A few of you have asked me about my meditation practice so I thought I would share exactly what I'm doing.

I'm using a simple technique that you can google and find out more in depth information about if you care to.  It's called Present Moment Meditation.  I have found it to be a wonderful tool to use in creating more peace and serenity in my life.

I do it twice a day for 15-20 minutes per session.  Early morning is easy because you can just sit up in bed and begin the day with a meditation session.  I usually repeat the session in the early afternoon when the house is quiet. 

This is my method...

1.  I sit up comfortably either in bed or in a soft chair.  It's recommended that you sit up because you can easily fall asleep and that's not the goal.  You want to quiet your mind while keeping the body somewhat engaged.

2.  I take 2 or 3 deep breaths and close my eyes.  Then I begin to focus on the feelings and sounds around me.  I feel the softness of the blankets or chair or how my clothing feels on my shoulders, etc.  Then I begin to notice the sounds in the room.  It could be a far off train or birds chirping, etc.  The idea is to bring your entire focus to the present moment and turn off your thinking. 

3.  I will notice thoughts coming in and going out.  If I get a repeated thought then after the meditation I will journal about that thought for just a minute or 2 and that helps take the power out of it.  I will also add that some days are better than others but it's important to not judge them as good or bad days.  It's just the way I am that day. 

This has been a lovely addition to my days.  It has slowed me down and I didn't even think I was going that fast.  I have found myself extending it throughout the day, like when I'm washing dishes or especially when I'm either walking or working in the garden.  It becomes more of a moving Present Moment Meditation.

In the beginning I found it hard to sit for 5 minutes let alone 20 but as I kept with it, it became easier.  Now I crave those peaceful moments of the day.  My advice would be to start slow and build because it is so worth it.  Do you meditate?



  1. Hi Janet, I've never been able to focus for very long. I'm going to give this a shot. Thanks!

  2. Hi Janet,I used to meditate regularly but over recent years I've got out if the habit and anyway, I used to struggle to keep my .mind uncluttered. Your approach sounds like a nice way to start the day and to deal with the invasive thoughts. I'm tempted to try it out. Thanks for sharing your technique.
    Hugs, x

  3. Thanks for a wonderful post. Meditation definitely helps reduce stress. My favorite form is praying the Rosary which is a beautiful meditation.

  4. Why does something so simple seem not so easy for me? Kind of like establishing an exercise discipline (which I constantly have a need to restart). Yet, perhaps this method for setting time aside just might be a stepping stone to doing the same for walking routinely. Thank you, Janet, for sharing and taking the mystery out of meditating. You are most kind.

  5. Hi Janet, thanks for sharing your technique. Your words are very encouraging. I've never given meditation more than a half-hearted attempt, but might try again.

  6. I think I do but have NEVER given it A NAME!!!!!!
    I find it very easy to clear my head which scares me............

  7. Hi lady. I've started to make some changes in my days, hoping they turn into bigger life changes. I haven't started meditating yet, but I guess I will tomorrow. :) I'm hoping to change every habit and routine and replace them with what I consider "healthier, slower, more positive and more productive" ones and see how my life changes from doing that. How are you? Let's catch up. xoxo

  8. I do not meditate. But I should; I know it would help me. Your tutorial makes the whole thing less intimidating. I think like anything, you have to just keep at it. (I found that was the case with visual imagery for de-stressing; I eventually got it down!) I have a friend who's having some meltdowns right now (totally understandable; she lost her home in the Ventura wildfire in December) and I'm going to share your guide with her, too. Thanks for letting us in on what works for you, Janet. You really ARE our guru.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  9. I use Insight Timer every morning. I love it

  10. My husband is a TMer, which he is fully dedicated to. I am currently reading Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the master of MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction). It is truly the Present Moment Living practice incorporating 15-45 minute meditation sessions, Walking Meditations (thank you Thich Nahat Hanh) and just slowing down to the moment. I am hopelessly flawed so meditation is a struggle for me as I tick off my mental To-Do list. But as encouraged by you, I will keep trying. I have seen the rewards in others and have the longing for self-connection tugging at my soul. Thank you for your post - it is a kindness to us all.

  11. Great post Janet!

    Yes I meditate and have since March of 2016. I can not recommend it highly enough.
    People who meditate are better able to cope with stress. There is no downside to it.
    If you can't do it for 10 min - try it for one or two min and build up.

    Through meditation I have learned how not to be "overshadowded" by anything.
    The point is, learning to let thoughts pass in and out of your mind. This is difficult.
    The brain is going to get distracted-that is guaranteed. You can't stop your
    brain from thinking. But you CAN train it not to follow every random thought
    that comes into your head. Meditation makes you aware of what the brain is thinking
    and this gives you more control
    over which thoughts you dwell on and which you choose to release. Meditation also
    gives your body a deep profound REST! Body and mind are interconnected so quieting the mind also quiets the body.
    You will feel better physically if you meditate regularly and you will have more physical and mental energy. You will be better able to cope with all things.
    It takes some time to get good at it but, each time you do it, you strengthen the practice.
    Meditation will benefit your conversation skills by making you a better listener. Once the
    chatter in your mind quiets down, you can really focus on what someone else is saying
    without becoming overly distracted by your own thoughts.

    2 great books to read are :

    "10% Happier"


    "Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics: A 10% Happier How-to Book"

    both books are by Dan Harris

    I think the great value of meditation is that it is a profound technique that once learned can be practiced privately for the rest of your life and your physical and mental state gets better and better with continued practice. It has been invaluable to me and I have more distinct peace and joy in all areas of my life. This does not mean that my life is not challenging at times but the effect is these challenges don’t weigh on me and I can easily address what needs to be done calmly and successfully. I am very grateful for my meditation practice, so easy and rewarding.

    1. Thank you for the reminder - fidgety skeptic describes me perfectly - I can't sit still for very long.

      I have recently become familiar with Dan Harris and he was on the Rich Roll podcast.

  12. I have meditated on and off for nearly 20 years. there are so many benefits but it is so easy to let the practice go. after I read your post this morning I turned off my computer and sat for 15 minutes. so many of us think we can't meditate because our minds are too busy, but this is exactly why we need to do it. everyone has difficulty staying focused on the breath. just accept this and do not judge yourself. commit to doing a little every day. whatever comes up it is OK. Remember that "the perfect is the enemy of the good" thank you for this post Janet.

  13. Thank you for that beautiful picture. Looking at it is meditative in itself. I do not meditate. I have tried a few times, but have not stuck with it. I tend to get antsy. I feel like I could start with 5 minutes and never get past 5 minutes. Thank you for your directions on your method. I keep meaning to try it again - for 5 minutes.

  14. I walk mindfully....meditation might be even more powerful...I will try and see if I can stay still that long!

  15. Hi Janet, love your blog.

    I do not meditate. Or at least not in the sense of what I think is mediation. In my 50's I grew deeper in my faith and I pray the rosary daily. It is peaceful and stress relieving . I have an app on my phone and each morning I plug into the 17 minute app and I breathe and pray, and I feel my body relax and tensions dissipate.

    Does this count as mediation? Maybe!

    Thank you Janet!

  16. By nature I am a daydreamer. I don't know that this counts as meditation, but I am returning to practiced prayer using a Christian prayer book to help me keep my mind focused. The Book of Common Prayer and the Lutheran Book of Prayer are wonderful resources. Currently, I am using the Lutheran Book of Prayer. I am hoping to find a local group of women to pray with - a prayer circle.


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