How are you all doing?  I'm comfortable in my bolt hole learning new recipes (to me) and enjoying the quiet.  This is a good one as are all her recipes and anecdotes, so timely.  Pasta and Peas

This is also an interesting video on World War 2 Rations which she eats for a week.  Stay til the end because the info is quite surprising.

I love every single word here...The importance of home

and...Comfort in Recluse

Stay sane and healthy. xo


  1. We are self quarantined and as an introvert, I'm fine with it. We have plenty to do and 2 dogs to care for. I've never seen a situation like this in my 70 years and pray for everyone. Hopefully everyone will do their part and reduce the spread of covid-19.
    Stay safe!

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  3. Love, love, love. Thank you so much....totally relate to the comfort of home and I find this post extremely peaceful.....Janie

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  5. So glad to see a post from you. Thanks for the video and articles- definitely food for thought! I am following Ina Garten's instagram everyday. She is asking followers what they have in their pantry and fridge and then replying with recipes- so awesome and relish!! Stay well Janet.

  6. What a treat to see a new post from you! We are hunkering down like most of Calif. but as I told my husband this morning, we are fortunate to have such a beautiful spot to be quarantined in! Our neighbors are looking out for one another & sharing any needed food/supplies. Our gardens have never looked better since we are puttering in them every day, weather permitting, to pass the time. The birds & squirrels don't know a health crisis is going on & they are a constant source of joy. We also have been taking long walks in our nearby gorgeous Huntington Central Park which is allowed; have lost 5 lbs. already so there is an upside to everything. All of this is done with a heavy heart though since our beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel died two weeks ago from a congenital heart defect & we are heartbroken. At work, we are encouraged to put a quote that is special to us at the end of our email signatures & mine has been: "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year" (Ralph Waldo Emerson) & that is how we treated every last day with our precious boy. As always, sending you love & a big hug, Janet! Also sending wishes for continued good health to you & to all of your blog followers! xxoo Katie from Huntington Beach

  7. This a wonderful post & I will be watching the videos as soon as I post this. I know you will understand this Janet, but I am enjoying everyone's comments as much as I enjoy your posts. What a lovely group of people who come together to share in joy & heartache, as well as hardship & crisis. I am totally on board with Liz's comments & especially want to send my heartfelt condolences to Katie on the loss of their beloved companion. Praying for you Janet & all your readers that they will end up with blessings as a result of this can & will happen.

    ...all is grace!

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  9. Thank you for your post. I feel for all at this time and my anxiety seems to be a constant. I will enjoy your links and savour them in this time. Everyone stay well and calm and I will try to follow my own thoughts and advice moving forward here in Australia...

  10. Hi Janet and all. Thank for this post; each post feels like a precious gift right now! I've been thinking almost daily of your past food posts and how they are so fitting for this time of simple meals with ingredients on hand. The singing of birds outside my windows bring me so much joy right now, and like others, I'm enjoying my garden and long walks when not working from home. I thought I was a full-on introvert but realize I'm missing the company of others at work. Still learning about myself! Love to all!

  11. Thank you fir sharing all these sites. I was quite curious about the WWII ration diet for a week and visited the other ones and love the Home and Garden article as it totally resonates with my thoughts and current lifestyle.
    Homemade bread and simple meals made from things we have in our pantry cupboards are what we are eating. I am shopping once a week for a few fresh veggies and am very aware that we are in a crisis situation. Only a handful of people are allowed in at a time and we are forbidden to use our own bags or baskets. There are plexiglass shields erected at the check outs so the cashiers are protected which is rather scary but I suppose it’s necessary for their safety. We FaceTimed with our grandchildren yesterday which was fun as they danced to entertain us.
    Stay safe and hope you are cozy while cocooning in your lovely cottage Janet

  12. Hi Janet
    Hope I can post today. last time I was unable to put in a comment. I have also been following Clara. I had discovered her a few years ago and went back to her videos during this crazy time. The other day I made soup out of leftover veggies and some pasta I had in my pantry. It was good and I had it for lunch over a few days. the last time I went shopping about a week ago here in the New York area things were fairly normal at the store except for a few shortages and no toilet paper but otherwise OK. Be safe

  13. Nice to see your post. Working from home as of last week. Will check out the links later. Praying for everyone's health!

  14. I agree with Barbara-each post of yours feels like a gift, and gives the day a much needed bright spot. Thamk you!
    I thought the WW2 food video was so interesting and a really good reminder that I have GOT to get better at planning out meals now that i can't make daily store runs. Your recipes and ideas are a huge help! Please keep them coming.

  15. I found so much joy in this post! Thank you for all the great links, they’ve brightened my day!

  16. I have a box of that pasta and needed a sauce for it SO PERFECT JANET as I clean out the PANTRY during this VIRUS!

  17. So glad to see you again! I watched her videos a couple of years ago, she is a delight! Thanks for reminding me of her! Still working, the commute is next to nothing now, no people on the road at all. We in the Fort Worth area have been told to stay home, unless your business is deemed vital. Stay safe.

    Lisa in Fort Worth

  18. Hello Janet!

    Thanks for sharing this. It hits home. I am a Clara(RIP)YouTube Subscriber and I love her show. Think I will try her recipe.

    Also, since I abruptly left my job of many years because I was bullied, I became as reclusive as I possibly could. It was not because I felt inadequate either. I had horrible nightmares about it for years, and still do sometimes. Even after going through the trauma of losing a very close family member, I still continue to have nightmares about my old job but they are getting fewer and farther apart. I just did and do not want to see any of those people - ever. I am from a small town where everyone knows everybody and avoidance was my only way of coping with it. I do not understand why I was treated so badly. It is even tough to write about it. I can relate in a weird way to the movie, "The Dress Maker", starring Kate Winslet.

    My family has eaten garden peas and pastry ever since I was born. My mother-in-law taught me how to make pastry. It is self-rising flour and water mixed together and formed into a dough ball, then rolled out and cut into strips(dip in flour so it won't stick together). (King Arthur S/R flour is the best I have ever tasted.) My family used canned biscuits rolled out and dropped them into the boiling pea broth and cooked for about 20 min. We also had butterbeans (baby limas) and pastry too. Yum!

    I know times are hard for you still esp now and I think of your loss often. Hope your family is getting along okay too.


  19. Dear Janet, I have read your blog for many years, but never posted a comment (nor on any other blogs). Reading your little commentaries on the ordinary never fail to leave me with a sense of serenity...NOT my normal state.
    But the main reason for today's comment is that I frequently send a link to our faraway 33 year old daughter, because your style is so much like hers. Not just your personal style, but your homestyle, and gardening style and cooking style. She loves everything you do and represent. Today, I linked this post to BOTH of our daughters, because they are into the home arts of old. So, thank you, and I hope you will be able to keep on keeping on. Grace and peace to you.


kindness is never out of style.

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