to go to and then you'll never want to retire it.

  103. I've been a long time reader but have never posted a comment. I want to thank you for sharing glimpses of your home and life with all of us. You posts have been such an inspiration and a much needed reminder that it is the simple things in life that can have the most value. I wish you all the best.

  104. Here I am, spending the morning of the last day of a long Holiday weekend, enjoying my coffee and surfing through blogs. Then I stumble across yours and start reading and reading and THEN I see that you are thinking of ending this perfect blog spot.
    Oh, please reconsider! I just found you.
    :) - Cindi

  105. Ever since I have stumbled across your blog, you have inspired me. I love every story, picture, whimsy and sassiness you put up. Please don't leave me out in blog land without you.

    Second, I am going gray too..come on over to Going Gray Looking Great. It is very inspiring and helpful.

    Much love and happiness.

  106. Years ago (19) when I was pregnant, my OB required all his expectant mothers to forgo haircolor and nail polish. He didn't even want me in a salon that did acrylic nails because of the chemicals. It seemed to me that if the chemicals are not good for my baby, they're not good for me. Period.
    So, though it took me a few years, I went natural gray. I've been so happy with it, and get plenty of compliments, too. No one ever complimented my brown hair! I encourage you to go for it.

    Glendora Laurie


kindness is never out of style.

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