this has been the weirdest week.  i'm still unable to comment on most all blogs i read.  when i'm stressed, as i am over melinda, i usually clean or organize.  today i switched the drapes from my bedroom to the dining room/living room.  i'm not sure if i like it or not but it is different.  i also put the parsons chairs in the basement and pulled out these antique frenchy type chairs that i got at an estate sale a long time ago.  again, i don't know if they look right but it is different.  i'm thinking about eating some goat cheese this weekend because of a recipe i came across.  i'll let you know if i do.  last weekend i saw the movie bridesmaids and loved it and this weekend i will see hangover 2 and report back.  i mowed the lawn today with the push mower and squeezed about 20 thousand oranges into fresh juice.  that's all i've got.  

have a good one.


  1. The curtain and chair replacement is fine Janet.
    Just go with whatever gets you through the day, be it rearranging furniture or eating goat's cheese!
    Theres no hard and fast rules about how one must cope while worrying over our loved ones.

  2. I think your room looks great. Moving the furniture around keeps the ghosts away, according to Margaret Atwood anyway. I think that's from her book Cat's Eye.
    I feel for you. I've also had a weird stressed week with family issues, and it sounds like Melinda is good as family to you.

    I think movies are a good idea, a distraction is sometimes just the thing.
    I cancelled a dinner tomorrow which has pissed off a few friends, but I just need to tuck in with MrBP, watch a movie, read some books and maybe garden a bit.
    Goat cheese! Let us know about that.
    xo Dani

  3. Change is good. I like the pattern of the curtains in your dining room with the open backed chairs. It feels very summery.

    Can I tell you that I also love the way the big black chalkboard balances the mirror on the right? It brings a pleasing, but not strict symmetry to your room. Taking mental notes here.

  4. Sometimes when things are spinning a little out of control moving furniture allows you to feel more in power. Eat some Goat cheese and don't worry about answering everyone today! Hugs!

  5. Dear, have a good rest, I think you need it!!!! and enjoy the movies!!
    hugs and nice weekend

  6. Well my friend, cleaning and rearranging are much better alternatives to other things you could be doing to cope! Your room looks great...sometimes a little change in scenery is all you need, even if it's just in your dining room. I love the drapes in there!

    And...go ahead and eat some goat cheese...I had a piece of fish in SC. (if that makes you feel better :)

  7. Instant gratification and it looks great!

    HaPpY WeEkEnD ! !

  8. I do like the drapes and the chairs. A summer look. My followers have disappeared now for two days on my blog. I read someone else was unable to comment too. Sorry you are having a bad week. I hope you friend is doing ok. I've been going through breast cancer with my best friend. It came back in the lymph nodes of her neck..stage four now. But she is in remission. Thankfully....we just have to keep her there. I'll be thinking of you are your friend going through this.

  9. I like the curtains there. The pattern seems welcome in the room. The chairs are fine. Just different. I think it's good to move furniture around because it causes you to look at everything as if it's new.

  10. Steve said it all. As usual. Hope you're okay.

  11. I like the toile curtains in the dining room because it repeats all the other touches of black in the room. However I like the white curtains in there also. I think you are very lucky to have the ability to change up the curtains and have it look balanced and beautiful either way.
    Did you change the curtains in the living room to the black toile also?

    All the best,

  12. If this helps any, my chemotherapy was 5 treatments every 3 weeks.
    After that, the check-ups came every 3 months, and now every 6 months.
    All treatments are different, but these cancer treatments take time.
    After the first two treatments, I desperately had to decide that this 'situation' was not going to consume me because I had become so riddled with fear.
    I knew I had to change this,
    and even though most of my treatments were during my summer break, I returned to work with no hair and devoted myself to the idea that any time I could spend without fear and worry would be a very good and healthy thing.
    I still, after all, have my life.
    I play it down now as much as I possibly can because if I let it consume me, it wins.
    Instead, I am going to enjoy my life as much as I possibly can even though, of course, there are sometimes days of dark grey.
    You've been hit hard right now, so be easy with yourself.
    As trite as this may sound,it's simply true--
    We are all on a journey--And traveling, as we know, is not always easy.
    Along the way, however, there are good things to be had, and it's seems that the little things end up mattering the most--It's just the plain and simple truth.
    We can be OK in each day as long as we bend like the willow tree.
    Your curtains and chairs are absolutely beautiful, by the way.
    Happy Weekend to you.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  13. I'm almost hesitant to comment after Suzanne from Illinois.

    She said so much and so beautifully.

    The changes look fabulous.

    And you are a fabulous friend.


    xoxo jane

  14. Hi
    I've been reading the past week, but didn't comment. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope and pray she pulls through and beats it! Keep your chin up and knowing she has such a dear friend as you, can only help her. Lx

  15. Maybe a quick spray paint of white or black on your chairs would be the toile...just add some of your beautiful flowers for a bit of sweet comfort. I have had friends in the same situation and my heart aches for all of you..Love in thought and prayers, Chris

  16. Hi Janet,

    Change is good...the furniture I mean and movies are a great escape. What more can I say...I keep reading Suzanne from Illinois. I think she has said it best.

    xo annie

  17. I love your home posts, your house is just my taste ;))
    I'm so sorry about your friend and would probably react similarly, keeping busy - I've been decluttering and weeding and cleaning a lot since my in-laws became ill. It would be great if they had such a good attitude as some people in the comments instead of fatalistic negativity, so draining.
    Anyway, although I understand entirely the desire for something fresh, personally I preferred the solidity of the other chairs and for me, although I love the curtains, the chairs are a bit too fiddly for my liking in this set-up. But that is just my impression! I did love the "clean" look you had before and this is a bit fussier. What curtains are you using in the bedroom, now?
    Wishing you much calm and peace and plenty to do...

  18. Hello Janet:
    A change is, indeed, as good as a rest.

    Try not to be stressed as this will do you no good at all. And you must be at your best for Melinda.

  19. Your photos are the loveliest I have seen. PLease tell me what type of camera you use :)

  20. Sometimes we all need a little change. I think the room looks wonderful. There is a goat farm near me and they are really pampered so I never feel guilty about eating the goat cheese, which is so delicious. We must enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes it gets scary, but most of the time it turns out alright. I know people who have battled cancer and won, and are alive and well many many years since. My prayers to Melinda. Lana

  21. You have a healthy way of coping! Hang in there and try to enjoy your weekend (and fresh orange juice - and goat cheese :) )

  22. What a beautiful room.
    I too am thinking about seeing The Hangover 2 this weekend. There's nothing like the escapism of a film, especially a comedy, to take our minds off reality for an hour or so.

  23. Weird weeks. Life. I really like what Suzanne had to say. I wish you peace. The restless feeling that comes with struggles is so hard. I like the relocated toile curtains and chairs. But, the others were beautiful, too. It is fun to change things up. Your home is so well coordinated, it makes it enjoyable to do so. I had a delicious goat cheese and scallion omelet this morning. I am not sure how you feel about eggs, but they were sure yummy. Maybe I will see Bridesmaids this weekend, glad you liked it.

  24. I like it that fabric is perfect!

  25. You've had an awful shock about your friend and I think keeping busy is the right thing to do. Rest, and have a wonderful weekend.


  26. i love your floors, they are gorgeous.
    glad you are seeing movies, and doing what you need to do to get through this time. xo

  27. Now that's multitasking...exercise and mowing in one!! I've been dealing with blog issues all week and today is the first day I've been able to comment on most blogs...ugh!!

  28. Sounds like a good laugh is just what you need...and please do tell if you end up caving for the goat cheese. I need to know that you are not perfect! :)


  29. I think the curtains go very well in the room. Give's it a nice textural interest.

  30. To Suzanne in Illinois, Wonderful post. Thank you!

  31. So sorry to hear about Melinda. I hope she gets through it - how devastating. I have a good friend, Jen, who is 38 and had ovarian cancer a few years ago and a complete hysterectomy too. It was very hard on her. But they have an 11-month old adopted daughter now and life is good again. It is a silent killer indeed. Great to post the symptoms. xo Terri

  32. Your room looks delightful - I like these chairs better, I think - its good to change things round and see things differently :) Best wishes to you and your Melinda. xxx

  33. Curtains. I love them in the dining room. My dear sister had a lumpectomy last week and we all have our own ways of dealing. I am packing up my kitchen for our renovation....and tossing lots of things out. Thoughts to you and for your dear friend.

  34. I like it. Change is good. The drapes and the chairs give your room an authentic French feel. Are your toile drapes navy, or black, on white? And are they lined?
    I'm sorry about your friend, Melinda. Keeping good thoughts for you both.

    Glendora, CA

  35. laurie - the drapes are black on cream waverly from lowes. they are unfortunatley unlined.

    tas vegan - my camera is a v old canon eos rebel. thanks.


kindness is never out of style.

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