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Now that the temps are cooling off here I couldn't wait to wear this Everlane sweater over a favorite 90's style dress.  For reference I'm 5'5 and weight about 125 lbs.  I ordered a Medium because I wanted a looser fit in this.  I would say it's true to size.

I've been waiting for Everlane to restock this camel colored crew neck. I have one other Everlane cashmere sweater so I know they are soft and quite durable.  I've accidentally washed the old one in the washing machine and it came out beautifully.  So these are not super delicate sweaters.  This new one has been sitting quietly in my closet just waiting to be worn for about 2 months now.  I see that they have new styles and colors and they are all gorgeous.  The oatmeal one is calling me, seriously!

I paired it with my vintage thrift store Gucci loafers ($16) and my Gucci thrifted handbag ($40).

If you use this link I will receive a $25 credit if you make a purchase.  You have to create and account first though.  While you are on their website you can read about their radical transparency using ethical factories and the finest materials and passing that savings on to us.  So whether you use my link or not I hope you pop over and see all the lovely products they offer.

Anyway, happy October to us all.  Today is a big day here, we get the results of Larry's cat scan today which will tell us whether or not all this is working.  He also gets his 9th chemo infusion which is always hard on him.  So lots of acceptance and some anxiety sneaking in.  Have a beautiful, beautiful day.  xo


  1. My prayers are with you today as you await your news.

    I have never purchased from Everlane and have wondered about their items. Thank you for sharing.

  2. My thoughts are with you, Janet.
    Your dress fabric is filled with beautiful autumnal colours.
    Hugs and love, xx.

  3. Sending you my heart beautiful Janet. Exquisite taste, lovely, lovely spirit.

  4. Janet, did you know that Meghan Markle has the same sweater? They were out of stock for awhile. Google it. :) . Crossing my fingers for Larry to have a good result on his Cat Scan. He is a real trooper.

  5. Isn’t it funny how we bring out the sweaters at the first tinge of cold..then, before you know it, it’s back up to 90! You look Chic as always. My heart is with matter what, it will be ok..acceptance of any situation is so hard ,but can also be the turning point to better things.

  6. Praying for you both, especially today.

  7. Sending you love - am keeping my fingers crossed for a good report. I'll keep the prayers coming! Kathy from H. Beach

  8. You look lovely, Janet. The sweater paired with the floral skirt is perfect! Fingers crossed and prayers for a good report today. xo

  9. Sending the two of you thoughts of sweet healing.


  10. I pray for a favorable result on that CT scan, and for L's chemo to go as gently but as effectively as possible.

    Love your fall look. I wear a lot of straight/narrow sleeveless sheaths and I do sometimes transition them to winter with a sweater over them for the skirt effect. I don't look nearly as fashionable as you do, though!

    Keeping an eye out for this rain 'they' say is coming, Janet; gosh do we need it here in SoCalif.

  11. I wish you both well. My husband was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer and we are waiting for treatment to commence. He had had two operations so far. He is only 58.

  12. Hoping for the best of results for Larry.
    You look so pretty , Janet, love the colors in that skirt.

    Kay xo

  13. Thats a beautiful outfit. I have to say I loved the video of your granddaughter! She’ll keep you moving. My experience was sugar and spice was way harder to raise than our son. Prayer for both of you. Please continue to keep us up to date.
    Peace be with both of you.

  14. Sending many positive thoughts your way that you got good news. You are always so chic and your autumn vibe is lovely.

  15. holding you both in the healing light. cancer is losing.
    and isn't there something about a long skirt? there just IS! and Autumn. oh my. it's just my favorite season. xo

  16. Beautiful autumn outfit! I love your hair longer too.
    Praying Larry gets the best possible test results. Praying for him and you.

  17. Holding you and Larry in the light. Best of thoughts and wishes, too!

  18. IT WILL ALL BE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!
    I CAN FEEL IT!!!!!!!!!

  19. hoping it is good news for you.

  20. Of greatest importance, the MRI. Cannot say why, but I am thinking you received good news yesterday.
    And, thank you, Janet for your thoughtful fall fashion posts. These truly are helpful.

  21. such a pretty print on the dress. Prayers for you both.

  22. Love this look! Went to our second hand store and found a beautiful floral similar thanks to you.
    Love the handbag also. Your in my prayers.


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