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here she goes again...

recently while in pasadena at the kate spade store i fell in love with this little straw hat.  i was not crazy about the little sunglass feature, because what do you do if you want to put your real sunglasses there?  but the size and shape were perfect.  it is $75, which i guess is not bad for kate but since i'm cheap clever,  i knew if i was patient i could find something close.

and i did
at target now on sale for $10

i like it even better than the kate hat because this one is crushable/packable and it kinda goes with this.  

the view from the house with the toile drapes is so pretty right now.

do you find yourself sitting and just staring at views in your house and then try to capture them on film and they never come out like you hope?  'tis the story of my life.

this garden is having a party right now

and it should because this is what it looked like when we moved in.

ok, what else?

asparagus is very cheap right now.
add a little white wine to your bechamel sauce and have a party b/c no animals were harmed making this pasta.

also, have you heard about the movie, forks over knives? 
you can watch the trailer here.
eat plants and be healthy!
esp. important to watch if you are new parents

90% wool, 10% cashmere gray herringbone jacket

i'm cleaning out my closet and i'm learning to sell on ebay.  it's so fun, it's like having my own little store.

and because there is nothing i like more than spreading love...

3 new blogs i have recently discovered and cannot get enough of. 
seriously excellent blogs

be sweet to someone this weekend



  1. I love your posts about anything and everything...

    LOVE your clever new hat and that is the best picture of you yet!

    and yes, such is life...I tried to take pictures last night of the rain falling on my flowers and all the pictures turned out pitch black! I thought that was very ironic.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Your hat is way cuter than Kate's. The sunglasses feature is whimsical, but cheesy. And, that pasta looks divine! ciao, bella.

  3. Please tell me that KS hat doesn't have sunglasses built in! My sister or my cousin had a hat like that WAY back in the day. Very Goldie Hawn "Laugh In" kind of vibe. But not in a good way. Yours is SO much better. I'm on my way to Target right now.

    That's the tiniest asparagas I've ever seen. I thought it was sea beans at first glance.

    Good for you for selling on eBay. It's a great way to recycle AND make a little money off your unwanted things. I always thought it was fun. Just hated the packing and shipping part.

    Nice of you to spread the A.J. Barnes love.

  4. sarah - thanks and it's so frustrating isn't it?

    fabiana - thanks and cheesy is the perfect description.

    steveo - thanks for sharing aj barnes with me, that's what good friends do.

  5. Hello Janet:
    The straw hat is perfect for summer dressing and will, as you say, work absolutely perfectly with the handbag.

    Hats, we feel, are necessities rather than fashion accessories in the sun as they provide perfect anti-glare and sunscreen protection whilst looking glamorous all at the same time.

    The toile curtains are so very pretty and frame the view of your most attractive garden beautifully.

  6. You look beautiful in your lovely new hat - you've got that 'I spent less than you' glow! LOL. Your pasta looks delish!

  7. You look fabulous in the new hat and I like it so much better than Kate's version!

    Your skin is positively radiant Janet...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Gosh you look adorable. And I was trying that exact View From My Window thing the other day and was completely thwarted.

  9. Very pretty hat and clever you!!! you look so nice in it!!! and your garden is completely beautiful these days!!!
    hugs dear

  10. I love the straw hat! It's so adorable on you!

    I love thin asparagus, but that's the thinest I've ever seen, I'll bet it was delicious!

    Your garden is just lovely, you did such a nice job, and all your hard work shows and the party looks fantastic!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  11. Hi Janet. The hat is super cute, and your photos make me want to sit where you sit and see what you see!
    How does one make bechemel without butter? Oil?

  12. You are so cute! I love the hat on you.

    I really want to see that movie. We have been eating less meat around here. I just feel yucky eating it sometimes. I'm going to be on guard for your recipes because I need more creative ways to cook vegis. :)

  13. jane and lance - in so cal a hat is a must too.

    mrs e - oh that is so funny. the cheapskate glow.

    leslie - thank you, you are too kind.

    lisa - i know, it is so frustrating b/c the camera rarely captures the beauty that the eyes see.

    maria cecilia - thanks dear, coming from you that is a real compliment.

    ocean breezes - thank you and it was the thinnest asparagus i've ever seen too.

    camille - thanks and i sub earth balance margarine and soymilk.

    closet therapist - thanks and bravo to you for trying to give up or cut back on meat. the animals thank you.

  14. You are super adorable in that hat. Soo much better than the KS. I truly enjoy your blog. Have a beautiful day!

  15. Your yard is beautiful as always and the hat is adorable. I don't think I look good in hats...

    My husband, myself, daughter and her boyfriend are going to see "Forks over Knives" next weekend, and then going out for vegan food. You would be proud of her, she has been vegan since Feb.

    I also recently read "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" by Dr. Esselstyn, one of the docs behind the movie. His diet is REALLY hard core. Not even avocados for goodness sake, but his diet is more for individuals who have tried everything (surgery and meds) EXCEPT drastically changing their eating habits.


  16. You alway succeed in inspiring! Love the hat!

  17. I love it when that happens! Creativity always trumps overpriced frippery. The pasta looks amazing and those are the teeniest asparagus I have ever seen!

  18. Dear Janet,

    What a fabulous hat. It looks great on you!

    Happy weekend & lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  19. you were 3.5 miles from me when you were in old town! did you try any restaurants? green earth vegan is in old town.

    wish i were having your pasta for lunch today.

    hat looks adorable on you. and none of my pics ever turn out the way i want. yours are always beautiful.

    have a great weekend!

  20. Your new hat is so cute on you. Have you ever done any modelling? Because really, you're a natural at it. Or do you take 100 photos to get those perfect ones? You always give out such a peaceful vibe Janet. I'm such an asparagus fan and can't wait for the season. It's about six months from now here of course. I think we eat it every night until it disappears from the shops. Have fun being a shopkeeper!

  21. The target hat is adorable! Much nicer than the Kate Spade hat. Congratulations to this find!

    Are you still in project 333? Today I went to work, wearing a crisp white shirt and blue jeans. Which reminded me how little it takes to be well dressed.

    Have a nice weekend, with lots of sun for you and the new hat.

  22. You and your garden and your lifestyle are so utterly gorgeous! Just told hubs about your Joshua Tree plans, he is so envious.

  23. You and your hat are adorable. I like the Target hat way better than Kate's too!

    Your garden looks so pretty. It's amazing what you've done with your blank canvas.

    I'll check out your three new favs. You're really good at picking blogs :)

    Have a great weekend.

  24. Janet,
    Thanks so much for the shout out! WoW. It's so appreciated!

    You and Steve @ AUC are the best.

    I have to go on record saying that when I first found your blog, I thought "who is this women who models her clothes, talks of her cottage and cooks. That's such an odd mix." Then I realized is not much different from what I do!(of course minus the clothes part, because no one would care what I wear). And now I'm addicted to following you...I look forward to what you're wearing, the food, flowers and all...thanks for being a great blog friend...


    PS...that's a cute's best without the sunglasses...

  25. First...I'm leaving for Target as soon as I finish typing...I would never wear a hat with built in sun glass motif...what was she thinking? Yours is so much better.

    I wish I could come over and try on that BB size 8 do I find you on ebay?

    This pasta dish looks amazing...I'm going to try it, so far everything I've made from your blog has become a favorite in our house.

    and last, but not least...I will be sweet to my wonderful family this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo annie

  26. Wonderful eclectic post. Your garden is fab, and yes, I hate that happy joyous feeling of sitting inside loving your room or view and then you simply cannot capture it on film. Can't easily capture good vibes on film I guess.

    Your garden is truly lovely - I will be lucky if mine looks like that by September. I never knew I wanted to live in California until now...

    xo Terri

  27. You hit so many topics that I love in this post: fashion, garden, home, and cooking. That asparagus pasta looked delicious. And your garden is lovely! You also looked very cute in that hat with your red lipstick! Happy summer!

  28. The Target hat is by far the nicer Janet. Seriously at first glance I thought you were showing a pic of your little grand-daughters hat with fake shades!
    That grey herringbone coat is yummy and I think it would be hard to part with.
    It's been a tumultous week down here for some of our citizens with a lot of soul searching happening. Thanks for your support J.

  29. I love your hat so much better than Katie's. The pasta looks amazing and so do you. I love your toile drapes too.

  30. Your garden is so beautiful... you are so lucky to have such a great view! Love the curtains too. Have a great weekend xo

  31. This post certainly proves that patience makes perfect.
    Your garden, that hat, the fresh plate of pasta with asparagus are all worthy of your love.

  32. you must check out
    running with tweezers for some excellent recipes...

  33. You look adorable. Gorgeous hat - I am sooo envious and at $10 - what a bargain! And beautiful garden too. Have a great weekend Janet dear... XX


  35. the target hat is adorable (not a fan of the sunglasses on the kate one) I want one too- though I won't look as fabulous as you do in it. you do hats well my friend.

    pasta looks delish!
    happy weekend to you & Larry!

  36. The hat is adorable. You look great in it - no wonder you have a smile on your face.

    Yes, I always get frustrated by the difficulty I have capturing a view of my garden. Yours is beautiful, Janet.


  37. You have great taste and I am going to echo the sentiment of everyone here: your hat is much nicer than the Kate Spade!
    That pasta looks so delicious. We are having asparagus season and it is HUGE this year. Maybe because of all the rain? Not sure but it looks like it has been on steroids and it is not as tasty.
    I checked out those blogs, thanks so much for recommending.
    Have a great weekend.

  38. Your hat is so cute!! I like it better too. I must hit Target today. Thanks for the tip!
    Your yard is amazing.
    Why are you selling the blazers...they are perfect for your look.

  39. Just discovered your blog this morning and am enjoying catching up with a cup of fresh, brewed coffee!

    I liked the hat you found at Target better than Kate's!

  40. Again, your hat is cuter than Kate Spade's.
    Your yard is gorgeous!

  41. You are a hat person, for sure. You look great in that hat and I agree with Betty, your hat is cuter than KS's.

    I hope your friend is recovering well. I have been thinking about her - and you.

    xo, A

  42. It kinda sucks that nobody likes your hat.....maybe next time?

    And you food is inedible? I don't believe them I better have a bite and see for myself.

    And that garden, hrmph!..

    xoxo J.

  43. Thank you so much for linking to my blog! Yours is such a breath of fresh air.

    We have a lot in common it seems- flowers, gardens, hopeless and eternal love of ralph lauren... So happy your son blog-matched us!

  44. "Be sweet to someone this weekend."
    Exactly what I needed to read; I have been a grumpa lumpa all day. I got it in my head that I could paint a chair like the ridiculously intricate MacKenzie-Childs' wooden chairs that sell for $1,395.00 Needless to say it took me HOURS of sitting crossed legged on the floor, bending over, bending sideway, and bending practically upside down. I had paint all over me when I finally decided to just STOP and hobble into the shower. I am sorely BENT out of sorts, and the result of my endevour is that I have a chair that looks like a cartoon character. Arrrgghhhhh! Nothing that a cute hat from Target, a bowl of asparagus pasta, and 3 new blogs to read can't help, though.
    Maybe I will smile at my husband tomorrow. :-)
    Thank you as always.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  45. Your Target hat is charming and cute - what a great find :)

    Love your toile curtains, framing a beautiful garden view.

    PS I love your blog.

  46. obesity sucks, I especially feel sad for obese children who are being set up for a lifetime of oain. I loved this trailer.

  47. OK - Janet, the hat is simply adorable, way cuter than the Kate Spade I think.
    And the garden is beautiful! I was interested to see the "before" garden photos. You've come a long way. Yesterday I put up a post about our house and garden renovation and I was shocked to look back at the garden and see just how much its changed. Its a good feeling. And I know just what you mean about photos never looking the way it does in real life. I keep trying to capture our garden but I always come short.
    I finally settled on a new name for the blog - from pinkrosecottage to A Garden Near the Sea.

  48. Love it that you got that hat!and thanks for the headsup on new blogs I am mad about Tomboy style1

  49. Love the hat and thanks for the tip on where to find it. xxBliss

  50. What a brilliant transformation you have made with your garden and I love the hat!

  51. I will be wearing the same hat this summer.



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