there is so much going on in a lot of my favorite blogs and the fact that i still cannot comment is making me crazy.  what is up with this?  am i the only one experiencing this?

kirstin of the fabulous faux fucshia fame is losing sleep and writing seething emails to her government officials in australia because of the inhumane treatment of cattle being sold to indonesia.  you can read about it here on her blog and get seething mad too.  maybe one day all this madness can stop and we can treat all animals the way they should be treated, with love and care.  k.d. lang said it best..."why do we treat some animals like pets and others like dinner?"  why indeed.

tabitha at bourbon and pearls wants to know what we won't wear which i think is such a fabulous question.  i'd love to leave a comment on her blog but i'm unable to.  so i'll tell you here that i won't wear skimpy clothing or big clunky platform shoes.  i won't wear a lot of things that i used to love because my body is changing.  things that used to be here are now there and well it's just sad so i'm  embracing my tomboy self more than ever, with red lipstick of course. 

here's a picture of the front of the house that i took yesterday.  also, alex came over yesterday and told me it would be a damn travesty if i paint the house white.   a damn travesty.  out of the corner of my eye i saw larry smiling.


  1. why do the boys always gang up with the husband?! That goes on way too much around here also.

    I can only comment on some blogs and I know few can comment on mine...you'd think by now blogger would get it together. you'd think.

    I won't wear patterns, stripes, tight anything, heels, white pants, or red lipstick! I'm pretty boring!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend...mine was full of drama, to say the least....xo

  2. Hi Janet,

    Are you reconsidering painting your cottage? I do love the red, but white with the black awning was pretty fabulous too!

    I never wear heels, fur and am well aware that there are things my daughter at 16 wears beautifully and at 49 I do not...

    Love the flag blowing in the breeze on Memorial Day!

    xo annie

  3. Hmm....I wonder if they are in cahoots?
    Blogger has been very sensitive these days ever since that black day where we lost all our comments.

    I wear a lot of black and white with punches of colour.
    I bought 2 new garments on my weekend getaway!

    Enjoy that California sunshine Janet!

  4. I love the red!

    Have you tried GOOGLE CHROME when you log in to BLOGGER? I had the same trouble as you commenting, etc. But now with Google Chrome I have had NO problems!!

  5. LOL..........wonder what Larry offered Alex to say that?

    While I can't say I will ever go vegan, I have cut my meat way down and am feeling way more energetic which is fantastic.

  6. I had trouble leaving comments and it ended up being caused by "albine"? which was blocking it. I still cannot leave comments on all blogs with my laptop - I have to use my husbands computer. As to the other topic: I only wear capri pants, never shorts (my legs are not what they used to be) and I don't think anything above the knee looks good on an older woman. No heels, nothing too tight. Doing well with the transformation to vegan - I have found many dairy substitutes. Only thing I still eat is eggs which I buy from a small local organic farm where I can SEE the chickens running around. Lana www.lifeatwildberrycottage.com

  7. I had a lot of problems using Internet Explorer. Now that I have changed to Mozilla Firefox I have no problem at all.

  8. Hello Janet:
    What a nuisance Blogger has been and continues to be for many. It seems that we have all experienced some funny comings and goings and things that go bump in the night!

    As for the sensitive issue of the colour...as we said before [and now we have the backing of Alex]....we feel that the red looks so good and, in our view, sits so much more sympathetically with the landscape. Could the white, just possibly, maybe even a little bit, perhaps slightly be too startling?

    Larry and Alex were unharmed in the making of this comment.

  9. Your house is adorable regardless of the color and your flowers are gorgeous.

    I won't wear heels, tight or revealing clothes, or tube tops....ha!ha!


  10. Does the house need painting? If not, I would never change that color. I loved the white with the awning but I also love the red and feel an unnecessary amount of labor and cost is wasteful .

    I never wear shorts,always capris. Lately I am wearing less sleeveless...what goes with the arm changes? yikes!

    xoxo Dianne

  11. Janet, I'm having the same problem with commenting. It seems to work okay if I comment anonymously, though. Have you tried that?
    Personally, I love your red, but I can understand your frustration with the boys outnumbering you!

  12. Your cottage is great no matter the color.

    I won't wear things that make me uncomfortable.

    Have a great day!

  13. My vote is white. If that is your dream then why not? We only live once!

  14. I vote for white, too. If not white, then maybe a light navy blue? It would set off your pink flowers beautifully. I think Larry paid the guy to say what he did, or bribed him with a bottle of wine or a six-pack.
    Reader from Seattle

  15. I don't seem to be having any trouble with comments. Weird. Go white. Just do it.

  16. Ahahaha. It looks like it's your turn with the comments. It's clear that your house should be yellow with dark green trim. Anything else would be an abomination.

    Alex is cut out of the will.

    I can't wear clothes that remind me of uniforms from former jobs. I can't wear white pants because it's like a nursing uniform. Can't wear black pants and white shirt because it's a busboy outfit and I can't wear a blue polyster top with a golden arches emblem.

    I have Google Chrome and I'm having a terrible time commenting today. I'll have to type it all in manually under "Name/URL"

  17. Oh that Alex! Definitely in cahoots.

    You know I have been following your makeup advice (from your skin post, yes I read your whole blog!) and I've ditched the powder and have become hooked on the red lipstick. I love it!

    Did you read The New Yorker article last week about the scientist in the Netherlands who is growing meat in petri dishes? Apparently PETA is supportive of the research. Meat is created without any animals suffering, have you heard of this? I couldn't believe it.
    If you can't find it online let me know and I'll look for the link.

  18. I changed browser that sorted out the sign in & out issues I was having.

    I kinda like the red - but I love colour.
    Your garden is looking fab!

    Love Leanne

  19. That is soooo funny about the "damn travesty!" I laughed out loud on that one! It seems to me that in my experiences, "change" is sometimes not so easy for the male folk--That's stereotypical thinking, I know, forgive me, but from my inductive reasoning, that's what I tend to conclude. :-)
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  20. We miss your comments, apparently I speak for all of blogland or I'm not a part of the lovely Hattatt's team.

    OMG this is the first year I have to say no to some clothes, and I'm devastated. Just because you can shop in the teen department MAYBE doesn't mean you should.

    I'm having age issues today. HELP.

    xo Jane

  21. I was unable to comment earlier today. Never happened before. Now it is fine. So here goes! I think your house looks pretty darn happy red. How about white when the red needs painting?
    What don't I wear... I never wear much of a heel. I am tall and I love flats. I never wear anything skimpy or shows cleavage. I think it looks bad (on everyone). Lastly, I find the rise on many pants a challenge. It just does not look or feel good to have pants sit that really low.
    Your flowers are beautiful.

  22. Hi Janet,
    I did get your comment on my today's post, so whatever you did worked.

    I'm not having trouble posting, but I have so many other Blogger problems I can't begin to tell you all of them...

    Also...I'm still invested in your white cottage!
    Althought Steve has a point with the yellow...
    I had a friend with a cottage similar to yours and it was yellow and really cute...but one just like hers across the street was white and just as cute...


  23. I still believe in RL's light yellow with bright white trim--but agree with the others that the red is lovely,and don't do the work unless it needs repainting.

    I refuse to wear anything too revealing in public--but have just discovered that I've lost enough weight to fit into my 15-year-old Gap denim halter neck dress. I love that dress. That's where a cropped light cardigan or gauzy summer shawl will come in handy ;D

  24. RL's Collegiate Yellow, IB70, or slightly paler....

    ok, now i'll shaddup about it ;D

  25. Gosh, I do love that red on your house too, but had to laugh when you said you caught your husband smiling. Maybe you could try the black and white awning and see how it looks on the red?
    In February, I posted about awnings, and included a picture on that post of a red building with black and white awning. It's awfully cute!


  26. You need to clear the cache in google or just download another browser like google crome or firefox. Fixed mine and much faster.

  27. Hi I was having the same trouble, I found that if i am clicked on 'stay signed in' on the google sign up window it keep happenning, so i unticked, since then it's been fine! try this, hope it helps:)

  28. I am having the same old sad problem. And it is driving me nuts also. Lol I hope it work it's self out soon.......Julian

  29. I think it would be more beautiful painted white. Cottage white! Martha Stewart has some great whites.

  30. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for linking the blog. The story that aired on Monday night here has generated a lot of public outrage. It's an emotive issue- cattle producers need to earn a living as do slaughter men in Indonesia, but torturing and cruelly mistreating steers prior to slaughter, and deliberately allowing them to suffer long prolonged deaths is shameful.

    Someone left me a message saying "just don't eat meat". Even if every Australian stopped consuming meat, the live cattle trade to Indonesia would still continue.

    The video footage shown on Monday night on a current affairs show called Four Corners was extremely disturbing. Cruel torture prior to slaughter, and deliberate slow painful death.

    I hope our politicians will act to end this barbarism.

  31. I think your cottage would look wonderful in white with the black & white awnings, tho the red is cute too. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful, and would be enchanting against a white cottage. Now that "I'm 64" (hearing Paul McCartney's voice), I avoid florals, anything sleeveless or tight, and rarely wear heels. But I Can't give up on Colour, and love my new orange pashmina - perfect for an Australian winter.

  32. Hi Janet - Happy Wednesday! Fortunately, I've not had trouble leaving comments in blogger, but I like your solution to the problem. Your garden looks lovely.

  33. Dear Janet, The flowers look so gorgeous along the drive. I still love the white. xxxooo Joyce

  34. Hi Janet,
    My sister, pve design, told me about your blog. You are quite witty. I love your comment about what you wear. I can really relate to things that used be here are now there and it is just sad!

    Keep writing, you make me smile.

  35. Hi Janet, per your comments on aging body/style--this is one of the reasons that we love your blog. Age is inevitable but you show us how to do it with poise and dignity. Thanks, Allegra

  36. Alex is so right! Your cottage is lovely just the way it is1 Lovely! And I love how you describe 'age' changes. You're so right! Good for you that you can embrace those changes... it's been difficult for me. ;)


  37. janet, have you ever been to worldfest? it's at victory park in the LA Valley, it was a couple of weeks ago, they do it every year. A day-long, vegan environmental festival. we try to go every year.

    what i won't wear, hmmm .... skinny jeans (my bootie is too big for them), low-waisted dresses, clingy fabrics on my bottom (see bootie comment above), leather. ditto on the halter top mentioned above.

    happy june to all! xo tera

  38. Sorry you are unable to comment Janet! Wondering how your friend is doing too... - sending positive thoughts her way.
    Hmmmm sure that Alex wasn't in cahoots with Larry re : the paint colour of the house?!! Still think it would look ADORABLE white. (not that it doesn't already but ADORABLE X 1,000) XXX

  39. How about painting the house white with a dark grey trim?


  40. P.S. I was just looking at "Knight Moves" blog and she uploaded a picture of her house on the Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer because she is getting ready to paint her exterior. That way you can actually see how it would look before you take the plunge!


  41. Does Larry really prefer the red or does he not like painting??

  42. as you know;) my stance: only the people who pay the mortgage get to have an opinion!!:) a "damn travesty".... too funny!
    Skye^makes a good point... what is Larry's preference?! I'm thinking L's a good/smart husband and says his preference is whatever makes you happy:)

    wishing you a lovely weekend Janet!

    p.s. did the unclicking "keep me signed in box" work for you??

  43. Good for you!

    I'm in the USA (South Florida via New England) - try to be as vegan as I can --- thank you for encouraging your blog followers to embrace the humane vegan lifestyle - it's humane for animals, the earth, and, utlimately, us!

    We need more stylish, vegannites like you!

    Best Wishes (love that red cottage --- yours? Looks like something from Nantucket or M Vineyard!)


    (also your newest follower :o)


kindness is never out of style.

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